Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Escort - Plan B

The stress will not be gone until tomorrow morning’s trip to the pharmacy. I would have gone today but the incident occurred shortly after 8 PM, when everything was starting to close. This time I was able to calm myself and my agony, dread and anxiety didn’t show through. I know he didn’t mean it. I didn’t see it until it happened! 

He was lying on his back in the center of my queen size bed. His hard cock buried deep inside my pussy as I vigorously fucked him. The expression on his face did little to hide his impending orgasm and right as he did I looked down. There was jizz all over his balls and the condom was hanging halfway out of my vag!!! It slipped off his dick completely, it didn’t break and it didn’t split. I quickly pulled out the condom, threw it in the garbage and jumped off the bed saying, “Will be back in a second, need to clean myself up!”

I turned on a warm steady flow of water and started washing myself out, as best I could. Meanwhile trying to regain my composure. This kind of thing happened to me once before. (Similar but not the same way)… So I knew it wasn’t going to be the end of the world that I had felt the first time a guy came in me.

I returned to the room and he apologized, told me he gets tested for STDs but would go again within next few days just to check for me. I thanked him and explained that I’m more concerned about pregnancy. He said, “Yes, I’m sure one day you’ll have beautiful babies but this is probably not the best time for it. I mean, you’d want to plan for that sort of thing.” Yes, no kidding man. Definitely don’t want to start having babies with my clients.

I hinted that I would be going to get the morning after pill, in hopes that he would offer to pay me for the medicine. That shit is $40 or so…He gave me $50 before leaving. How sweet :)

All in all, I’m still stressed. Wish the pharmacy was open so I could take this pill right now but will have to wait. He’s a nice guy, a regular client of mine so I will continue seeing him. 



  1. Not sure exactly how health care works in Canada (it is Canada you are, right?), but here in the UK they charge about £25 for the pill OTC, although some family planning/GUM clinics give patients a few for free to keep on standby at their discretion (they need to also trust you won't use it as regular contraception). I don't know if this occurs in Canada, but as an escort it might be worth checking out.

  2. @ Eden:

    Yea I found a place today that sold it for $30! I'm glad I don't have any side effects like most women do - nausea, allergy, etc...

    I used to go to a family planning clinic 7 years ago and they gave me the first Plan B pill I ever took. Since then, I had to take the pill 2 more times (counting 1 today).

    That clinic is now gone, and an organization that used to help out prostitutes didn't get funding this year :( Their office closed down. And I heard they now work from a traveling van. A pro can call them up and they will meet you outside, take you to the van and do STD tests etc... I should call them to ask about the services they provide.

  3. Maybe this is part of the cultural disconnect. We have 24hr pharmacies in nearly every community. You could ease your mind if that were available, my experience has been they will help you out if they know you and have your info on file. Hey, i'm not there, and am not placing myself in your situation.

  4. @ brit:

    :) That's cool. Don't worry I don't take offense to anyone's comments. hehe

    Merry Xmas !

  5. Butterfly SugarDec 24, 2010 07:26 PM

    I was going to recommend going to a Planned Parenthood/Family Planning like thing, but if there is not one offered any longer. Fingers crossed all is well on both the preggers & clean STD screening. That was nice of him to give you a lil something extra knowing there would be a cost for Plan B.

  6. @ Butterfly Sugar:

    Thank you babe ;)

  7. Why not use an additional spermicide before the appointments? That would be more natural than birth control and less stressful than worrying about morning after pills.