Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Escort - Male Virginity It’s A Myth!

I have always laughed at the concept of male virginity, in secret. Today, I want to share with the world why I laugh at emails like this:

“hey there, i was just curious to see if you would be interested in taking my virginity. im 21 years old, 200lbs, 5'8" tall, clean. looking for a fun first time experience. please let me know. thanks”

First of all boys, I cannot speak for other pros, but as a pro speaking for myself - I don’t care if you are going to lose your virginity, your luggage at the airport, or your stamp collection.

Second of all, why would you really want to ‘lose’ this thing you’ve guarded up until now to a pro? I can’t believe you are being all that honest with yourself, because beating your meat to a skin-mag counts as one flushed down the toilet. Haha

I guess we can say I am a little insensitive, but let me explain! A man’s virginity is nothing like the sound of popping a girl’s cherry. How can it compare to the blood, pain and regret? (well for some) ;) haha
When I broke my hymen (in my very early teens) it was a split minute decision with the first boy I found attractive. I remember how I even tried to lie about having sex in the past. Embarrassed about being a little virgin?? Now where the hell did this feeling come from?

It went something like this (please take notes boys):

“Do you have aids?” I (being the virgin) asked… “No” (non-virgin) replied.
“Okay, just show me what to do” I said (and lay back on the bed).

And that was that.

So boys, please don’t make such a big deal about it. Next time I won’t be so nice and you may find an email in your inbox asking, “Aren’t you embarrassed to be admitting this to me???”



  1. Wow. Harsh. But given your crass way of writing and warped view of escorting I'm not surprised.

    Here's a tip from a fellow escort. Show some decorum.

  2. @ Anonymous:

    Thanks for reading "fellow escort". :) And my tip to you is - read this blog with a sense of humor.

    Take good care of yourself sweety!

  3. From a male prospective I can understand that a man's first time and woman's first time cannot compare on a physical level. However the feelings are very much the same.

    As a man I felt like I was expected to be the one who was experienced and in control. I also felt the need to give pleasure, however I had no idea how to do this. I even remember not quite knowing how to thrust my hips.

    My first time was with a very experienced girl and she knew it was my first time. She took control and basically guided me through the whole thing. I had no idea what to expect and she took care of me. I am glad I was with her first.

    Unless they are just BSing and looking for a "take my virginity" deal, I think they are saying, "I don't want to disappoint you with my lack of sexual experience and I would like you to show me how it's done the right way."

    Just my 2 cents....

  4. @ Kenny:

    That's an interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing!

    Honestly, I do think all of these men are us about the "virginity"...It always seems like they are going for the shock factor. Because no matter how nicely I respond to their emails, it usually never results with an appointment. It's like, "let's find a way to get chatty with an escort."

    Time wasters ...

    I agree though, I'm happy my first experience was with a boy who knew what he was doing! :D

  5. According to me, male virginity is not a topic to think so much on that.
    there is no any effects changes in mens when they lose there virginity., But with a lady it is a big deal.

  6. Harsh words, but so true. Great post

  7. Love the blog. You might like this:

  8. Black Hand NinjaDec 8, 2011 05:12 PM

    Speaking as a 23 year old male virgin myself, the reason why it is a big deal to them is because nobody else wants to fuck them, so they are having a hard time losing it, thus sometimes seeing an escort is the best solution towards having a fulfilling sex life.

    I understand the humor of your post though, even though it was a little harsh, we can't get pissy about everything lol.

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  10. I think you are being to harsh here. I know a couple of guys that have come to our resort to lose their virginity.

    Why with a pro you ask? I will tell you. So you can do it without embarrassment and having someone guide you through your first time and not publicly judge you.

  11. The post is funny but actually there is nothing in a womans cunt that bursts the first time she has penetrative sex. It's a myth. I can't explain the intricacies of this in English since I'm not a native speaker, try google it. The reason there is blood is often that the woman is tense and not wet enough. Many women don't bleed the first time. The big difference between male and female virginity is a cultural construct, and has very little to do with physical differences.