Friday, April 20, 2012

Escort - Clients Who Pay More

Clients who pay more in tips are not the best clients. A while back I would have said this statement is only 99% true but now it applies 100 percent of the time.
What makes the higher tippers so undesirable over time? I believe it is in how they begin to view themselves - allowing themselves to feel like they are more important than the average client.
I will tell the story of the 1% client; well he was the one remaining client who kept the initial statement of this entry at 99%.
At the beginning, when we first started seeing each other it was very nice. I was his first escort, and he expressed to me a great number of times that he was lucky to have met someone so wonderful and beautiful. One of his fears, before we met, was to set up a session with a 300 pound beast posing as a slender young lady in her advertisements. Of course, he was lucky when he picked me from the first go without doing any research as I turned out to be exactly what my pictures showed.
Right away he started tipping me $100 on top of my fee, each time we saw each other. On the third meeting something odd occurred, in the entry titled Escort - Counterfeit Bills I further explained how a client slipped me a counterfeit $100 bill. This was in fact, the client I am currently writing about.
Summarizing the previous entry, he did settle the issue by giving me a real bill and generously tipping me for the trouble he had caused.
I have him to thank for being very cautious with money these days, I now triple check each bill I get from a client. And after the incident with him, I had always checked his payment extra well. :)
Moving on, we kept seeing each other consistently for over a year. He started to shower me with expensive gifts (only one that actually became useful to me - an iPhone 4S). And other gifts were of expensive clothing/accessories that I would never want to wear (he has poor taste in clothing for young women). I left these still gift wrapped, in case I’ll need to give someone a present one-day.
Then one day, I noticed that his attitude slowly started to change for the worse. He was not the most astute guy to begin with, but it was like he was losing more tact.
I remember it all starting with a tiny pimple. I am human, and well we all at times get blemishes on our skin. One day, when we met, he said, “Oh no, what is that?” As he pointed at the small pimple on my cheek. Most people would not even notice it, and in fact, I have never had clients act so childishly. Trying not to be surprised, I just explained that it was what it was and moved on. But he seemed to focus a little longer on it, expressing how I should not have such blemishes.
We moved on and continued our appointment.
Then there was another incident that occurred 2 or 3 times, in separate appointments. He asked me to lie on my tummy so he could give me a back massage (not a strange request from clients). So I turned over on my front and allowed him to proceed with the task. When he got down to my buttocks he said, “Your butt is very saggy, you need to work out.” I think I actually started laughing because this man was either high on drugs or lost his marbles.
I did not even need to explain myself to him, because I know and most anyone who’s seen my little bum knows how tight it is. I took his comment as a joke and we moved along.
Over a course of a few more sessions, I did realize this “joke” in his mind was no joke at all. He honestly believed it was droopy. LOL (oh boy, I still laugh just thinking about this!)
Things went on, and I continued putting up with his increasingly snobby behaviors. I turned a blind eye to his judgment of the clothing I wore for him. He was either impressed or not very happy. He would tell me on multiple occasions that I should maybe stay in this business for another 2 years and then get out. LOL Like that was his choice to make?
Then one day a very weird question was posed, “Would you continue to see me even after you leave this business? Just me? Even after you get married and have a family?” I told him I would not continue seeing anyone, including him, once I got out of the industry.
Then the final session came when he finally went too far -
We just sat down on the bed and started chatting about nothing in particular, when all of a sudden he said, “What is wrong with your face?”
I was dumb founded. Not quite sure what he was referring to I said, “I honestly don’t know what you mean.”
He said that I looked flushed. But I looked in the mirror and seemed to look just as my usual self. I told him, there was nothing wrong but he just wouldn’t have any of that. He kept insisting to know what was wrong with me. At that moment I turned to face him, because I became more than a little peeved and said in all seriousness, “I am not sure what is going on with you, but this has got to stop! If I tell you everything is fine and I mean it, than you do not continue badgering me with your weird and negative questions.”
He went silent, we both looked at each other in evaluation. He apologized and I sat down trying to get back into a good mood. It took a few seconds but I regained my composure.
The session went on, until we returned to conversation. We were talking about how busy we’ve been and I told him that in the last 3 days I haven’t had time to do my regular daily exercise (that was how busy things were). To which he chimed in, “yes, I notice when you don’t work out.” LMAO
I let that slide but I think my eyes got a little wide when I heard him say it. What was this guy smoking? LOL…
The following day, I wrote him an email. I quite literally said, you need to think before you speak and if you don’t have something positive to say just keep those thoughts to yourself. That I do have feelings, and if he is not satisfied with me there are plenty of escorts out there. It is very simple just to start seeing another escort.
He was very apologetic and called himself a stupid man, begging me to forgive him. And even though I forgave him in my email…I realized I could not see him again.
Did he really hurt my feelings in the end? I can’t really explain this because I know my worth. Then again, I never continued seeing anyone who criticized me so openly. Or likely they did not want to continue seeing me if they felt there were better options.
In any case, I blocked his email (and I know he’s been trying to contact me) because yesterday I saw that he’d called my phone. Which is a big "no-no" that all of my clients know about. I did not pick up.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Escort - Guide to Finding an Escort for Clients

In my line of duty I have met many men who said they were very new to seeing escorts. Some were completely clueless while others were graceful in their approach to this industry.
In this entry, I will try put together a number of guidelines that should help a man become a client.
Step 1: Defining
Once you have gone through the mental process of deciding that you want to see an escort, and you have come to accept your reasons, it is time to move forward. You will need to define the type of escort that will best meet your needs.
Answer this question, what is it about a woman that excites you the most (drives your mojo?)
It could be her physical appearance - hair color/length, body art/piercings, race, age, height, weight, build, etc??? Decide what is most important to you, and keep this factor in mind when it comes time for searching the right escort.
It could be attitude - does she speak like a drunken sailor or a lady? You may actually like a woman with a filthy mouth. What type of persona does she have - bouncy, friendly, well read, slutty, etc? Decide on what would draw you out more.
It could be the clothes - nurse, schoolgirl, naughty cop, are just some of the outfits you may like a girl to wear. What about stockings, business attire or just plain old clothes? Decide on whether clothes matter to you.
Step 2: Searching
The next step after you have defined the type of woman that would get you hot. Find a local escort review board on the Internet. There are tones out there. Just do a search, you may need to register a name to login, but it’s usually free and does not expose your true identity.
On the web (particularly the escort review board) you may find many escorts advertising in your city. Start looking through the escort advertisements to find several escorts that match your definition of your ‘perfect’ escort in step 1.
Begin by reading each personal website of the escorts you have picked. (Most ladies have websites). There you will see what services are provided and what services are not offered at all.
You will need to decide what is most important for you during the experience and if the escort provides such an experience? If you really crave anal sex, and one of the escorts you’ve picked does not offer it, you might want to take her off your list.
Now that you have reduced your list of desirable escorts, based on your defined criteria, it is time to look at pricing. Some ladies may or may not be priced in your range. Often times you will see that prices drop as the length of the session decreases. Decide on your price range but remember this business is not for the cheap.
Step 3: Contacting
It is now time to contact the lady(ies) you have chosen to see. Read on her personal website what method of contact she prefers the most - it can be phone or email.
My suggestion is to be friendly in your emails (and on the phone),
“Hello, my name is ____. I am ___ years old and _____….”. This will be a better introduction to what I have seen in the past.
Which usually goes something like, “Hello, I’m new to this. Never seen anyone like you but was hoping you would over look your rules of not accepting new clients and see me…etc…”
You want to approach an escort from a positive angle. If she does not accept new clients (for instance) and your email states you are new to this, chances are it will not get your foot in the door. This would be initial contact from a negative point of view.
If an escort rejects your offer to see her, please move on. She has a lot of choice in this industry and can be picky. She is a woman and a stranger that does not owe it to you to explain her choice in the matter. Be respectful and move along.
Step 4: Preparing
Now that you have contacted the escort and she has agreed to see you, you may have already set an appointment to meet her. Great! You are almost there. It is now time to prepare you for the session.
First thing first, read over her website. On there, you will most likely see a page on hygiene. Make sure you are squeaky clean and fresh.
And educate yourself on the services you can and cannot have during your appointment.
Remember to have the correct amount for the time you are going to see her. And make sure to give the cash when you first meet.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Escort - Rejecting Clients

Lately I have had to stop seeing a couple clients. It always feels like a downer having to reject clients that are actually quite easy to deal with. When I say easy, I mean, they are not difficult to get along with, pay the correct amount, and don’t require much work to get off.
One of the clients I had to turn down, after I saw him a couple of times, has some type of disability. I cannot really define it because I’m not a health care professional and I have never seen anything quite like it before. Let me try to describe him - Physically from a distance of 40 feet you may not even notice there is anything wrong with him, but as you walk up closer you would notice a strange appearance in his facial features. There is a certain lacking, of something? All I know is that healthy people don’t have that look on their face. His lips are almost non-existent and very dry. Good thing I did not have to kiss him!
The other thing is his speech, on the telephone it sounded like he was perhaps a little nervous being it was a new thing for him seeing an escort. But in person it was still there, and it sounded like a disability.
I found him nice enough. And I proceeded with the session. However, deep down in the backseat of my mind I just could not shake the feeling like I was having sex with someone very gimped. And the more I kept at it, the more grossed out I felt. I wanted to get out of there, away from him. When he was done, 10 minutes later, I dressed and let myself out.
A month later I heard from him again, and this time he wanted to see me for 1 hour. I was very apprehensive but decided to give him another try. The session did nothing to improve my mood. He smelled like … shit? I could not put up with it, and when things were over I dressed in a furry and practically ran out of the house.
As I sat there, driving back home from his place, I wanted to get to the bottom of those feelings I had experienced. Why had I been so disgusted with him? Let’s say there was not shit smell, would my feelings have changed? NO. I had this strange fear, a fear that is ridiculous because it cannot happen yet the fear still squeezes me with all its might.
It’s the fear of becoming pregnant by someone who is obviously an invalid. It sends shivers down my spine. This thought made me realize that I connect sex with procreation, even though I don’t acknowledge it until it becomes sex with someone I find repulsively unhealthy. Someone I would never want to have a child with. I get these same feelings, to a lesser degree, when I am with an old client.
Hmmm… I find it odd, and yet it makes complete sense.
Another client, I had to let go of, or wait, am still in the process of letting go. Had made an appointment with me (it must have been for the 6th time he wanted to see me again) and when I arrived it was obvious he had a blistering cold sore on his lip.
I told him there would be no kissing. And we had a very platonic visit where I ended up giving him a hand job. After the session, I wrote him an email saying that I would much appreciate it if he would cancel an appointment when he is not fully healthy and that I would be happy to reschedule at a later time.
I have a feeling he did not really understand. Men, I notice, can be quite negligent about their health.
And now, he wants to see me again. Obviously a cold sore takes at the very least 2 weeks to go through its stages and start healing. It has only been a week and a half. Does he not realize the danger in exposing someone to this virus?
I told him I am unavailable. And I am wondering if I should even see him in a few weeks. By then he will be healed, but what other things would he not reveal to me and keep his appointment? I am disturbed by the turn of events.
Once I know a person is unhealthy, even after they heal, I cannot seem to release that thought from my mind. How can I ever see him, without reminding myself that he has herpes?
I will need to stop seeing him…
Ladies I’m sure there are clients that just put you off and you want to avoid them? What are your reasons? Please comment.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Escort - Avoiding Police

At this time we are still largely living in a world where prostitution is illegal. The intensity of punishment varies from country to country, state to state and even city to city. I am only well versed in the laws pertaining to my jurisdiction - where I work. And I would strongly suggest to those who want to start working or to those already in the industry to do some research, if you have not already done it, of the prostitution laws in your area.
Almost everything can be found online these days. Search the government websites, the codes and regulations in your country. A good search phrase on those websites might be “prostitution laws”. Once you read those, you may also want to read some court cases for examples of what the defendant had to deal with and the charges, the fines that had to be paid and/or prison time served.
When you read the laws, also consider how to phrase your advertisements. If your face is visible in your escort ads, it could be easy for the police to prove that you were in fact the one advertising the services.
Let me explain how the laws may help protect you. After doing some thorough research of the laws in my area (once I read the exact wording of the statutes) I concluded that it really would not help having a disclaimer that I so often see on escort websites, which goes something like this:
“Money exchanged is for time and companionship only.”
This disclaimer Is Fuck All, because the wording in the statute states that anyone selling - “time” and “companionship” is an escort. And an escort can be fined up to $10,000 if caught by the authorities.
Of course it becomes difficult wording an ad in such a way where ‘time’ can be avoided. We all advertise our rates as $ XXX per half hour or $ XXX per hour, or etc… The companionship clause can be avoided however. In this case to say you are offering a “girl friend experience” would be exactly what the law is trying to target. Instead listing the services offered could be wiser. Yes, it makes little sense when you look at it but in my jurisdiction it actually helps to avoid being labeled an escort (which in terms of the law states an escort is a professional selling - time and companionship …not sex). 
This is just a brief example of how knowing the laws would help in wording your ads. This is far from a foolproof method of avoiding the interest of the authorities.
Let me go on to explain the better methods of avoiding police.
1) Reference by escort - The best way to avoid police is to ask for references. This method works by requesting your prospective client to provide you with a reference from a lady that he has seen in the last 3 to 6 months. You will need to ask him for the following information:
a) The name of the escort who will provide him with a reference (he should have seen her at some point in the last 3 to 6 months. Sometimes a year or 2 years is enough but only if the escort is still around and she keeps good records).
b) The escort’s web address, phone #, or email address (make sure the email address does in fact belong to the escort and not some email the client created to give you the reference. Usually to verify you can trace the email address to web advertisements on the Internet).
c) The phone # the client used to contact his referring escort.
d) The name he used when he saw his referring escort.
e) The handle (or review board) he used to contact his referring escort.
Once you receive this information, and any other information that will help you decide that the escort is legitimate, contact her by email or phone and ask her if she has in fact seen the client.
This method works well in eliminating a session with a cop. Some disadvantages of this method - some clients never seen an escort before, some escorts never respond, and/or it may take time to receive a reply from the referring escort.
2) Reference by work - This method is second best to #1 above. Personally, I have only been successful in using this method a few times. Most clients are very discreet and do not want to let an escort know their place of employment.
This method is fairly simple but requires some research. Ask your client to send you an email from his work email address. How do you differentiate it from a personal address? Most of the time a personal address would end with “” or “”
If the address ends with something like, “” it will most likely belong to a company.
Do not just stop there! Make sure you do a search online to see if “” actually comes up with a company website, or is listed in an official business directory.
Please never, reply to a work email unless the client has indicated it is all right to do so.
A client may also provide you with a company phone #, and his full name. Once again use the web to research if the number and name belongs to a company. Make a call to the main line and ask for, “insert client’s name”. If you get put through, you can hang up or pretend you are a consumer survey representative calling with some questions. It really is up to you, just do not ever compromise your client’s personal and professional life.
3) Government ID photo - This method I have never tried myself, however I have heard of escorts using it and being successful. It works by asking the prospective client to take a photo of himself (picture of his face) holding up his photo identification and then emailing this photo to you. I am not sure how this protects an escort from law enforcement? I don’t practice this method because a police officer would probably agree to do this and not worry about anything. In any case, this is just something I have heard and am now passing it on to those interested.
These three methods are the only ones I know of avoiding the police 99% of the time (nothing is 100% when you are meeting a stranger). If someone has any more advice to my readers please comment.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Escort - Answers to Comments/Questions

I wanted to respond to all the questions asked in the previous entry’s comments section. There isn’t much space so I would like to answer them in a post.
1.) I read in one of your previous comments, you said something to the effect of something happened and you could no longer work from your place and would have to travel to get work but you never talked about it after that.

I have not reviewed my posts to try and find where exactly I said that I could no longer work from my place. However, it is true, I have moved but not for reasons having to do with escorting. Life is a road with many turns and I just had to make a sharp turn to stay on the road. I moved out and am now working in my home town by seeing clients at their place of residence.
2.) Also, you said in one of your previous posts that every one of your fave ex's were all "packing". Does that mean if you found a boy that had everything you wanted in a bf but had an average sized member, it wouldn't work out?

Of course there is compromise in every relationship, and unfortunately we cannot always get what we want. If say, I found a man that was a 9/10 then of course I would still want to be with him. Average size member would work out ;) haha

3.) What ever became of the client that you spoke of in this entry (Escort - Can An Escort Fall for A Client?)

He is still around, and now dating an escort that I know. This is something he has always wanted and I’m very happy for him. (I am not that escort, just to be clear).
4.) This may be a little personal but around the time where you met the older guy who got you started in this industry, where were your parents? Also, what was your relationship like with your father? :p

My parents at the time and even more so now did not get much involved in my life. When I was growing up, I never had to report to my family. And I never understood how some kids were so controlled by their parents. I was given a lot of freedom.

My relationship with my father has always been distant. I never think of him as my dad other than legally (officially and biologically). We did not know each other for many years.

5.) Do you do anything different than a regular girlfriend? Do you perform any special tricks as a "professional"?

Not really. Flirting always came natural to me. I did learn quite a lot from the lapdance workshops I took while I was in Germany

Thank you to everyone who comments!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Escort - Can An Escort Fall for A Client?

A few years ago I was chatting with a client, he was not my client, but as circumstance would have it we ended up in the same room. Our difference in opinion started on escort and client relationships, he was convinced that every single escort in the industry will at some point fall in love with a client. I was in complete disagreement.

It was not the idea of an escort falling for a client or a client falling for an escort that was false. I disagreed with the specific wording - ‘every single escort’. Possibilities are endless but never 100%

We know that escort girls, and sometimes they can be boys, are real human beings with emotions, desires, and lives. They can be alone and they can feel lonely. They all have their own values and an understanding of what life is to them.

For me to say that an escort cannot fall for a client is like saying I can grow a donkey tail over night.

My argument with our previously mentioned client was about me. I laughed at him and told him that I could never in my life fall for a client. And I believed it to the core of my being.

I could not at the time defend my position because I just didn’t want to come off as a cold-hearted bitch. In the privacy of this blog I will proceed in explaining my point of view.

I could never love a client...

because I do not take “love” seriously.
What is love, I ask?
Do I own this 'love'? Is it something I can feel, hold, keep?

In stories we read how it is to be loved by a man. A man's love is possession. A man may claim you are free but slowly you feel the grasping love creep up on you. Suddenly the language changes, “you are ‘my’ girl” - he would say. His pride turns to jealousy… and then control…and finally death comes to what was once a beautiful feeling.

Another reason why I would not fall for a client is professionalism. Knowing that you are a professional (hence the word 'pro' which could also signify prostitute) puts a certain amount of responsibility on judgement. If you take on the responsibility of putting on a condom with every client than why not keep an emotional distance? It is a measure of protection for both parties involved.

And lastly, I can never fall for a client because it has been put to the test. There was once a client I went ga-ga over. He was tall, dark, handsome and very well hung ;) haha Every single time we saw each other it was amazing. I was getting the best of both worlds - a man that excited me and money. I knew that if I started dating him I could no longer get paid for our time together. And that transaction I could not give up on a passing hope that there could be something more - love?

To this day I know an escort like I could never fall for a client.

Monday, January 9, 2012

El Tango De Roxanne

I just wanted to share this video I found on youtube. It's very well done and I love it! Cannot wait until season 5 of True Blood coming this year :D

The story-line to the video goes like this:

Feliciano's voice ---Bill's
Ewan's voice ---Eric's

Bill & Sookie are dating, but her job (selling her body to the night) becomes a problem when Bill, a greedy one, accepts the offer from his boss to spend a night with her (getting Bill a lot of money, of course). Nevertheless Eric & Sookie enjoy too much their night together and so they decide to meet again. Bill keeps getting his money, so he lets them do whatever they want. But at some point, the more they meet, the more jealous he gets. He tries to break the deal, but they just won't listen, because Eric is falling in love with her, and Sookie... well, she's starting to feel something as well. So Bill asks Sookie to marry him (this way she'd be his wife and shall be faithful to him), but she refuses the proposal because she's not sure about taking that step and besides, she likes her life just the way it is. Coming to this, Bill goes to threaten his boss; either he leaves Sookie alone, or he (Bill) will turn her into a vampire (this way he'd be her maker and would have control over her forever and ever). But Eric doesn't take the ultimatum too seriously, and keeps meeting Sookie. Of course, sooner better than later, he regrets that decision when Bill makes his final move.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Escort - Sugarbaby Offer

Several evenings ago I arrived at a midtown hotel where an older gentlemen greeted me by the downstairs’ elevators. We had never met previously, and his request to join him at the hotel bar made me very uneasy. “No, I will meet you at the elevators.” Was the last text message I sent his way before stepping out of the car.
The hotel reception area seemed vacant, at a glance a single hotel staff member scurried off down a corridor with a few plates in hand, and one unassuming man holding an iPad stood by the elevators. I walked a few paces past him, stopped and looked in his direction. “Hello.”
I smiled and greeted him back.
During the elevator ride he asked me if I was originally from here. “Yes.” I lied. And a few other pleasantries were discussed. The room was very nice! Modern and almost seemed like it had once been a condo suit. He asked me if I would mind waiting while he showered and brushed his teeth. I told him I would wait on the bed in the other room.
I sat down on the king size bed, and started texting my driver. “Buddy is really taking his time- showering, brushing his teeth. LOL”
“He must be a chill guy.” My driver wrote back.
I put away my phone and began to undress. If he’s getting all ready for me in the shower, I should at least strip to my lingerie! That evening I wore my violet bra and matching Brazilian style panties. Finally, he came into the room completely nude.
Slowly, while looking at him standing by the bedside, I crawled towards him on the bed. When I reached him, I paused, and looked up with a smile. He placed his hands on my shoulder blades and ran his fingers through my long hair. We spoke a little more while I stroked his body with my hands, teasing his genitals. And then I asked him if he’d like to lie down in bed with me.
I could tell he was trying to take his time and so I just took it easy. At first I removed my bra, straddled his body and started to slide my chest gently against his chest down to his groin. He played with my nipples and I offered that he kissed them. “They are very sensitive, in a good way.” I added with a wink.
“Would you mind taking your panties off?” He finally said. “Well of course,” I laughed, “Sometimes I get so excited that I totally forget that my panties are still on!” I joked while I took them off.
“Can I play with you?” He asked, with a motion of his hand toward my pussy. “Yes, but I like it gently please.” And after a bit of lube placed on my inner lips, I let him spread me with his fingers. It felt pretty good for a little while, until him rubbing became a little rough. A change of position took his focus off me and back to him. I opened the condom wrapper, placed the rubber tip in between my lips and rolled the condom down his erect shaft with my mouth. I could tell he enjoyed the blowjob I was giving, but I did not want to make him cum yet. I made long slow strokes and swirled my tongue only occasionally.
After a few minutes he gave me the cue - it was time for me to board the train. I straddled his hips with him lying on the bed below me. And started to slide his dick inside of me. It was an awkward position, and for some strange reason I could not explain why (even at this time, as I write this). He felt it too and suggested we try doggy style. Once we made contact again, this new position seemed to work well until he was finished.
We lay back on the bed and talked until the hour was over and it was time for me to go. From our conversation I learned that he was retired (in his late 60’s). Loved to travel and had got out of a long-term sugar arrangement just 6 months before. He referred to it as an ‘arrangement’ and told me about the woman who used to accompany him on trips. It was also revealed to him that I tried being a sugarbaby for a few months. He wanted to know some specifics and seemed interested in feeling out my thoughts on another such relationship. I did not let on.
The following day I received an email from him thanking me for the appointment and that he would see me again. A note at the end said, “If you would like to abandon the escort scene let me know...I would like to look after you!” 
Now, I did respond with a nice email but I left out any answer to his last comment. And here is why… after I have done some soul searching…
I cannot be exclusive with one man that I am not attracted to.
The perk of this job is having variety because at least 1 in 5 men will actually be somewhat satisfying to fuck.
In the scenario he is presenting to me, I would have to endure the same lame fuck over and over again. And I can do a lame fuck for 1 hour but when that hour is up, it is out of my sight and out of my mind. I know that there are greener pastures in some other hotel rooms ;)  LOL

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Escort - Behind the Scenes

I’m fortunate enough to be directly related to 2 punters (clients). It gives me some insight of what goes on behind the scenes in the client’s mind. Given my position, I can ask questions directly while we swing back a few shots of vodka during lunch. Who did you see? What did she do? How do you feel about…?
 The younger one said, “I can’t help but laugh when I read some of the reviews of escorts these men write. Have they lost touch with the origin of prostitution? Escort, girl friend experience it still means one thing - she pleases you, no the other way around.”
I had to agree with this statement, so many men these days think they need to show off their sexual expertise. I know I don’t need a guy to drool all over my pussy. Matter of fact I loath the idea of oral gratification! I even hate getting my snatch licked in my personal relationships. But at least 75% of clients want to believe they are taking us to the land of “O”.
“And it’s funny how some of the girls start moaning before we even get undressed.” Said the younger relative.
I know it’s part of our job description but I like to start off light and proceed to louder moaning once we are 5 to 10 minutes into the intercourse. At least my acting is a little better timed. I always look at the man’s face, if I moan and talk dirty, does he show excitement or disgust? If his cock hardens and the balls tighten, I know I’m on the right track and keep on vocalizing the fantasy they want to hear.
My older relative (punter) is married. He sees escorts for diversity. Primarily a connoisseur of blowjobs, he also sees escorts as sex-workers. “Respect but enjoy within the boundaries set out. Oh, and make sure the wifey never finds out.”
Well, the wifey almost always finds out…  :) haha
If I had more clients as these boys (though we will never fuck in this gene pool), I would be one very happy prostitute.
And yes, they also know I’m a pro.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Escort - Male Virginity It’s A Myth!

I have always laughed at the concept of male virginity, in secret. Today, I want to share with the world why I laugh at emails like this:
“hey there, i was just curious to see if you would be interested in taking my virginity. im 21 years old, 200lbs, 5'8" tall, clean. looking for a fun first time experience. please let me know. thanks”
First of all boys, I cannot speak for other pros, but as a pro speaking for myself - I don’t care if you are going to lose your virginity, your luggage at the airport, or your stamp collection.
Second of all, why would you really want to ‘lose’ this thing you’ve guarded up until now to a pro? I can’t believe you are being all that honest with yourself, because beating your meat to a skin-mag counts as one flushed down the toilet. Haha
I guess we can say I am a little insensitive, but let me explain! A man’s virginity is nothing like the sound of popping a girl’s cherry. How can it compare to the blood, pain and regret? (well for some) ;) haha
When I broke my hymen (in my very early teens) it was a split minute decision with the first boy I found attractive. I remember how I even tried to lie about having sex in the past. Embarrassed about being a little virgin?? Now where the hell did this feeling come from?
It went something like this (please take notes boys):
“Do you have aids?” I (being the virgin) asked… “No” (non-virgin) replied.
“Okay, just show me what to do” I said (and lay back on the bed).
And that was that.
So boys, please don’t make such a big deal about it. Next time I won’t be so nice and you may find an email in your inbox asking, “Aren’t you embarrassed to be admitting this to me???”

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Escort - Choosing Services

I think it’s time to write an entry on choosing your line of business. When you become an independent escort no one will tell you what type of services you must offer. Well except for some loser that thinks you should pay him to sleep with him. Haha
It will be up to you to choose what you are comfortable in offering. I want to go through 4 different service providers that I can put a name on. Of course, there are those with everything in between or more.
Starting from the least amount of sex, we have:
Massage Therapist with Happy Ending:
A girl with the magic touch. She is not a licensed masseuse; she doesn’t need to be because aside from a relaxing rub down the client mostly wants a quick tug.
Stick to offering a hand job and massage if you don’t want to get personal. For additional tips, offer a covered blow job (blow job with a condom), or topless (with breasts exposed).
I would strongly advise that you keep your underwear on! Clients are often disrespectful, and if you two are not going for intercourse, there is no need for him to see your goodies.

Service list
Hand Job
Blow Job (with condom)
Average price quotes - $140 - $250 per 60 minutes (includes tips for the extra services)
Full Service Provider:
A sexy nympho, she wants your cock but she does not want to be your girl friend. She is hot but the men keep bitching because she just won’t give it all up. When did she ever need to?
Stick to offering covered intercourse (with a condom), covered blow job (with a condom on), and hand job.
If you’d like to charge a slightly higher fee then add extra ball (multiple orgasms for the client) to your list of services.

Service list
Full Service (intercourse with condom)
Blow Job (with condom)
Hand Job
Extra Ball (multiple orgasms for client)
Average price quotes - $200 - $300 per 60 minutes
Girl Friend Experience:
She is a sexy girl next door. Her attitude and services are open and sensual as that of a real, paid girlfriend.
Services to offer are safe (with a condom) - blow job and intercourse. The signature of every girlfriend experience is - kissing and oral sex (performed on the escort).
To spice things up and perhaps spike your price offer sex-toy show, cum on body, and always include extra ball.

Service list
Full Service (intercourse with condom)
Blow Job (with condom)
Oral Sex (receiving)
Hand Job
Extra Ball (multiple orgasms for client)
Cum on Body
Toy Show
Average price quotes - $250 - $500 per 60 minutes (higher price is possible too!)
Porn Star Experience:
She is the ultimate smoke show, hot and sexy. She puts doubt in the minds of men with her performance but they don’t care because the show is great until they are out the door.
The list of services is quite extensive and unprotected. Bare back blow job (blow job without a condom), ball licking and sucking, deep French kissing, and cum in mouth are usually expected. An excess of moaning, screaming, and talking dirty should be done at the appropriate times as part of the porn star experience.
To increase the price, include anal intercourse for clients that you can physically accommodate.

Service list
Full Service (intercourse with condom)
Blow Job (without condom)
Ball Licking & Sucking
Kissing (Deep Frenching)
Oral Sex (receiving)
Hand Job
Extra Ball (multiple orgasms for client)
Cum in Mouth
Cum on Body
Toy Show
Average price quotes - $350 - $600 per 60 minutes (higher price is possible too!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Escort - Keeps Gettin' Better

Holly prostitute!! I have been away for far too long. Been re-arranging my life
as of late. You know getting rid of people that no longer have a good
affect on you. I'm sure we've all met those people. They have a what I call, a
diseased mind, all they have are negative opinions about your life. I find that
older friends have that stand point, they think that if they are 50 year old men
they know what it's like to be a 20 year old girl that is a prostitute.

Uh buddy, if you have never sold your pussy for cash, you can't possibly understand
me! :) hahaha

Today I'm celebrating, and I'm outa my mind drunk on Orange flavored Vodka. I am
free of all these people that control my conscience! I'm free!!!! I love it.

But today I am working again too, it's a good day. Two regular clients and one
new client will be coming to the pad. I know what to expect and I know that a new
client always makes it interesting.

More to come!!! Just wanted to say "Ello!!!" haha :D

And yes I'm alive!!! I will be back. After all, I paid to keep this thing
running for another year hahahaha


Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Escort - Counterfeit Bills

There comes a time when every escort runs into a con. Have you ever worked 2 or more hours only to find that you were working for free? You would be if you received counterfeit cash! And there is lots of it floating around!

This happened to me for the first time just a few weeks ago. Happy to say that things have been set right and I was paid for services rendered.

He was a guy I seen a couple times before the event. Once again he came over, this time for a 2-hour appointment, and slipped the white envelope into my hands. I did in fact count the money while he was in the shower, a little rushed, I did not look at the bills too closely.

When the gentleman left, I started counting the cash again. This time I was taking my time to add up the amount. You see I love money, the feel of the crisp confetti under my fingertips, its unforgettable scent, and the symbol it carries. And that is when my fingers froze. Something was just not right, the bills felt smooth…

I started moving the note around trying to catch the holographic stripe reflect under the light. Everything looked as normal…the ink on the bill was also raised…

What the bank note did not have was the thin micro fibers that are scattered throughout the paper. The fake money I was holding was not printed on the right paper! That was the only thing that set it apart from a real $100.

The following day, after consulting a friend who confirmed my findings, I wrote an email to my client. In a straightforward manner I explained that the money he paid me with was counterfeit. That I was not certain what would be the best course of action, though I was thinking of taking it to the bank. Where they would ask me for the information of the last person who gave them to me. (This was just an innocent suggestion, but one that would allow him to consider what his next move would be.)

He responded by asking me to hold on to the money and wait until he sees me again. This did not sit well with me. Why should I sit around and wait to see him? When is he going to see me, in a week, two, three weeks? I wrote to him again, this time insisting that we get together as soon as possible. That it was my expectation to pay my bills out of the money I earned during our appointment. And that if we did not set this right I would no longer wish to see him.

He responded pretty quickly. And not only had he replaced my fee, I was rewarded with a generous tip ;)

Therefore I would like to link this post to a few websites that you may find useful. They can be used as a guide in keeping you safe from fake money ;)

United States:



United Kingdom:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Girl - How Do You Choose A BoyFriend?

I am now on my 14th man, we have been on 4 or 5 dates as of the last 2 weeks. And yesterday he has been over at my pad for dinner. I have not made dinner for a man in years…yea, it’s been roughly 5 years. In preparation for the soup, I bought chicken, celery, carrots, onions, egg noodles and a bunch of condiments. Timing the soup to be ready by 7 PM, it was all cooked and steaming by 6:30.

My ‘date’ was late…

…by an entire hour.

As it turns out, he decided to come out on his motorcycle and it started hailing (and the hail covered the roads like a white blanket of snow). He stopped at a shop and waited, and waited, and waited. All the while calling me on the phone to update me of his whereabouts. Finally, he showed up at my door soaking to his undies.

“You couldn’t wait another two days, could you? It’s going to be hot outside in a couple days.” I said with a smile.

“Yea, I know. I just thought I could deal with the rain. I didn’t know it was going to hail.” He replied.

And after a bit of hugging we at soup, salad and talked about this and that. After cleaning up the dishes, I suggested we watch a movie. A comedy I have seen at least 5 times but one he had not seen. :) I must say, this boy has quite the self-restraint. We sat around watching the movie without any funny business. Some how this pleases me :D And a part of me wonders why we haven’t had the sex?

And when the movie was over, I sat next to him on the couch. He kissed me and urgency deep inside me flared up, the thought of how much I would rather be with someone else right then. What was it? Can’t I stay still and just enjoy being with a person? Why do I lose interest so fast?

Then he left (no sinful acts were performed). I started getting ready for bed, walking around, brushing my teeth, and reading until my eyelids no longer opened as they blink-closed. I lay my head on my pillow and wondered - what is it that I want?

Well first of all, I’m a little freaked out. He seems to constantly be expressing his interest in me. Phrases like, “I love spending time with you”, “I called just to hear your voice”, “I keep thinking about your kisses” seem to always be in the air. And I smile and nod when I hear these things. Last night, he asked me why I enjoy spending time with him? I was almost lost for words, “It makes me feel good.” That’s what I said. Hmmm, is he the type that likes with his ears?

I like things simple, with my feelings in tact. It’s easier to love everyone than to love one person. And why? Because there is a lack of commitment, and commitment is like chains that hold us down. Gah!

Anyway, here is a list of all his desirable attributes:

- Mature (he’s over 35 years old)
- Polite
- Athletic (plays sports)
- Owns 5 motorcycles and 2 cars
- Owns a house
- Pays when we go out
- Dresses well
- Tall and slim

Undesirable attributes:

- Not a good kisser
- Balding (almost half of his head)
- Conservative (views loyalty as high on list of priorities)

And so…let’s just say the “balding” part has put me off. I have always appreciated men with a full head of hair, it’s just more attractive. And the fact that a man is too conservative is also unattractive to me. I have sexually liberated myself! I want to fuck boys and girls when I’m in a relationship. It’s more fun :D

I’d like to ask you, my female readers, what boyfriend attributes are a deal breaker for you?

P.S. This guy thinks I'm a part time bookkeeper part time fitness trainer.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Girl - Male Nurse

I am back to Internet dating. Haha Can’t help but laugh about it after reading a post by NC17 (one of my favorite authors on blogger). Do I have an excuse? Probably! Am I really this desperate? No!

First of all, unlike the general girl, I am not looking for love. What I am looking for is a good time. This “good time” translates into - going out with a fun individual I can talk to and laugh with. It is a bonus if the man pays when out on the date. I don’t mean paying for my time, but paying for a dinner, drinks, movie, etc...

I am not desperate because sex is always accessible! Mind you, I haven’t had sex in almost 2 weeks!!! I’m on a short break :) And just two days ago I felt the first pangs of hunger. A desire so deeply ingrained, I hardly think that I could live without it. Uhhh …. SEX.

In the last little while I’ve went on many ‘dates’ with 13 different men. All of which I found online. Let’s just say, I don’t waste time chatting them up for months on end. If I like their photos, what they got to say on their profiles, and the way they write to me in our brief exchange of emails - I meet them for a beverage. It’s simple, fast, and expectation-free.

Some of them have lied about being ‘fit’ on their profiles. And I wondered how fast they gained weight since they posted pictures? These boys are younger than I, and don’t have an excuse of using photos from 10 years ago. LOL

And others have been just socially awkward! One called his male friend to join us for drinks 20 minutes into our meeting. I waited to check out his buddy, since I already wrote off my date hahahaha. Let’s just say I left 5 minutes after his friend arrived. NOT my types.

Finally, one boy seemed to stand out! He is a year my junior, graduated and soon to be working at the hospital as a nurse. Yes, a male nurse. I find him intriguing! Never have I met a man so feminine yet so masculine all at the same time. I like it! We had been on two dates and were going to go on a third…but unfortunately things just didn’t work out.

He does not like making plans! Very indecisive, to the point he does not know what time we should meet on a given day and what we should do. In our text message exchange we agreed to meet at 6 PM. I got all ready by 5:30 PM and sent him a text asking where we should meet?

After 6 PM, finally he responded by saying, “I’m not sure, want to meet around 8 PM? I was thinking of seeing a show. But not sure if there is one tonight :)”

I could not believe it! After taking all my time to get ready and look pretty he just changed the time around. :(

Without time to waste, I sent a text to another guy I was talking to on the dating site. And as it turned out he wanted to meet me this exact evening. We agreed to meet at 7 PM for drinks.

At 7:16 PM I got another text from my male nurse, “I think the show starts at 8 though so it might be too late.”

“Yea, I’m out now. Made other plans cuz I was all ready for 6. Have a good night :)” I wrote back.

“Uh alright, see ya.” He said and I haven’t heard from him for a few days.

I’m not sure all what he thinks about what I said to him???…but we still haven’t seen each other. Texts have been exchanged but no date rescheduled yet.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Escort - Get My Change

I had vowed myself never to give pussy to the creep who called me a whore. On one end I wanted to forgive him on the other I wasn’t sure how I would feel if we fucked again.

You might be curious why I would want to forgive a filthy selfish client who thought less of me than dirt? I will explain it like this - how can anyone stay mad at a stupid dog that shat on the living room carpet? Is it really his fault that he is a moron, partly yes, but for the most part he was raised wrong by society and his parents (if he had any).

I also had to forgive him so I could come to terms with myself. Knowing I let a moron slide meat into me and heard whore afterward left all kinds of rotten feelings. I bet $1,000,000 that I had clients who hated my guts because I am a woman and a whore but at least they didn’t have the balls to tell me.

And so I did forgive but I couldn’t bring myself to see him again.

Then 2 months out of nowhere I started receiving emails of this nature - “Hi *****, I’d love to come see you again. Are you around today?”

All of them I ignored. Apparently my lack of reply was no deterrent!

I was having a post-client shower when my phone rang. Turning off the tap I answered my phone, “Hello, how are you?”

“Hi, are you available today in the next half hour?” A man asked. The caller’s number and name showed up in the caller ID. It was a number I had seen before, in the last few days, but I kept on missing the calls. This was not a number I had on my blacklist.

“Yea, I will be.” I replied. “Let me give you the intersection of where I’m at.”

“I know the address. We have already seen each other before.” He said.

“Oh okay. See yea soon!” And I clicked off.

I dried myself off with a towel and put on my outfit. He said we had met before but I couldn’t recognize this number! I opened up my client list and started searching for his number. In a few seconds the screen flashed with zero results. I was a bit puzzled and hoped for the best. It’s not unusual for a client to use a different number, I have seen this before.

30 minutes later I received a call from downstairs. After buzzing him in, I opened the door to a man. I knew I’ve seen him before but I couldn’t remember when or what his name was.

“Do you remember me?!” He asked.

I shook my head, “Uhh not really.” No need to lie ;)

He took off his shoes and proceeded into my living room where he handed over a wad of cash. I thanked him and started walking out of the room to count the money and place it in a safe location. In the mean time he quickly shed off his clothes.

“Listen, the amount I gave you is $10 more than your ‘ask price’. Can I get the change?” He asked without a hint of hesitation in his voice.

“I don’t have change sorry.” I responded and put away the cash in a drawer.

“Then give me more time. Either give me the change or give me more time.” He started to haggle.

“No. I am not going to do either. You can view the $10 as a ‘tip’ to me.” I told him this as I returned back to the room where he was now fully naked.

“Give me more time!” he said again.

“It’s only $10!”

“That is easy for you to say!” He replied and reclined on the bed.

I didn’t respond and just got on the bed to start the session. After the first round which lasted about 15 minutes, I asked him to turn over so I could give him a back massage. And while I was rubbing my hands over his back it became clear to me (by way of conversation) that he was the same (the one and only) fucker who called me a whore.

At that ‘all knowing’ moment I started to evaluate how I felt. This was a situation I so feared, giving him my pussy again. Not knowing how I would feel fucking a man who hates me. And as I sat there giving him a massage I didn’t feel anything! It wasn’t as terrible as I envisioned it all. The sky did not fall and I didn’t start mutilating my delicate girly bits.

Instead I wanted him out. And I put no effort into his second shot. I knew he wanted to cum again but I played lousy! I kept silent when he wanted me to talk him dirty. And I pretended my wrist got tired of yanking his dick.

He ended up leaving before his original time was up! :D

Once again I put the new phone in my blacklist. It turns out that he got a new cell from this employer. Go figure! Next time some dick tells me he’s seen me before and I have no idea who he is I’m asking for a name :) Cuz this guy always uses the same name with me.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sugarbaby - Follow Up on SD Politic

I have not heard from SD Politic since that first and only phone call last month. No surprises! I wrote this pretty little email to him just a day or two after our phone conversation:

“Hi ***,

Thanks for calling. So after our conversation, I did some thinking. I'd like to know a little more about our time together, how we will spend it.

Will we be going out, say for dinner or shopping before we spend intimate time together?
I'd like to have more of a connection, beyond the physical attraction. Don’t you think it would make our time more enjoyable?

Please let me know how you see us spending time together? Example: We plan to meet...(where do we meet)? What do we do together? Do we go anywhere?

Talk to you soon!


PS. Can you send a picture of your body? You can use Photoshop to block your face out.

And a sexual question back at you: How big is your penis? :) ”

Yes the penis size does matter! Just as much as his question about the quality of my blowjobs. I mean, I want to be able to put my lips around something tangible.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sugarbaby - Potential SD Politic

Just got off the phone with a potential sugar dad, let’s refer to him as SD Politic (because he says he works for the government), and OMG I feel so offended. And the question is, should I be? I mean, if I were a normal girl like most sweet innocent sugarbabies…I would be! Though, something inside me tells me I cannot be offended because I am really a ‘pro’.

And so I had SD Politic contact me on a sugar site about 2 weeks ago. We have exchanged emails where he told me that he’s an attached male in his late 30s. Will be traveling to my city frequently on business starting late April. For discretion purposes he does not want to provide me with any photos. Yet he requested that I send him many (I sent a few). And just 5 days ago he asked me for my number.

I was sitting in my tub filled with hot water when the phone rang. I picked up, “Hello, can I speak with M?” A man asked. Right away my brain shifted gears, I don’t get calls on my work phone being asked that name! I knew it was SD Politic.

“Yes, speaking.” I responded.

He asked me what I was doing and I told him - “Just about to cut my toe nails, I am soaking my feet in water.” Haha

We had a brief conversation, where he asked me very little about me - my age mainly. And told me that he’d be coming 3 to 4 times a month on business. That he is just looking for some fun intimate companionship for a couple of hours at a time. (By the way, my dear readers, SD Politic thinks I have nothing to do with escorting).

“I am so looking forward to meeting you! Would you mind sending me a couple more photos?” He asked.

“Uuh…you know, I haven’t seen any photos of you.” I tried to make it sound like, why should I be doing all the giving??? (photos, phone #…he blocked his number when he called).

We had a brief discussion about the financial side. “Would part allowance and part gifts be something you are able to do?” I asked him.

“Yes, what kind of gifts? Jewelry?” He asked.

How presumptuous :D Do all men think women only want diamonds? LMAO

“No, not that. I’m more interested in iPhone, iPad, that kind of thing.” I said.

I could tell he changed his tone a little when he heard me say it. And I can’t really describe it but I don’t think he was too impressed. “Those are interesting too.”

I asked him about the kind of budget he was willing to work with - $1,500 - $2,000 a month (all depending on how much he can access from his business account). Which isn’t bad considering he said we’d only spend 2 hours each time we see each other. However, in doing my math - how am I any less than a ‘pro’?

Matter of fact! If I were to schedule a client 4 times a month…2 hours each…I am guaranteed $2,000+. While in this arrangement he doesn’t even guarantee $2,000…Hmmm….I’m not feeling it already.

And here is the kicker! Before he let me go, he asked me if I’d be fine with answering a few sexual questions. “Sure, that’s fine.” I said, wondering what this little perv would ask me :D

“How tall are you again?” - 5 foot 3

"What is your breast size?" - A, 32 A to be precise.

“Do you shave or trim?” - I could shave

“Are you good at sucking cock?” - Well, you’d have to be the judge of that, sir. ;) LOL

“Mmm..okay, I just want to see that pretty mouth of yours around my cock.” - Wow… (okay I didn’t answer that).

And then it was adieu!

Can you believe this man? Would you ladies be offended? :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Escort - Under My Bed

It was getting late when my phone rang. “Hello, is this ******?” The caller asked.

“Yes, it is.” I responded to the man’s voice. In a slurred voice he asked to see me right away. That he would pay me double if I canceled my next appointment and scheduled him in.

“I’m sorry, I have someone coming in 5 minutes. Perhaps you can see me in 90 minutes?” I explained (which was the truth, I had a client downstairs about to ring the door bell).

“Okay…I see ya then.” He said.

“I’ll send you a text when I’m ready for you.” And I hung up.

75 minutes later I sent a text, “I’m ready if you’d like to come see me.”

He called once again introducing himself as “Craig”. In the phone’s background I heard his buddies laughing and talking. Craig sounded a bit drunk (middle of the week night???) but I sternly told him that he was to come ALONE if he wanted to see me at all. “I’m coming alone. My friends will just drop me off outside.”

I proceeded to give directions to a close intersection. Once he got out of the vehicle and his friends drove away I talked Craig all the way up to my place. He kept persuading me to come down and get him. “I’m not going out there to get you!” I insisted. Finally he waltzed through my front door.

Now Craig looked about 30ish, expensively dressed in a winter coat, dress suit, and black shoes. I helped him get out of the winter gear. He looked at me with droopy eyes and said in a low lingering voice, “you are so nice…”

I led him into the living room where he paid me my full fee. “Would you like to have a shower,” I asked, hoping that some running water might wake him up a little.

He agreed and I started undressing him, hanging his dress shirt and pants neatly across a sofa’s armrest. Craig’s 6’5 frame followed me into the bathroom; I turned on the shower, asked him to step in and closed the curtain behind him. While he showered I quickly recounted the fee and put it in a safe place.

When I heard the water shut off, Craig was joined by me in the washroom. “Let me dry you off.” I said as I picked up the caramel colored towel and began patting him dry. This guy was in pretty good shape. Big but not over-weight. He had dark curly hair and at that moment a very soft penis between his legs.

We moved into the bedroom. “Let me give you a tip. I just wanna give you 100…just for how beautiful you are.” I didn’t protest! He went back to his dress pant’s pocket and pulled out a THICK wad of cash! He counted out 5 twenties and handed them to me.

“Thanks!” I said and put the money away.

While standing in front of him I slipped out of my blue miniskirt and my white tank top. He was standing there just watching so I put my hand on his cock and started to gently rub it. “Don’t worry about it right now…I just want to make you happy.” He told me. Craig moved up behind me and put his arm around me, while his other hand started massaging my pussy through my pink pair of panties.

“You sure I can stay the full time? I don’t want you to schedule with anyone else. I’ll pay you upfront if you want me to.” He kept repeating this into my ear. All the while I insisted that he paid for the hour and I wasn’t planning on seeing anyone until then. “Wait, I’ve got to check my phone.” He said to me and left the bedroom to get his phone from his pant’s pocket. I watched him do this and it looked like he didn’t miss a call.

I wanted to get on with things and so again I went in for his junk. “I’m sorry it’s a bit soft right now. I just did a bit of blow tonight.”

That instant I was petrified. “Uh you mean, drugs?” I asked trying not to show my fright. “Yea…” He said and started rubbing me again from behind. I didn’t know what to do! I have never seen anyone on drugs. He was already acting weird by pacing around with the phone and talking weird. I thought he was just a bit drunk but it was worse than I suspected.

While I stood there thinking of my predicament his fingers tickled me into an intense orgasm. It hasn’t felt so good with a client since…well since the last time I got freaked out.

Side note - I don’t know how to explain this but…every single time I am terrified of a client and continue having sex with him I ALWAYS come hard. Yet I almost never come with a client under calm/normal conditions.

After I subsided, he excused himself to check his phone again!

We got on the bed and I removed the rest of my lingerie. He only wanted to lay there with me and rub my pussy. It was another five minutes before he got up again and went to the bathroom. “Please just lay here and play with yourself.” He told me. I wasn’t feeling it! I jumped off the bed and went for my phone. Craig walked back out and I hid my phone.

“Can I just do another hit in the bathroom?” He asked while pulling for his dress pants.

“No you can’t!” I said. He apologized for asking but proceeded to take his pants with him.

“Don’t take your pants with you to the washroom. You don’t need them there to pee.” He stood there thinking this over in a weird dream like state. Finally he put the pants down and walked back to the washroom. “Can you help me pee?” I heard him say.

I walked over to the washroom, “What is the problem?! Do you not have to pee?” I raised my voice and put my hands on my hips. I was freaking out about this guy but I didn’t want him to see that I was scared.

“I just wanted you here with me, that’s all.” He said with a smile and closed to door to pee. I ran for my phone and sent a text to my friend. Explaining in short what the problem was.

Craig walked out and we were back on the bed with him fondling me. I was looking at the time, wondering how I was going to get him out of here? Finally he asked me to get him hard, I stroked him to full attention and put on a condom. “Let me go on top.” He insisted.

While pumping into me he kept on asking if I liked it. “Yea I do, I like it a lot!” I assured him. “Wait, I’m going to pay you double. I want you to like it!” He pulled out of my pussy, walked out of the bedroom and grabed the stack of cash out of his pants. This time he didn’t count and just gave me a pack of bills. We got back on the bed and continued fucking. After a switch up of a few positions he blew his load.

He told me he wanted to shower and be on his way. But as I started picking up my clothes off the carpeted floor by the bed I noticed several bills lying there. These fell out of his pant pocket. I looked up at him, he was busy again looking at his phone, and in one swift motion I swept the bills under my bed.

When he left I started counting all the cash he gave me including the bills I stashed under my bed. It came to a total of $1,200. All in 1 hour of work.

I mean it was stressful but that was something! Two hours later my friend got back to me, it turned out he was out and didn’t have his phone on him. I’m happy it all worked out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Flower Disaster

I have never received flowers from a guy. Okay that’s not true! I did and it all started with a client.

Two years ago a client scheduled a session with me via email. He was coming from out of town and told me how excited he was to see me. “I will bring you a bouquet of flowers.” He wrote. I thanked him and asked him not to bring it.

In my little mind it felt wrong to accept flowers from someone I didn’t know. I have always dreamed of receiving flowers from a special someone who I cared about and who cared for me.

The next day it was time to see him. He knocked on my door, walked in and presented a yellow bouquet of roses withered away by frost-bite. He apologized for its appearance and said, “I left it in my truck at night and didn’t realize it wasn’t going to stay fresh in 30 below zero.”

I thanked him just the same and we began our session. Overall it was ‘okay’ until the end when the condom broke. My first session ever that a condom broke! I was very upset and he sensed it. He told me not to worry and left my place. That day I cancelled the rest of my appointments and made plans to go the Sexual Health Clinic. (All was well, and I was/am clean).

* * *

Throughout the years I was gifted with more bouquets - usually on Valentine’s Day appointments. And each time when my clients left I would throw the flowers in a trash-can.

Just two weeks ago an old client of mine called to schedule an appointment. “Can I schedule for a few hours?…I know you don’t drink any more so what else can I bring?” He asked me. I told him to bring himself and I would do just fine with that. Haha…He hesitated but then said goodbye.

The evening of our appointment I had everything ready! My place was spotless, a couple scented candles burning on the tables and the lights were some what dimmed. I wore my favorite little black dress with dark heels. When he came to the door and I opened he handed me a 20” x 20” white box wrapped in white and red thin paper. I set the box on the table and helped my client hang up his coat.

“What is it?” I asked excited. He told me to open it. I started unwrapping the box on my kitchen table that had a new fancy tablecloth. (It took me a long time to find a beautiful fabric tablecloth that would match the furniture but I finally found it just a month ago!) I peered into the box and saw 1 red rose cut short to fit into a glass vase. I slipped my right hand under the vase and slowly pulled it out of the box.

“I’ll set it right here.” I said as I walked towards the table near the kitchen. I had my back to the box and wrapping when I heard him say, “Oh no! It’s on fire!”

I turned back to see the wrapping paper being eaten by a big orange flame! I dropped the vase on the table and started to rush around. I needed something made of cotton to cover up the flames. On one of the kitchen chairs I spotted a towel that I folded neatly just half an hour ago. Quickly I grabbed the towel unfolded it and covered the now growing flames on the table. Smoke rose up into my face and I smelled the penetrating burn of plastic wrap. The fire was put out!

And that’s when the annoying screech of a fire alarm turned on. I pulled up one of the chairs and started unscrewing the alarm from the ceiling. Finally the sound was gone.

I walked to the balcony and opened the door. A freezing wind blew into my suit swirling the dark brown ashes like snowflakes around my kitchen. It was a sad sight to see. Then I looked at my client. He said, “Well at least you won’t forget this night.”

“Right!” I wanted to scream LOL

All of this happened in less than 5 minutes, and so I started into the session. I kept on trying to get into it but in the back of my mind I was freaking out. I wanted to see if the velvet couch standing next to the fire had burned or was it just covered in ashes? I wanted to vacuum my floors and furniture to get that nasty burning smell out of the air. I wanted to say, “how can you expect me to cum when I’m still freaked out about what happened 30 minutes ago?!”

But I went through the motions and then he was gone. It took me 2 hours to make my place look tidy again :D Luckily the white velvet couch did not get a single burn!!! It was just covered in ashes that I was able to vacuum away. Not a single stain was left on it!

The only damage done was to my big cotton towel and the fancy tablecloth. I had to trash it.

I’m very happy that I was able to keep the fire from spreading! So ladies and gentlemen blow the candles out or keep things far far away from them LOL

From now on I am no longer accepting any gifts from clients unless it is colored paper that smells like moola! ;)

PS. I threw out the glass vase and the flower…

Friday, March 4, 2011

Au Natural

When did hairy pussies become a fetish? I asked myself this question just a week ago while I shaved myself yet another day prior to my appointment. Shaving my pussy (I won’t even mention my legs and pits, those go without saying) has been a daily ritual for years and I keep finding myself with ingrown hairs, unsightly bumps, and itchiness. There are a number of tips online on how to limit the amount of ingrown hair. I have tried all of them! And even after adopting my own method it still doesn’t save me from the red bumps.

About a year ago I bought myself an expensive electric shaver - Braun Series 5. I would shower, scrub the privates with a loofah and soap, and pat it dry. (By removing the old skin cells the shaved hair has a better chance of growing out of the follicle.) Then I thoroughly shave the area with the electric shaver.

By the 4th day of this routine I have at least 10 red bumps. Tricks like - after shave, deodorant, shaving cream, etc…don’t make a difference. But last week when I started to bleed after shaving myself with the electric shaver I took 2 days off to heal the breaks.

And this is when I started to wonder, why is it that society has become so fixated on clean shaved pussies? In porn movies a shaved pussy works as a visual. You can see the entire organ when it’s shaved bare. However, we are not an 8-minute movie. This is real life where we have to go on with our lives in the most comfortable way possible.

Some people say that it’s cleaner. I must disagree with this - if it’s not washed it will not be clean whether it’s shaved, trimmed, or all natural.

While another group of people say that it looks better, feels smoother, and doesn’t get caught between the teeth. Maybe you should stop flossing and start licking? LOL

It all comes down to aesthetics. Some men prefer large breasts while others like a small pair of melons. Just like some women like taller men to shorter men.

And so I keep wondering, when did it become embarrassing for a woman to be au natural? Was the reason for shaved pussies the explosion of the porn industry?

I think I am going to start trimming and keep it clean by washing (as I always did with a shaved pussy). I am very curious if this decision will affect my business? I will find out and let you know ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Escort - Monster Cocks

In the past few months I have run into a problem that never bothered me before! Matter of fact, until I was paid a visit from Mr. Monster Cock, I thought these kind of dicks only existed in porn movies.

Now, I just want to make things clear…I LUV…yes that’s L. U. V. very BIG cocks. The ones that are 9 inches long, thick and hard! My mouth waters and my pussy starts to purr when I pull on a magnum on those fuckers. One of my ex-favorites had a big penis…and come to think of it every favorite after that always came with a big penis.

Many men with big dicks are puzzled at how I can take it with such pleasure. And honestly, I do not know! I just do…and never cease to amaze them or myself.

Now, just three months ago I had this young 25-year-old guy schedule a session. He walked in, paid his fee and we were off to the bedroom. After removing all his clothing, I pulled down his shorts and out flopped the MONSTER cock. Uhh…okay it was no less than 9 inches long, which wasn’t intimidating. But this thing was thicker than my wrist! I was a bit put off…

With my past experience in mind, I excitedly fumbled with the condom. He gave me a hand (or two) to help stretch the rubber on his anaconda. I asked him to lay down on his back and started lathering on the lube. “Mmmm…I’m going to ride your big hard cock!” I told him as I swung one of my legs over his body and got into cowgirl position. Slowly I started to ease myself on the tip.

Nothing has prepared me for this…I felt like I was being torn apart!!!!! After a few I said with a wink, “I’m going to take it slow.” He wasn’t arguing. After 10 minutes I managed to get myself into a sexual frenzy…I can do that sometimes by pretending that I’m horny out of my mind and I actually get horny out of my mind LMAO

I was jumping on his cock and taking it all the way down to his pubic bone. Only in the depths of my excited state I felt like I was split apart in 6 parts of my vagina. This guy was loud! I mean, louder than most of my visitors. And as much as I got into it, I couldn’t help but wonder what my neighbors were thinking when they heard, “You ‘shorties’ sure know how to fuck!!” He later told me he loves fucking tiny short girls because he wants to find the smallest pussy to cram it up.

Well…all went well until my next appointment. The next guy who started having sex with me (though average in size) felt like excruciating pain! I thought like I was being torn all over again at the seams. I took a day off. Things did not improve. I started feeling sudden attacks of pain deep inside my vagina. And then I was back to work again. Things did not improve!

I went for my regular STD testing at the clinic and told a nurse about my pains. I told her that during intercourse I felt like something is tearing inside me. She took a look, felt around, and told me that everything looked completely healthy. The test results also came back clean.

Only after I had to take time off due to my period that I healed completely! :D

I returned to work after my monthlies and on day two I got a new customer. The guy was fucking packing!!! And maybe not 9 inches long but thicker than Mr. Monster. I started giving the guy a blow job and I couldn’t fit it into my mouth!

“Listen sexy, I don’t think I can do this. You’re too big.” I told him. And I could see him becoming irritated with my response. He asked me to give it a try. I made an attempt in cowgirl, but barely letting him enter me at all. I kept telling him - it hurts.

“Let’s try a different position. Missionary has always seemed to work the best.” He suggested. I agreed and uh…I soo shouldn’t have!!! He pinned me down and started to bust into me…at least he wasn’t doing it too hard but let me say that I was sweating bullets !!!!! Lucky for me, he came super fast and we finished our session.

I have black listed both of these men because I just CANNOT accommodate them.
And so after talking to my lady friends in the business I have come to this conclusion. When a man's equipment is very large and you know you won't be able to take him -

A) Suggest to finish him off in another way - example blow job or hand release.


B) Refund his fee and ask him to leave.

The argument I had with the ladies was - should I ask for some kind of fee even though I have to cancel the session due to his size? And after a long debate on what was the right thing to do…I personally came to this.

Asking for a small tip for the time spent even though there wasn’t any intercourse could cause WAY too many unnecessary problems. Such as bad reviews of being ripped off. Or even sexual assault! It’s better to cut your loses in this situation, and if the guy is a gentleman and understanding he would leave some kinda tip regardless. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day morning I sent a text telling my boy that I’ve made up my mind to end things between us. That this decision was for the best, I couldn’t carry on any longer.

He never responded…

I like to delude myself. It’s true. When I met him I loved the idea of falling in love and so I let myself think that he could accept me - me the escort. How can someone change the stripes that were ingrained for years by a strict religious mother and two crazy over-protective sisters? Not a momma’s boy, not the baby of the family!

And as the days went along I felt him distancing himself from me. “Why did you have to tell me you are an escort?” He asked me this immature question three times. And each time I would explain that honesty is better than living in a lie. Would he really know me if he didn’t know who I am? I didn’t think so…

The night before Valentine’s Day I called and confronted him. “I can’t help but feel a change between us. Like you aren’t as interested in me as you used to be.”

“Ooh…I can’t understand why you’d feel this way. I’m sorry.” He said into the phone.

The examples I gave to him were very obvious -

1) No longer planning on seeing me. Compared to asking me and making plans for the next time we’d see each other.

2) Telling me that he’d rather spend time with me than go to the gym. Compared to going to the gym every day after work. Resulting in him getting home at 9 every night. Doesn’t leave much time to hang out.

3) Taking forever in answering my text messages. Compared to texting me all the time.

The more significant reason was not taking me out. I realized that he just might not have any ideas so I did some research and found a band I wanted to go see in concert. They were going to be in our city middle of March and surprise surprise several tickets were still on sale! I sent him a text telling him about the band coming to our city. He told me he has heard of them but couldn’t remember any of their songs.

“I’ll check them out and if I like them, I think it would be fair for us to go.” He told me.

Days went by and he kept saying he didn’t have the time to look them up. First of all, I cannot believe a guy would tell me that ‘it be fair for us to go’ if he likes the band. Seriously?! What about taking a girl out because it’s just a nice thing to do? Do I need to say more? LOL No…

It's funny too, that Valentine's morning I woke up to find several emails from my clients wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day. But I never heard from my boy...Not that I expected anything from him, but I was hoping he'd at least wish me a good day. And so I felt there was no recovery; the relationship was doomed from the start. And I finally stopped hoping that things would change. I had to move on to save my precious time. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Girl - Civilian Sex

We met again, five days after I revealed my secret identity. It was movie night and I arrived at his place around 9:15 PM. The movie was - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - watch it if you hadn’t seen it. It’s very interesting!

The boy was restless, cuddly and wiggling about trying to kiss me. Not paying much attention to the film! LOL I managed to get him settled down after a few kisses and shifting around on the couch.

When the movie was over we started making out on the couch as I lay flat on my back with him on top of me between my thighs.

“Take your shirt off…” I whispered to him. He slipped out of his shirt and I began admiring his chiseled chest. This was the first time I saw him with his shirt off. I took off my top leaving my white bra on.

“Let’s trade positions.” I told him as I got up and let him lay down on the couch. I straddled him and started kissing his neck, down his chest and rubbing him all the way down to his cock. I slowly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off in two swift movements. I lowered myself to a crouching position and kissed along the length of his hard-on through his boxer shorts. When I got to the base, I ran my tongue back up to the tip over the fabric. When I looked up at him, he seemed to be enjoying the teasing.

At that point I was wearing my tight blue jeans and white bra. Slowly teasing him I pealed away his shorts. Now he was completely naked lying before me. I love it when men feel naked when I’m still almost fully dressed, the shy ones give off this sense of vulnerability. It made me smile. I took his cock in my hand and gently kissed around it, licking his smooth balls and then sliding my tongue from the base back to the tip. When my lips reached the tip of his dick I sucked him into my mouth inch by inch.

I think he enjoyed himself and after a bit I went up for air to ask him for some guidance. “Tell me what you like most? I’ll keep going and you tell me when I hit the right spots.”

He seemed shy and said, “If I’m close what…?” He didn’t finish but I knew what he was asking about.

“You can cum in my mouth.” I told him and continued on with the blowjob. I sensed that he was getting close but the position on the couch was hard to maintain and soon I was getting tired. I moved up his body and we resumed with some passionate kissing.

I was pretty wet at that point. “Let’s have sex I told him,” as I stripped out of my jeans, panties and bra. I got on top of him and reached into my purse. I pulled out a condom and rolled it down for some wicked cowgirl action.

The sex felt quite amazing! It has been more than 2 years since I’ve had sex for free. This was sex for me!

We switched positions and he asked me when I was going to cum. I told him not to worry and in all 5 minutes he was done.

We cleaned up, got re-dressed and chilled out some more on the couch. He asked me about orgasms - if I can cum and how long it takes for me to cum. I explained that I rarely orgasm during intercourse. “Why?” He asked.

I wasn’t sure how to answer him.

In 15 minutes he started kissing me again and telling me he'd like to go again if I'm not too tired. I excitedly agreed and we both went to his bedroom. We stripped, jumped in bed and I started sucking him off again. This time he was up on his knees and I was lying on my side below him. I took his hand, closest to me, and guided it to my pussy. He seemed to take the hint. He started rubbing my clit with lots of pressure.

“Please do it more softly.” I asked him after I took his dick out of my mouth. He adjusted the pressure and the next few minutes he was driving me a little crazy.

“Can we get to the sex now?” He asked after a bit. I laughed and put on a new condom and got on top. But for some reason in a couple of minutes I started to get dry. Seems like a persistent problem I get when I’m with my clients lately (I have to use loads of lube these days…). We stopped and I applied a bit of lube.

We continued humping but with my cold not being 100% over I felt like I was going at 70% capacity…I was running out of steam.

“Let’s do doggy.” I instructed and let him move around me on the bed. We took position and he smashed my pussy from behind while I rubbed my clit with one hand as I balanced myself on my knees and other arm. In all my excitement I began to moan.

“I’m not going to last much longer…” He said as he kept hitting it from the back.

“Cum for me!” I begged him. And soon I felt his contractions in my pussy. We fell on the bed and rested for a while.

“That was better than the first time! I almost made you cum this time.” He said.

Right…almost doesn’t really describe it…not even sorta…not even close!

This time I didn’t ask him to go down on me (because I was just a day away from my period)…but I’m going to be expecting it and asking for it next time! Actually, I’d prefer if I don’t need to ask him to lick the pussy…but if he doesn’t dive in next time…I’m going to invite him to do so.

One thing that excites me about this experience is his tongue ring. I have never been with anyone that has a pierced tongue! And that is why I sooooo want it. LOL
What I also hope is that he’s trainable. Men can be taught how to pleasure a woman. Every woman is different so teaching a guy how to pleasure you is the best journey. :)

At this point we are still together but haven’t seen each other in 5 days. He got sick yesterday, and sounds super yucky on the phone. And I just got over my own cold and period…I’m returning to work and need to be healthy! Hehehe