Monday, March 21, 2011

Escort - Under My Bed

It was getting late when my phone rang. “Hello, is this ******?” The caller asked.

“Yes, it is.” I responded to the man’s voice. In a slurred voice he asked to see me right away. That he would pay me double if I canceled my next appointment and scheduled him in.

“I’m sorry, I have someone coming in 5 minutes. Perhaps you can see me in 90 minutes?” I explained (which was the truth, I had a client downstairs about to ring the door bell).

“Okay…I see ya then.” He said.

“I’ll send you a text when I’m ready for you.” And I hung up.

75 minutes later I sent a text, “I’m ready if you’d like to come see me.”

He called once again introducing himself as “Craig”. In the phone’s background I heard his buddies laughing and talking. Craig sounded a bit drunk (middle of the week night???) but I sternly told him that he was to come ALONE if he wanted to see me at all. “I’m coming alone. My friends will just drop me off outside.”

I proceeded to give directions to a close intersection. Once he got out of the vehicle and his friends drove away I talked Craig all the way up to my place. He kept persuading me to come down and get him. “I’m not going out there to get you!” I insisted. Finally he waltzed through my front door.

Now Craig looked about 30ish, expensively dressed in a winter coat, dress suit, and black shoes. I helped him get out of the winter gear. He looked at me with droopy eyes and said in a low lingering voice, “you are so nice…”

I led him into the living room where he paid me my full fee. “Would you like to have a shower,” I asked, hoping that some running water might wake him up a little.

He agreed and I started undressing him, hanging his dress shirt and pants neatly across a sofa’s armrest. Craig’s 6’5 frame followed me into the bathroom; I turned on the shower, asked him to step in and closed the curtain behind him. While he showered I quickly recounted the fee and put it in a safe place.

When I heard the water shut off, Craig was joined by me in the washroom. “Let me dry you off.” I said as I picked up the caramel colored towel and began patting him dry. This guy was in pretty good shape. Big but not over-weight. He had dark curly hair and at that moment a very soft penis between his legs.

We moved into the bedroom. “Let me give you a tip. I just wanna give you 100…just for how beautiful you are.” I didn’t protest! He went back to his dress pant’s pocket and pulled out a THICK wad of cash! He counted out 5 twenties and handed them to me.

“Thanks!” I said and put the money away.

While standing in front of him I slipped out of my blue miniskirt and my white tank top. He was standing there just watching so I put my hand on his cock and started to gently rub it. “Don’t worry about it right now…I just want to make you happy.” He told me. Craig moved up behind me and put his arm around me, while his other hand started massaging my pussy through my pink pair of panties.

“You sure I can stay the full time? I don’t want you to schedule with anyone else. I’ll pay you upfront if you want me to.” He kept repeating this into my ear. All the while I insisted that he paid for the hour and I wasn’t planning on seeing anyone until then. “Wait, I’ve got to check my phone.” He said to me and left the bedroom to get his phone from his pant’s pocket. I watched him do this and it looked like he didn’t miss a call.

I wanted to get on with things and so again I went in for his junk. “I’m sorry it’s a bit soft right now. I just did a bit of blow tonight.”

That instant I was petrified. “Uh you mean, drugs?” I asked trying not to show my fright. “Yea…” He said and started rubbing me again from behind. I didn’t know what to do! I have never seen anyone on drugs. He was already acting weird by pacing around with the phone and talking weird. I thought he was just a bit drunk but it was worse than I suspected.

While I stood there thinking of my predicament his fingers tickled me into an intense orgasm. It hasn’t felt so good with a client since…well since the last time I got freaked out.

Side note - I don’t know how to explain this but…every single time I am terrified of a client and continue having sex with him I ALWAYS come hard. Yet I almost never come with a client under calm/normal conditions.

After I subsided, he excused himself to check his phone again!

We got on the bed and I removed the rest of my lingerie. He only wanted to lay there with me and rub my pussy. It was another five minutes before he got up again and went to the bathroom. “Please just lay here and play with yourself.” He told me. I wasn’t feeling it! I jumped off the bed and went for my phone. Craig walked back out and I hid my phone.

“Can I just do another hit in the bathroom?” He asked while pulling for his dress pants.

“No you can’t!” I said. He apologized for asking but proceeded to take his pants with him.

“Don’t take your pants with you to the washroom. You don’t need them there to pee.” He stood there thinking this over in a weird dream like state. Finally he put the pants down and walked back to the washroom. “Can you help me pee?” I heard him say.

I walked over to the washroom, “What is the problem?! Do you not have to pee?” I raised my voice and put my hands on my hips. I was freaking out about this guy but I didn’t want him to see that I was scared.

“I just wanted you here with me, that’s all.” He said with a smile and closed to door to pee. I ran for my phone and sent a text to my friend. Explaining in short what the problem was.

Craig walked out and we were back on the bed with him fondling me. I was looking at the time, wondering how I was going to get him out of here? Finally he asked me to get him hard, I stroked him to full attention and put on a condom. “Let me go on top.” He insisted.

While pumping into me he kept on asking if I liked it. “Yea I do, I like it a lot!” I assured him. “Wait, I’m going to pay you double. I want you to like it!” He pulled out of my pussy, walked out of the bedroom and grabed the stack of cash out of his pants. This time he didn’t count and just gave me a pack of bills. We got back on the bed and continued fucking. After a switch up of a few positions he blew his load.

He told me he wanted to shower and be on his way. But as I started picking up my clothes off the carpeted floor by the bed I noticed several bills lying there. These fell out of his pant pocket. I looked up at him, he was busy again looking at his phone, and in one swift motion I swept the bills under my bed.

When he left I started counting all the cash he gave me including the bills I stashed under my bed. It came to a total of $1,200. All in 1 hour of work.

I mean it was stressful but that was something! Two hours later my friend got back to me, it turned out he was out and didn’t have his phone on him. I’m happy it all worked out.


Lightning Speed said...

It was scary, but thank goodness you are alright. Its a big catch for the night!! :)

brit said...

I would bet when he recovered from whatever drug he was on he was like, shit! I just dropped $1,200 on what?!? lol

They don't teach you about stupidity when they talk about the downside of drugs. M, glad you are all the better and made some good coin on the deal :)

Eden said...

PLease to read there at least was an upside to it all! I hope you're nerves are doing a lot better now.

I personally don't like coke, not just because of drug abuse but because of the corruption it causes all the way along to its final destination on the streets. It's tainted by a lot of blood. Hardly glamorous if you ask me.

M said...

@ Lightning: Thank you :D

@ brit: Yea I know, haha! I had a feeling this guy was a drug dealer...He had 3 to 4 grand on him cash easily.

@ Eden: Thanks girl. I calm down right away ;) after he was gone.
But yea...the problem with cocaine (I did some reading) is a person going into a psychotic state. Which might be unpredictable? So it's not the person you gotta be scared of, it's the drug.

Anonymous said...

It seems once we enter the life we seem to detach ourselves from real relationships. Sadly, at the end of the day we are alone. We have to create a wall to protect our secrets, but who do we have to confide in, who do we relate to? I have read this blog and realize there are many like me, desperate for a release and wanting to relate to others. It is this anonymous release that allows us to share these secrets, but still in the end we are alone. What is the solution? Leave the life? I have tried but keep returning. What is the alternative?

M said...

@ Anonymous:

It's unfortunate you feel sad and alone. Please don't get me wrong when reading my blog. I do not feel alone or sad.

There are a select few close to me who know what I do. Most of them listen to my 'secrets'.

I write this blog to shine a different perspective on the life in the adult industry. For those who are interested in being there during a session (without having to be there physically), getting to see how I think, etc...

The solution to your question (Anon) is within you. Only you know what is best for you - to leave the industry if it keeps hurting you or to stay. Ask yourself, why do you keep returning to it? If the answer is 'negative'...maybe you need to find a different career.

Take care sweety ;)

takeliaSB said...

I have had quite a few drugged up client see me. At first I just thought they were crazy and impotent but soon learned how they look.

I don't do drugs and refuse to let them do it around me but the ones who are tweaked out of their mind are the ones who drop the most money with no problem...

Anonymous said...

Hey its the lady who's friends mom was a High Class Call Girl in the 1990's. She told me that under no circumstances did she ever work out of her physical address!! Women who charge over 1,000-10,000 per client always work in NYC,Las Vegas,Palm Beach,Canada(less legal headaches)Asian countries,U.K.Japan,Netherlands,etc. Always have a second residence with a female body guard. What if he had of had a seizure or blacked out? What would you had of done,,,? BTW I found your site by accident and I have friends over for a birthday party. Passed out drunk,,sleeepy...I will keep your name to find a response to our comments. Two of my GF's are reading along..These guys should never know where you live. What if they return or get arrested and set you up for robbery,sting or assualt? Always stay ahead of the curb..Call me Sarah...

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