Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jaded Escorts

There is no such thing as a sisterhood, at least not when it comes to escorts, prostitutes, hookers, hoes, whatever you want to call ‘em (us). There are no friendly tea parties. No, more often than not you will run into what I call the ‘jaded hooker’.

I have only become acquaintance with two non-jaded hookers in my home town. Both of them started in the business as street workers. They had gone through abusive pimps, psychotic clients, and arrests at the hands of the law. In spite of it all, I found them down to earth and with a positive outlook on their futures. They spent a considerable time with me, sharing their experiences and helping guide me while I was very new to the business. I thank them both for what they did, as they did not have to do this for me. They are now both retired and we no longer stay in touch. I think it is best. They have to move on if they want to stay away.

When I talk about jaded hookers, I am describing the unfriendly paranoid psychotic hoes that seem to permeate the blog world. I have read and followed a bunch of blogs, written by these so called escorts, for a number of years. And I found them all to be either

A) Paranoid - she thinks everyone is out to get her. Get real, you are really NOT that important.
B) Psychotic - she over reacts to everything and everyone.
C) Negative - she always bitches about men, followers, and generally life.

Sometimes they make up a combination of A through C. I will not point fingers but they all know who they are. :)

Yes, I’m a bit astonished by the latest run-in. And I just want to say this:

Ooo ooo ohh, wait, did I offend you miss prissy? Did my dick question put a little dent in your style? Well I’m sorry! I thought we all suck dick for a living….hahaha

The last time I saw someone fly off the handle like that was when my granny walked in on my boyfriend fucking me up the ass on the kitchen table.

Puhlease…don’t get your panties in a bunch. I will no longer bother you. The only reason I comment on your blog is to get my name out there.

That’s it, I do apologize to everyone else I follow or will follow in the future. There are hundreds of blog authors who are true gems. I love reading and commenting on your blogs.

And so to end this post on a positive note, I here on out announce that my blog will be different! I welcome all comments and questions (no matter how silly), as long as they are asked in a polite manner. I do not want to leave out the truth just because someone might find it raunchy. If you like me then keep reading, if you hate me then…keep reading - because I know you want to anyway ;)



  1. I heard nothing after, "fucking me up the ass on the kitchen table." Sounds like a great way to use the kitchen table...

    Keep it raunchy....that's the way I like it!!!

  2. Hi there,

    your comment to me was atypical of the shit I have been on the receiving end of for a long time now. I have a file saved to my computer where I place all the nasty comments. Some of them come across like yours did, and I thought yours was another of the same.

    In my time as a working girl, I have been outed to my family by other working girls, and this has caused genuine unhappiness. I have been 'given' false reviews by these people who tried to ruin my livelihood.

    I would never discuss services, by email, or on the 'phone to clients, and I sure as hell won't discuss personal stuff like that on my blog either...

    Where the hell did you read I do not kiss?? That was the question that rang the alarm bells!

    Maybe I am paranoid, but I promise you I have every reason to be so.

    Perhaps if you were to go back and read your comment to me, knowing what you know now, you might realise why I reacted like I did.

    Sarah x

  3. @ Sarah:

    Since you wish to continue this please let me point out a part of your post that allowed me to deduce that you may not kiss as part of your services -

    Posted on October 9, 2010 Feelings...and this job

    "Some girls will deliver the service the man expects, and nothing more. To protect herself mentally, the girl may or may not kiss. This is a subject all of it's own since I consider kissing to be more personal than any other thing you could get up to."

    The last sentence is very critical :)

    Anyway, I do understand why you became defensive but it doesn't help when you link your blog to your own website. I am not telling you what to do, but I'm not sure how you keeping your identity hidden when you laid it all out for all to see?

    I'm not here to out any working girls...I just thought that some of them would be more open to connecting with each other. All I wanted was advice on a question. What could my comment have possibly done to put you at risk? Think about it...

  4. @ Kenny:

    Thanks. I'll do my best ;)

  5. Oh dear, you really do have a way of escalating things!

    I thought I explained myself?

    Since you want to continue with this ( and question my way of working - which is my business to link my site - I hardly advertise anywhere so this is my prerogative) I'll bow out of this one, but wish you well.

    i have added your link to my site. I have no problem leaving it there, but I will certainly remove if you wish.

    Sarah x

  6. @ Sarah:

    You too dear :) Let's just let this go. I wish you all the best xoxox

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