Saturday, February 11, 2012

Escort - Answers to Comments/Questions

I wanted to respond to all the questions asked in the previous entry’s comments section. There isn’t much space so I would like to answer them in a post.

1.) I read in one of your previous comments, you said something to the effect of something happened and you could no longer work from your place and would have to travel to get work but you never talked about it after that.

I have not reviewed my posts to try and find where exactly I said that I could no longer work from my place. However, it is true, I have moved but not for reasons having to do with escorting. Life is a road with many turns and I just had to make a sharp turn to stay on the road. I moved out and am now working in my home town by seeing clients at their place of residence.

2.) Also, you said in one of your previous posts that every one of your fave ex's were all "packing". Does that mean if you found a boy that had everything you wanted in a bf but had an average sized member, it wouldn't work out?

Of course there is compromise in every relationship, and unfortunately we cannot always get what we want. If say, I found a man that was a 9/10 then of course I would still want to be with him. Average size member would work out ;) haha

3.) What ever became of the client that you spoke of in this entry (Escort - Can An Escort Fall for A Client?)

He is still around, and now dating an escort that I know. This is something he has always wanted and I’m very happy for him. (I am not that escort, just to be clear).

4.) This may be a little personal but around the time where you met the older guy who got you started in this industry, where were your parents? Also, what was your relationship like with your father? :p

My parents at the time and even more so now did not get much involved in my life. When I was growing up, I never had to report to my family. And I never understood how some kids were so controlled by their parents. I was given a lot of freedom.

My relationship with my father has always been distant. I never think of him as my dad other than legally (officially and biologically). We did not know each other for many years.

Thank you to everyone who comments!


  1. What measures can you use not to get into trouble legally when you meet the guy when it comes to discussions and exchange of money? Any precautions can you recommend?

  2. M, Thanks for answering all of my questions. I really do appeciate it! I still have so many... But let me ask a few. :)

    The older gentleman, (I believe it was Man's Heart?) I was curious, how did you first meet him?
    Also, what's the status with him. Last I heard you said you would leave him in your back pocket if all else fails. Although as far as last resorts are concerned I do believe you could do slightly better (I have faith in you ;])

    The guy you dated who had 5 bikes, a house, who was balding, boring, and placed loyalty on top of his list of priorities. You never did say what became of him, I am assuming you dumped him? If so, how did he take it?

    Did you ever talk to the toned guy you met in the tea shop after your break up. He seemed nice, I kinda felt bad for him.

    With respect to not being able to work from your place here is what you said: “Well, working today again. But NEWS - I am moving out of my place and will no longer be able to see men at my place of work. I will now have to travel to get work. So more about that later :D" - I am just so curious because the explanation you gave - “I just had to make a sharp turn to stay on the road...” was rather cryptic :) and for some odd reason I get the sense that you left because a friend betrayed you somehow? maybe? But that is probably my imagination running wild trying to fill in the blanks. lol...

    Thanks M, your an amazing girl :) Hope you enjoy your Valentines Day.

  3. M, what is your height and weight? Just curious. Thanks.

  4. Hi! So I want to get into escorting and I'm looking for some advice..well a lot. Would you be willing to give me some and answer my questions? I have sooo many of them!! I'll give you my email?

  5. I would like some advice on getting into escorting. If I give you my email could we correspond?

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  8. @ Slick:

    Well the older gentleman I met while I was escorting. I have not spoke to him in over a year and am never going to contact him. I have blocked him in every way to make sure if he decides to contact me, I would not know. I just know that he is not looking for the same thing as I am. Never did.

    To answer your questions about dating...I am not dating anyone at the time. And enjoying my life at the moment :)

    As for my answer being cryptic - it is not, haha, I just moved because there was another opportunity in life. No one betray me :D haha

    Thanks for reading!

  9. @ anonymouses:

    I'm quite short and slim. About 95 - 100 Pounds.

  10. To the ladies asking for advice, I do not email. Sorry! It's just a lot of work and I don't spend much time maintaining this blog.

    If you have any questions, please research the web, or post your comments here. I will answer questions in this blog when and where I can :) Thank you hunnies for reading!!!

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