Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sugarbaby - How Much Allowance

I have been thinking hard in the last few days about allowance. How much should a sugarbaby ask for when the allowance talk is brought up? What should the amount depend on and how do you explain it?

First of all, I don’t want to get a smaller allowance just because a sugardad is too busy to spend enough time with me to justify the amount. If he thinks xxx amount of dollars is worth xxx amount of time, then he needs to find someone who is looking for that same xxx amount of time. It is not my fault that someone is too busy with work or travel. I’m available and my life goes on!

The formula I would use to calculate my monthly allowance is:

Monthly Allowance = Monthly Budget x 2

Let’s make it x 1.5 for the sake of being less greedy.

My Monthly Budget:

Rent (utilities included) $1,300
Phone/Internet $100
Gas $100
Food/Supplies $400
Car Insurance $180

A total of $2,080 per month that does not include clothing or miscellaneous unforeseen expenses.

$2,080 x 2 = $4,160

$2,080 x 1.5 = $3,120

The allowance I’d ask for would be a minimum of $3,000 per month.

Now that you have figured out your minimum it is time to place the allowance in terms of visits per month.

In my mind if a sugardaddy spends 4 days per month as fallows:

Several hours each day, maybe even with a sleep over. You have sex with him every day that he spends with you and treat him like he is the center of the universe…you should be able to ask for $4,000.

Of course with that amount do NOT expect shopping, extravagant dining, and gifts. If you get those, he’s being very generous :)

Where did I come up with this figure?! I know it’s a HUGE discount for guys who know about escorting, and most sugardads have dabbled in this game. As a GFE escort, I would charge $2,500 for a 12 hour session + shopping + dinner. You might ask, “Why don’t you just see regular clients if you can make $2,500?”

My answer is clear and simple - a girl cannot depend on a client. As an escort it’s much harder in developing trust with a client that sees XXX number of girls each month. With sugar relationship there is stability.

Now finally, you have the number and you know why you need it, when do you bring it up with your potential sugardad?

The sooner the better. If you don’t want to bring up the amount until you meet in person, at least ask what type of sugardaddy he is in your email exchange? Gift, travel, or allowance? Some of them will be honest, while others lie about the type of sugardaddy they are until you meet them.

Don’t be shy or feel uncomfortable in bringing up the financial side of the arrangement. Both of you know why you are looking. I bet he won’t feel uncomfortable if you start talking about sex, so make sure to talk about money.


  1. Earn, baby earn! These are the years to earn money because these are going to be the prime years in this profession unlike other careers where you get paid more the older you get. If you limit yourself to just what you need and only one SD then what will the future hold. Make money on the side or have a long term job, just don't forget to keep an eye on your future.

  2. @ brit:

    You got it ;) I'm actually back to escorting for now. hehe As my search continues for a Sugar Daddy! I should soon shift gears and start writing about my escorting experiences.

    Does anyone have topic requests? I need ideas or want to know what people want to read about :D


  3. I have a problem with your equation. It does not provide anything for your future. Do you plan on saving anything for when you are not longer "Sugar Baby" enough? Age happens sooner than you expect...or what if you get sick? Or injured?

    How does an escort/SB save for their eventual retirement? I don't think you get a do you invest? DO you invest? Do you have a bank account? Do you file taxes? Do you foresee a problem in you have an account and investments and don't file taxes? Do you have a "real" job that you can launder your money through? Is that necessary? If you are a business entity as an independent escort can you file taxes as that and invest? I have always wondered...

  4. @ Kenny:

    Yes, I should have mentioned about savings. My formula is the skin and bones. I always save, every month I try to put away a minimum of 2,000.

    In my formula for 4,000/month from an SD is to see him 4 days out of the month. The rest of the time I would work, work, work...

    The need to make money NOW is always in the back of my mind, that is why it has kept me from traveling and having fun. It can be a drag but I tell myself it's necessary. I want to be able to save enough to buy myself a property - completely paid off.


  5. Hi, this probably isn't the best place to write this but I can't find the other article. When you paid your student loans off, did you pay it one lump some,all 30K? And if so, were they suspicious of how you got the money or were they just happy to get it? I have about the same in student debt and I just accepted that it will never be paid off,lol.

  6. @ Anonymous:

    The entry you are looking for is here:

    I did pay it in one lump sum by sending out a cheque. Whether they got suspicious down at their little office is unbeknown to me. haha
    All I got was a letter in the mail stating that my loan was paid in full.

    I think they should be happy getting the money. If you are worried they will start asking questions just always have a good answer for them.

    ;) Good luck xoxox

  7. You asked for topics, so here are some (and by the way, I love all the topics you've already covered, it's extremely interesting reading).
    Suggested Topics
    - stupid things men do, both one-time and regular customers.
    - stupid things you've seen other escorts/SBs/girls in general do.
    - how you wish your regular customers would treat you.
    - how a regular customer might go from "customer" status to "boyfriend" status. how the transition could happen (emotion- and money-wise). would your activities change, since he knows what you do? how much detail would you tell him about your daily activities? what would you lie about? how would money continue to be a factor between you? how could he believe that he was really your bf and that it wasn't just a smoke show to keep him as a regular?
    - what are some of the odd requests (sexual and otherwise) you get in your work?
    - how do you protect yourself from oddballs, LE, pimps, etc? how much do you really know about the customer before you walk into his place, or before you let him into yours?
    - how do you handle the financial aspects of your business? do you file income taxes? how do you report income?
    - more about your various goals of being a SB, escort, or girlfriend. do you think you'll ever be satisfied for long (emotionally, sexually...) by one man? do you even want to be limited to one man?
    Best of luck to you, and thanks for the blog!

  8. I am not sure how to do this whole sugarbaby thing. I am meeting a potential sugardaddy for lunch tomorrow. As far as I know right now he can only see me during the week and in the afternoon which works good for me. I just want a monthly allowance and not sure how I ask for it and would like at least 3000 a month. Can you please give me some advice on how to get through this first meeting and how to ask for what I want in return for fufulling his needs and expectations?