Friday, November 12, 2010

Sugarbaby - Reinvented

Last night was very productive for me. I went back to the sugar dating website and whipped up a new advertisement. I changed many details, such as interests, age, name and my vocation. The photos I used when J contacted me had to go. I put two up that reveal part of my face. I am always very nervous about face pics. Try working as a pro in the same town you are fishing for daddies. I know many of those men troll dating and sugar websites.

I am also walking on egg shells, J could be lurking on the site looking for signs of me. He asked me to delete my ad back in September and I told him I did. But last night, I started thinking, why am I hung up on this dude? The sex is boring - picture silence (yes, he turns off my music) and a guy humping missionary for 2 hours until the girl is soaked in his sweat from head to toe. He doesn’t even make a sound until he cums! I tried talking dirty to him, but he doesn’t seem to engage in it. It’s difficult talking dirty for 2 or 3 hours straight. 30 minutes in I keep reminding myself to fake my moans. Haha

We don’t go anywhere because he is afraid to be caught or seen with me in public. I get it but that gets extremely boring. I want to go out at least once every 4th visit. And half the time he comes over I am hungry because he doesn’t want to order food. I don’t have food at my place, it’s my fuck pad! If he ever opened the fridge, I think he’d realize I don’t live there LMAO. It is EMPTY. The place is always spotless clean and if you open the drawers you’d find dust, or lots of sex worker outfits. It’s a place I can move out of in 3 hours (including car trips).

All these thoughts crowding my mind equal a solution. I need another daddy. And why not get two or three? :) hehe I need a guy that will make things fun. You see, after trying 4 to 5 ‘flavors’ every day as an escort, you could say I’ve become spoiled. I compare one man to the next, based on his sexual abilities and his fun barometer. Some men come to see me with the “I’m gonna have fun” attitude. While majority take sex too seriously.

The allowance is still very important because gifts, though nice, end at some point. I keep on thinking of the gifts I want but that list is short:

- iPhone 4
- Lap top computer
- Video camera (that takes stills too)
- Kindle (so I can read anywhere)
- Sex toys? (I have only bought one dildo in my life)
- Trip to an ocean resort (I have never seen the ocean!)
- Trip to Europe or Australia (I haven’t left my town in over 12 years)

I really should think of something but nothing keeps coming to mind. Clothing and the little things I can always buy with an allowance. They aren’t too expensive. So as you can see it’s a short list. At most that is worth 7 months, and then what would I ask for? Allowance is a way for me to save for a new car or that apartment I am dreaming of buying one day.

Here is what I did in the last month. I paid off my student loan out of my savings. All $30,000! The allowance I’ve been setting aside from J is a way for me to get back that large sum of money (of course he does not know). At first, I was going to pay off my student loan monthly but after calculating how much interest I’ll be paying each month, I just gave them all the cash.

I will still use my ‘student loan’ as a reason for getting into a new sugar arrangement. Seems that men like helping out young pretty school girls ;) hehe

I’m re-inventing ;)


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