Monday, August 23, 2010

Dreaming Escort

Secretly at a very young age, I would have hazy dreams of undiscovered places, dim rooms and warm summer spaces. I am wearing a black full body stocking, in fishnet of course. The mesh will leave little to his imagination. Slip on a pair of sexy black 5-inch heels to accentuate my slim athletic calves and open my body to an erotic posture. To finish my look of silver lids, black long lashes, I apply a raspberry red lip tint.

I walk confidently but with cautious anticipation. A thrill running down my spine is causing my light perfume to mix with the perspiring hot summer night. I arrive. He does not have a face, and not a single thought of whom he is flickers, he is a stranger. Soon, our lips will meet. My hands are roaming around to free him of his clothing. I would show him what he yearns to see, give him only a faint taste of what he could never have. Now, I see glimpses of nude skin and we become as one. My senses fill up with that familiar scent of raw pleasure. He would come and go but I would remain. My eyes open.

I am dreaming again.

I’m a young and independent lady of the night. I am on a journey that has led me through all that I could be -

An escort, a companion, a sugarbaby, a playmate, a girlfriend, and a courtesan.

You can call me M. I have always been very careful in disguising my true self. Over time this journal should reveal to you and make you understand the importance of disguise and personas in my world.

In this journal I will open up and whisper my secrets, with the hopes of shedding light on what it is like to work in the adult entertainment industry. Through my experiences and tales I only wish that you begin to see one perspective in a million. I am not the only one.

I will not glamorize my tales, as would the media. Working in the sex trade is a constant rollercoaster of amazing heights and of screaming lows.

My only request is, please have an open mind and enjoy. I welcome all the readers to post comments (be it anonymously or by nickname).


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