Friday, March 4, 2011

Au Natural

When did hairy pussies become a fetish? I asked myself this question just a week ago while I shaved myself yet another day prior to my appointment. Shaving my pussy (I won’t even mention my legs and pits, those go without saying) has been a daily ritual for years and I keep finding myself with ingrown hairs, unsightly bumps, and itchiness. There are a number of tips online on how to limit the amount of ingrown hair. I have tried all of them! And even after adopting my own method it still doesn’t save me from the red bumps.

About a year ago I bought myself an expensive electric shaver - Braun Series 5. I would shower, scrub the privates with a loofah and soap, and pat it dry. (By removing the old skin cells the shaved hair has a better chance of growing out of the follicle.) Then I thoroughly shave the area with the electric shaver.

By the 4th day of this routine I have at least 10 red bumps. Tricks like - after shave, deodorant, shaving cream, etc…don’t make a difference. But last week when I started to bleed after shaving myself with the electric shaver I took 2 days off to heal the breaks.

And this is when I started to wonder, why is it that society has become so fixated on clean shaved pussies? In porn movies a shaved pussy works as a visual. You can see the entire organ when it’s shaved bare. However, we are not an 8-minute movie. This is real life where we have to go on with our lives in the most comfortable way possible.

Some people say that it’s cleaner. I must disagree with this - if it’s not washed it will not be clean whether it’s shaved, trimmed, or all natural.

While another group of people say that it looks better, feels smoother, and doesn’t get caught between the teeth. Maybe you should stop flossing and start licking? LOL

It all comes down to aesthetics. Some men prefer large breasts while others like a small pair of melons. Just like some women like taller men to shorter men.

And so I keep wondering, when did it become embarrassing for a woman to be au natural? Was the reason for shaved pussies the explosion of the porn industry?

I think I am going to start trimming and keep it clean by washing (as I always did with a shaved pussy). I am very curious if this decision will affect my business? I will find out and let you know ;)


  1. Keep it short and shaped and I love it. The shaved thing is also nice, but I agree the bumps are annoying.

    The best....laser....I was with a girl who had it all lasered off and it was SOOO SMOOTH!! No bumps, no stubble...just skin...yummy!

  2. are you going totally hairless? I used to still having a small triangle left. I have to say when I started to have sex, I didn't know about shaving, either my bf, so we both have hairy private area haha, but it did happen to both of us...that you need to remove pubic hair from your month when you are giving oral...LMAO.So I will say being shaved is really cleaner and easier for oral sex. But I also think it's a trendy thing, because look those old-fashioned porn! they are all hairy! Guess it's just getting hard to be a woman nowadays.

    Like you, I've tried every way I could to remove hair and I think WAXING is the best way I've ever tried.(Laser is the best but I can't afford) The result is smooth baby skin pussy and growing back slow. I do get ingrown hair from time to time, but not as bad as you do. You should try use body scrubs every day after shaving. Hope that helps!

    Since there's a category in porn sites is Hairy. You should get some business that way too. Good luck.


  3. @ Kenny:

    Yea I heard the laser takes a number of treatments. It's a bit on the expensive side and I know I can afford it's not the place I want to invest in at the moment. LOL Boobs and hairless pussies/legs are all an investment. Perhaps one day I'll do it but right now there are more important things to focus on.

    @ Elaine:

    Yes I was going totally smooth for the past number of years. I have tried scrubbing myself every day after the shaving and it only works for a few days but then ingrown hairs start coming anyway.
    I haven't tried waxing because I heard it hurts...and the only way I'd do it is if I bought a home wax kit and did it myself. I just don't trust someone else waxing my pussy. LOL

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. You could laser (I've done the laser thing before). The results last long term, but it isn't forever and you'll still need touch-ups.

    As for the bumps, I'm very prone to that because I am black. I do gentle exfoliation before the shave, and afterwards I use Tendskin which has been a personal lifesaver and works super fast. If you haven't already given it a shot, I highly recommend it.

    Personally, I now prefer to keep a little hair. I find most of the guys prefer that because it's womanly and I don't look so prepubescent down there. Different strokes, I guess.

  5. Butterfly SugarMar 5, 2011 01:35 PM

    Shaving with anything causes the most ingrown hairs. I have been taking it all off since freshman year in college. I didn't even know it was the "preferred" way. I just didn't like that hair of any length was visible through panties. I used Nair back then.

    Anywho, a few months ago my waxer moved and I tried out 2 others who caused me horrible discomfort. So, I was like fuck this, and went to shaving. A month ago I had horrible pain like no other, and went to the doctor. Turned out I had 3 ingrown hairs that were seriously painful. I know, right?! Ingrown hairs! She said that shaving causes ingrown hairs and also can slightly change color of skin.

    I went on fb and in my status I asked what waxer people recommended. I found an amazing waxer and I am uber happy now.

    Not only can laser be expensive, but it does have it's limits. Like it is painful as hell and skin color & hair color can be an issue! Even with the numbing cream I got at the med spa the further down she went the more my body jumped off the table. I only did 4 treatments or so before I couldn't handle it anymore.

  6. @ Eden & Butterfly Sugar:

    Thank you ladies for commenting! It's nice to hear that I'm not alone on the ingrown hair problem LOL :)

  7. Palm Beach Sugar babyMar 6, 2011 11:21 AM

    My sugar daddy got me laser. It's amazing, I won't lie to you and tell you it doesn't hurt. I can literally tell you it's one of the most painful things I've ever done (ANd I've gotten Breasts, Nose done). ...and trust me this is the worst! However worth every penny, after doing my first session at it's max setting and got rid of 50% of the hair in my legs and privates. Now I have a flawless p***** :) hehehe it's soooo smooth. I recommend it... just think of it as 1 hour of pain ...a lifetime of joy.

  8. @ Palm Beach SB:

    Hey girl, I actually started looking into the laser treatment alternatives and I am totally going to do it! I actually thought it was very expensive but now that I shopped around I can see it's something I can easily afford.

    So I will post about it whenever I go through the first treatment. :D Right now it's just a trick of choosing a clinic/spa with the best reputation and training.

  9. go see an experienced estheitician. Pls keep in mind do not use loofahs bc they harbor bacteria sitting in showers wet until next use. Not everyone can wait for growth to wax in this biz. wax is great but not everyone is a candidate. Neutrogena body wash is great with body breakouts or even ingrown, main ingredient is 2% salicylic,one of a few simple methods to control ingrown hair in precious areas at low maintenance. your using body wash regardless, y not have one to specificly control folliculitis. One may also brisk off when towel to dry after shower, take advantage of your dead skin cells are soften from being in the shower so perfect and soft to gently exfoliate or brisk off. hope this helps