Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sugarbaby - Potential SD Politic

Just got off the phone with a potential sugar dad, let’s refer to him as SD Politic (because he says he works for the government), and OMG I feel so offended. And the question is, should I be? I mean, if I were a normal girl like most sweet innocent sugarbabies…I would be! Though, something inside me tells me I cannot be offended because I am really a ‘pro’.

And so I had SD Politic contact me on a sugar site about 2 weeks ago. We have exchanged emails where he told me that he’s an attached male in his late 30s. Will be traveling to my city frequently on business starting late April. For discretion purposes he does not want to provide me with any photos. Yet he requested that I send him many (I sent a few). And just 5 days ago he asked me for my number.

I was sitting in my tub filled with hot water when the phone rang. I picked up, “Hello, can I speak with M?” A man asked. Right away my brain shifted gears, I don’t get calls on my work phone being asked that name! I knew it was SD Politic.

“Yes, speaking.” I responded.

He asked me what I was doing and I told him - “Just about to cut my toe nails, I am soaking my feet in water.” Haha

We had a brief conversation, where he asked me very little about me - my age mainly. And told me that he’d be coming 3 to 4 times a month on business. That he is just looking for some fun intimate companionship for a couple of hours at a time. (By the way, my dear readers, SD Politic thinks I have nothing to do with escorting).

“I am so looking forward to meeting you! Would you mind sending me a couple more photos?” He asked.

“Uuh…you know, I haven’t seen any photos of you.” I tried to make it sound like, why should I be doing all the giving??? (photos, phone #…he blocked his number when he called).

We had a brief discussion about the financial side. “Would part allowance and part gifts be something you are able to do?” I asked him.

“Yes, what kind of gifts? Jewelry?” He asked.

How presumptuous :D Do all men think women only want diamonds? LMAO

“No, not that. I’m more interested in iPhone, iPad, that kind of thing.” I said.

I could tell he changed his tone a little when he heard me say it. And I can’t really describe it but I don’t think he was too impressed. “Those are interesting too.”

I asked him about the kind of budget he was willing to work with - $1,500 - $2,000 a month (all depending on how much he can access from his business account). Which isn’t bad considering he said we’d only spend 2 hours each time we see each other. However, in doing my math - how am I any less than a ‘pro’?

Matter of fact! If I were to schedule a client 4 times a month…2 hours each…I am guaranteed $2,000+. While in this arrangement he doesn’t even guarantee $2,000…Hmmm….I’m not feeling it already.

And here is the kicker! Before he let me go, he asked me if I’d be fine with answering a few sexual questions. “Sure, that’s fine.” I said, wondering what this little perv would ask me :D

“How tall are you again?” - 5 foot 3

"What is your breast size?" - A, 32 A to be precise.

“Do you shave or trim?” - I could shave

“Are you good at sucking cock?” - Well, you’d have to be the judge of that, sir. ;) LOL

“Mmm..okay, I just want to see that pretty mouth of yours around my cock.” - Wow… (okay I didn’t answer that).

And then it was adieu!

Can you believe this man? Would you ladies be offended? :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Escort - Under My Bed

It was getting late when my phone rang. “Hello, is this ******?” The caller asked.

“Yes, it is.” I responded to the man’s voice. In a slurred voice he asked to see me right away. That he would pay me double if I canceled my next appointment and scheduled him in.

“I’m sorry, I have someone coming in 5 minutes. Perhaps you can see me in 90 minutes?” I explained (which was the truth, I had a client downstairs about to ring the door bell).

“Okay…I see ya then.” He said.

“I’ll send you a text when I’m ready for you.” And I hung up.

75 minutes later I sent a text, “I’m ready if you’d like to come see me.”

He called once again introducing himself as “Craig”. In the phone’s background I heard his buddies laughing and talking. Craig sounded a bit drunk (middle of the week night???) but I sternly told him that he was to come ALONE if he wanted to see me at all. “I’m coming alone. My friends will just drop me off outside.”

I proceeded to give directions to a close intersection. Once he got out of the vehicle and his friends drove away I talked Craig all the way up to my place. He kept persuading me to come down and get him. “I’m not going out there to get you!” I insisted. Finally he waltzed through my front door.

Now Craig looked about 30ish, expensively dressed in a winter coat, dress suit, and black shoes. I helped him get out of the winter gear. He looked at me with droopy eyes and said in a low lingering voice, “you are so nice…”

I led him into the living room where he paid me my full fee. “Would you like to have a shower,” I asked, hoping that some running water might wake him up a little.

He agreed and I started undressing him, hanging his dress shirt and pants neatly across a sofa’s armrest. Craig’s 6’5 frame followed me into the bathroom; I turned on the shower, asked him to step in and closed the curtain behind him. While he showered I quickly recounted the fee and put it in a safe place.

When I heard the water shut off, Craig was joined by me in the washroom. “Let me dry you off.” I said as I picked up the caramel colored towel and began patting him dry. This guy was in pretty good shape. Big but not over-weight. He had dark curly hair and at that moment a very soft penis between his legs.

We moved into the bedroom. “Let me give you a tip. I just wanna give you 100…just for how beautiful you are.” I didn’t protest! He went back to his dress pant’s pocket and pulled out a THICK wad of cash! He counted out 5 twenties and handed them to me.

“Thanks!” I said and put the money away.

While standing in front of him I slipped out of my blue miniskirt and my white tank top. He was standing there just watching so I put my hand on his cock and started to gently rub it. “Don’t worry about it right now…I just want to make you happy.” He told me. Craig moved up behind me and put his arm around me, while his other hand started massaging my pussy through my pink pair of panties.

“You sure I can stay the full time? I don’t want you to schedule with anyone else. I’ll pay you upfront if you want me to.” He kept repeating this into my ear. All the while I insisted that he paid for the hour and I wasn’t planning on seeing anyone until then. “Wait, I’ve got to check my phone.” He said to me and left the bedroom to get his phone from his pant’s pocket. I watched him do this and it looked like he didn’t miss a call.

I wanted to get on with things and so again I went in for his junk. “I’m sorry it’s a bit soft right now. I just did a bit of blow tonight.”

That instant I was petrified. “Uh you mean, drugs?” I asked trying not to show my fright. “Yea…” He said and started rubbing me again from behind. I didn’t know what to do! I have never seen anyone on drugs. He was already acting weird by pacing around with the phone and talking weird. I thought he was just a bit drunk but it was worse than I suspected.

While I stood there thinking of my predicament his fingers tickled me into an intense orgasm. It hasn’t felt so good with a client since…well since the last time I got freaked out.

Side note - I don’t know how to explain this but…every single time I am terrified of a client and continue having sex with him I ALWAYS come hard. Yet I almost never come with a client under calm/normal conditions.

After I subsided, he excused himself to check his phone again!

We got on the bed and I removed the rest of my lingerie. He only wanted to lay there with me and rub my pussy. It was another five minutes before he got up again and went to the bathroom. “Please just lay here and play with yourself.” He told me. I wasn’t feeling it! I jumped off the bed and went for my phone. Craig walked back out and I hid my phone.

“Can I just do another hit in the bathroom?” He asked while pulling for his dress pants.

“No you can’t!” I said. He apologized for asking but proceeded to take his pants with him.

“Don’t take your pants with you to the washroom. You don’t need them there to pee.” He stood there thinking this over in a weird dream like state. Finally he put the pants down and walked back to the washroom. “Can you help me pee?” I heard him say.

I walked over to the washroom, “What is the problem?! Do you not have to pee?” I raised my voice and put my hands on my hips. I was freaking out about this guy but I didn’t want him to see that I was scared.

“I just wanted you here with me, that’s all.” He said with a smile and closed to door to pee. I ran for my phone and sent a text to my friend. Explaining in short what the problem was.

Craig walked out and we were back on the bed with him fondling me. I was looking at the time, wondering how I was going to get him out of here? Finally he asked me to get him hard, I stroked him to full attention and put on a condom. “Let me go on top.” He insisted.

While pumping into me he kept on asking if I liked it. “Yea I do, I like it a lot!” I assured him. “Wait, I’m going to pay you double. I want you to like it!” He pulled out of my pussy, walked out of the bedroom and grabed the stack of cash out of his pants. This time he didn’t count and just gave me a pack of bills. We got back on the bed and continued fucking. After a switch up of a few positions he blew his load.

He told me he wanted to shower and be on his way. But as I started picking up my clothes off the carpeted floor by the bed I noticed several bills lying there. These fell out of his pant pocket. I looked up at him, he was busy again looking at his phone, and in one swift motion I swept the bills under my bed.

When he left I started counting all the cash he gave me including the bills I stashed under my bed. It came to a total of $1,200. All in 1 hour of work.

I mean it was stressful but that was something! Two hours later my friend got back to me, it turned out he was out and didn’t have his phone on him. I’m happy it all worked out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Flower Disaster

I have never received flowers from a guy. Okay that’s not true! I did and it all started with a client.

Two years ago a client scheduled a session with me via email. He was coming from out of town and told me how excited he was to see me. “I will bring you a bouquet of flowers.” He wrote. I thanked him and asked him not to bring it.

In my little mind it felt wrong to accept flowers from someone I didn’t know. I have always dreamed of receiving flowers from a special someone who I cared about and who cared for me.

The next day it was time to see him. He knocked on my door, walked in and presented a yellow bouquet of roses withered away by frost-bite. He apologized for its appearance and said, “I left it in my truck at night and didn’t realize it wasn’t going to stay fresh in 30 below zero.”

I thanked him just the same and we began our session. Overall it was ‘okay’ until the end when the condom broke. My first session ever that a condom broke! I was very upset and he sensed it. He told me not to worry and left my place. That day I cancelled the rest of my appointments and made plans to go the Sexual Health Clinic. (All was well, and I was/am clean).

* * *

Throughout the years I was gifted with more bouquets - usually on Valentine’s Day appointments. And each time when my clients left I would throw the flowers in a trash-can.

Just two weeks ago an old client of mine called to schedule an appointment. “Can I schedule for a few hours?…I know you don’t drink any more so what else can I bring?” He asked me. I told him to bring himself and I would do just fine with that. Haha…He hesitated but then said goodbye.

The evening of our appointment I had everything ready! My place was spotless, a couple scented candles burning on the tables and the lights were some what dimmed. I wore my favorite little black dress with dark heels. When he came to the door and I opened he handed me a 20” x 20” white box wrapped in white and red thin paper. I set the box on the table and helped my client hang up his coat.

“What is it?” I asked excited. He told me to open it. I started unwrapping the box on my kitchen table that had a new fancy tablecloth. (It took me a long time to find a beautiful fabric tablecloth that would match the furniture but I finally found it just a month ago!) I peered into the box and saw 1 red rose cut short to fit into a glass vase. I slipped my right hand under the vase and slowly pulled it out of the box.

“I’ll set it right here.” I said as I walked towards the table near the kitchen. I had my back to the box and wrapping when I heard him say, “Oh no! It’s on fire!”

I turned back to see the wrapping paper being eaten by a big orange flame! I dropped the vase on the table and started to rush around. I needed something made of cotton to cover up the flames. On one of the kitchen chairs I spotted a towel that I folded neatly just half an hour ago. Quickly I grabbed the towel unfolded it and covered the now growing flames on the table. Smoke rose up into my face and I smelled the penetrating burn of plastic wrap. The fire was put out!

And that’s when the annoying screech of a fire alarm turned on. I pulled up one of the chairs and started unscrewing the alarm from the ceiling. Finally the sound was gone.

I walked to the balcony and opened the door. A freezing wind blew into my suit swirling the dark brown ashes like snowflakes around my kitchen. It was a sad sight to see. Then I looked at my client. He said, “Well at least you won’t forget this night.”

“Right!” I wanted to scream LOL

All of this happened in less than 5 minutes, and so I started into the session. I kept on trying to get into it but in the back of my mind I was freaking out. I wanted to see if the velvet couch standing next to the fire had burned or was it just covered in ashes? I wanted to vacuum my floors and furniture to get that nasty burning smell out of the air. I wanted to say, “how can you expect me to cum when I’m still freaked out about what happened 30 minutes ago?!”

But I went through the motions and then he was gone. It took me 2 hours to make my place look tidy again :D Luckily the white velvet couch did not get a single burn!!! It was just covered in ashes that I was able to vacuum away. Not a single stain was left on it!

The only damage done was to my big cotton towel and the fancy tablecloth. I had to trash it.

I’m very happy that I was able to keep the fire from spreading! So ladies and gentlemen blow the candles out or keep things far far away from them LOL

From now on I am no longer accepting any gifts from clients unless it is colored paper that smells like moola! ;)

PS. I threw out the glass vase and the flower…

Friday, March 4, 2011

Au Natural

When did hairy pussies become a fetish? I asked myself this question just a week ago while I shaved myself yet another day prior to my appointment. Shaving my pussy (I won’t even mention my legs and pits, those go without saying) has been a daily ritual for years and I keep finding myself with ingrown hairs, unsightly bumps, and itchiness. There are a number of tips online on how to limit the amount of ingrown hair. I have tried all of them! And even after adopting my own method it still doesn’t save me from the red bumps.

About a year ago I bought myself an expensive electric shaver - Braun Series 5. I would shower, scrub the privates with a loofah and soap, and pat it dry. (By removing the old skin cells the shaved hair has a better chance of growing out of the follicle.) Then I thoroughly shave the area with the electric shaver.

By the 4th day of this routine I have at least 10 red bumps. Tricks like - after shave, deodorant, shaving cream, etc…don’t make a difference. But last week when I started to bleed after shaving myself with the electric shaver I took 2 days off to heal the breaks.

And this is when I started to wonder, why is it that society has become so fixated on clean shaved pussies? In porn movies a shaved pussy works as a visual. You can see the entire organ when it’s shaved bare. However, we are not an 8-minute movie. This is real life where we have to go on with our lives in the most comfortable way possible.

Some people say that it’s cleaner. I must disagree with this - if it’s not washed it will not be clean whether it’s shaved, trimmed, or all natural.

While another group of people say that it looks better, feels smoother, and doesn’t get caught between the teeth. Maybe you should stop flossing and start licking? LOL

It all comes down to aesthetics. Some men prefer large breasts while others like a small pair of melons. Just like some women like taller men to shorter men.

And so I keep wondering, when did it become embarrassing for a woman to be au natural? Was the reason for shaved pussies the explosion of the porn industry?

I think I am going to start trimming and keep it clean by washing (as I always did with a shaved pussy). I am very curious if this decision will affect my business? I will find out and let you know ;)