Saturday, September 4, 2010

She’s An Escort

It is an escort’s job to entertain her client in a presentable, clean, and exciting fashion. Details matter, they are what make up the full picture. If you want to excel as a lady of the night, you need to learn all the tricks and be the very best.

My personal motto is: “If she’s too good to be true, she probably an escort!”

Clients often say that they want us to be real and honest. But in reality, the majority of them turn to escorts while their real wives or girlfriends are at home. They do not want a real woman, nor do they want an honest woman.

What a client (usually) wants is a perfect woman who is interested in who he is and what he has to say. He wants her to revel in his sexual prowess. To be captivated by him.

She cannot complain, argue, or criticize. Because any nagging will only remind him of the relationship he is trying to escape. She must always be fresh, clean, and willing; always happy, accommodating and beautiful.

Heading into a session with this perspective you may find it is easier to get into his mind and give him what he wants.

Here are some things to focus on:

1) Body language - Body language is 90% of how a client communicates with you. A slight shift in his facial muscles might indicate that the music in the room is bothering him. In many cases he will not tell you, but if you can read his body language and turn off the music, you might be seeing him again.

If a client comes out of the shower all dressed (after he showered), his behavior might indicate that he is very shy about his body. Make him feel comfortable and perhaps undress each other, it can be very fun!

2) Conversation - Not all gentlemen want to talk about sports or the world of finance. If that is something you’d like to specialize in, it can be a bonus, but the client might want a fun breezy conversation. He visits you to relax so try to pick topics that are simple but non-invasive. If he sees you for the first time, ask him about his hobbies or tell him about a good movie you’ve watched. These types of conversations are a great way to gauge a client’s interests. Many gentlemen love talking about technology. If you want to learn something about a new gadget that is out in stores, they are a fountain of knowledge!

3) Movement - Let your body move with fluidity. There is little attractive in jerky or clumsy movements. You don’t need to be a stripper or a dancer. Just be seductive and gentle in how your arms, legs, body, and head move. Once the passion is ignited you can be as wild as a forest fire, but in the beginning it’s best to go slow.

4) Eye contact - Look into his eyes with confident desire and he will fall for you. This is a dangerous tactic but if you learn how to deploy your weapon, you’ve figured out how to get a higher repeat rate. Let him take your bait but do not lead him in too deep.

5) Etiquette - Just because you are wearing stockings, skirt, heels, and a bunch of makeup it does not mean you are a true lady. Behave and speak in a way that shows you respect yourself and him. I place self-respect first because it is what should pave the road to your relationship (client and escort) where he needs to respect you in return. 

6) Wardrobe - Dress tastefully if you are on a date with a client in public. There may be an obvious age difference and you do not want to embarrass him. Out of the public eye, you may dress seductively or to his preference. I find that many gentlemen love a lady in professional business attire with beautiful lingerie and stockings underneath. Let your imagination and creativity define who you are!

7) Cleanliness - Wash your whisker’s kitty cat! Don’t forget that a well vacuumed carpet, moped floors, and tidy surroundings will earn you + + + points for the overall experience. Fresh linens (towels, bed sheets, etc…), and a clean shower area with all the necessary grooming utensils will not only make the experience more enjoyable for him but for you as well!

That is all for now.