Friday, April 29, 2011

Girl - Male Nurse

I am back to Internet dating. Haha Can’t help but laugh about it after reading a post by NC17 (one of my favorite authors on blogger). Do I have an excuse? Probably! Am I really this desperate? No!

First of all, unlike the general girl, I am not looking for love. What I am looking for is a good time. This “good time” translates into - going out with a fun individual I can talk to and laugh with. It is a bonus if the man pays when out on the date. I don’t mean paying for my time, but paying for a dinner, drinks, movie, etc...

I am not desperate because sex is always accessible! Mind you, I haven’t had sex in almost 2 weeks!!! I’m on a short break :) And just two days ago I felt the first pangs of hunger. A desire so deeply ingrained, I hardly think that I could live without it. Uhhh …. SEX.

In the last little while I’ve went on many ‘dates’ with 13 different men. All of which I found online. Let’s just say, I don’t waste time chatting them up for months on end. If I like their photos, what they got to say on their profiles, and the way they write to me in our brief exchange of emails - I meet them for a beverage. It’s simple, fast, and expectation-free.

Some of them have lied about being ‘fit’ on their profiles. And I wondered how fast they gained weight since they posted pictures? These boys are younger than I, and don’t have an excuse of using photos from 10 years ago. LOL

And others have been just socially awkward! One called his male friend to join us for drinks 20 minutes into our meeting. I waited to check out his buddy, since I already wrote off my date hahahaha. Let’s just say I left 5 minutes after his friend arrived. NOT my types.

Finally, one boy seemed to stand out! He is a year my junior, graduated and soon to be working at the hospital as a nurse. Yes, a male nurse. I find him intriguing! Never have I met a man so feminine yet so masculine all at the same time. I like it! We had been on two dates and were going to go on a third…but unfortunately things just didn’t work out.

He does not like making plans! Very indecisive, to the point he does not know what time we should meet on a given day and what we should do. In our text message exchange we agreed to meet at 6 PM. I got all ready by 5:30 PM and sent him a text asking where we should meet?

After 6 PM, finally he responded by saying, “I’m not sure, want to meet around 8 PM? I was thinking of seeing a show. But not sure if there is one tonight :)”

I could not believe it! After taking all my time to get ready and look pretty he just changed the time around. :(

Without time to waste, I sent a text to another guy I was talking to on the dating site. And as it turned out he wanted to meet me this exact evening. We agreed to meet at 7 PM for drinks.

At 7:16 PM I got another text from my male nurse, “I think the show starts at 8 though so it might be too late.”

“Yea, I’m out now. Made other plans cuz I was all ready for 6. Have a good night :)” I wrote back.

“Uh alright, see ya.” He said and I haven’t heard from him for a few days.

I’m not sure all what he thinks about what I said to him???…but we still haven’t seen each other. Texts have been exchanged but no date rescheduled yet.


  1. A quick update:

    Since I do not want to make another separate post about "male nurse"...I will just say...

    I have let him go!

    He was too indecisive...


  2. Thats funny. I was like that myself but not to that extent! lol Its one thing to be unsure of where to go but when you make a plan and still cant follow through.. smh..

    I've written off all young guys. I dont even like seeing young clients most of the time.

  3. "What I am looking for is a good time. This “good time” translates into - going out with a fun individual I can talk to and laugh with. It is a bonus if the man pays when out on the date. I don’t mean paying for my time, but paying for a dinner, drinks, movie, etc..."

    You cannot beat a fun experience. I'd much rather have a laugh with a cute guy over a pub meal than sit in a 5* restaurant with a guy who bores me stiff. I'm very about 'simple pleasures' at heart but meet a lot of men in suits who think arrogance turns me on (it works with a lot of London girls in posh nightspots, but generally turns me off).

    As for the male nurse, that'd annoy me. He sounds indecisive, perhaps shy but even then there is no good reason to waste your time and switch times like that. It's not like you are sitting waiting around. I'm glad you went out and he realised you actually lead a life. He should have stepped his game up and planned for another evening upon hearing you did, but as he didn't it sounds like letting him go was perhaps the wise option. There are always more cute male nurses :-)

  4. Your male nurse and my Spinner should get together...well...never mind, they would never actually get anywhere.

    I am such a punctual person, and I always have a plan...not that I can't to be spontaneousness...but you have to have a plan in place.

    Funny, I like younger women because they can be so fun, however, dealing with the immaturity in some can be a chore.

    BTW....what guy does not pay on a date???

  5. @ takeliaSB:

    Yea I don't mind my clients being young...but dating young boys has it's disadvantages haha

    @ Eden:

    Thank you for commenting ;)

    @ k:

    LOL Yes they would have a tough time getting together. But they would enjoy trying!!!


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