Monday, December 27, 2010

Escort - Scheduling Appointments

An independent escort has three alternatives of scheduling appointments with her clients. There are probably other, non-efficient methods but I have used and am using a combination of these 3.

Phone/text message


Private message (PM) 

Phone/Text Messages:

The great thing about using the phone to book a date is its real time. A client sees your advertisement, reads your number, plugs it into his phone and you are there to schedule with him right away. 95% of the time a client calls for same day/within the hour appointment. And these same guys prefer to contact a lady by phone instead of having to send out an email and check every 15 minutes for a response (not everyone has a blackberry).

This is when you get to use your intuition. Listen to a client’s voice and background sounds. If he sounds drunk or out of it drugged up, do not schedule the call. Listen to the background noise for other people. I had guys call me to book an outcall (going to their place) and found out there was more than 1 guy there. You do not want to end up alone at a stranger’s house with more than 1 guy. I tell guys right away, “I don’t do group jobs” and hang up the phone. Put two, three, or more guys together and they get the gang-bang mentality. It can get out of control fast because no one takes responsibility.

Be prepared to turn off your phone at night! There are always drunks and druggies looking for a cheap fuck at 3 in the morning. About 50% of all callers are time wasters, jerk-offs, and no shows (it comes with the territory ladies). Be very succinct, firm and don’t let them play games with you. Many of the guys who schedule with me say, “You are really different in person. You sound so to the point on the phone, but you are actually friendly.” I just tell them I have to be.

If you are going to use this method - PLEASE get a separate phone. Do not use your personal phone! Even better, get yourself a prepaid phone. Put $75 on it and it should last 2 - 3 months. A prepaid phone cannot be traced to you, even by the coppers. Just do not register the phone account online - there is an option for this to check your account balance. I do it old school - phone in and check my balance.


Great if you are going to use your personal phone to confirm the ‘date’. You need to have frequent internet access to check your inbox. This method allows you to feel out a client through a number of back-and-forth email exchanges. I used to send out a little questionnaire to all my prospective clients. What would I ask? LOL Very pointless questions really, such as - What do you like to read? What are your hobbies? Do you have a favorite movie? Have you traveled the world? If you could go any where in the world, where would it be?

Those questions would tell me little about how the client would treat me during the appointment. But I wanted to test their ‘patience’, to see if they would even bother answering all of my questions and if they would be interested in asking me questions in return. Most guys ask the exact same question so have all the answers pre-typed so you can copy/paste an answer in return ;)

What concerns me when I use email is IP address tracking. If you have a static IP address then it’s easy for the cops to get a hold of it and trace your location. A way to bypass this problem is using proxy servers. I do not use this technology but can recommend a really great company for those who do not want to risk a thing - Private Proxy - it is $10/month or $25/3 months. It works and lets you hide your IP address.

Most men who contact me through email book an appointment and do not end up time wasters. Do not give into demands - such as emailing more photos. Preferably do not give out your location (your incall address) to a prospective client in email form. And be conscious of what you write to someone in an email. Guys can save emails and then send them to other guys.

Private Messages:

This form of communication can only be done on an escort review board. These days escort review boards can be found on the internet for most locations worldwide. Here are several examples:
Registering on the board is a must if you want to advertise and receive private messages (PMs) from prospective clients. Frequent internet access is a must if you want to schedule appointments. This method is similar to email but it also allows you to research some of the reviews/posts done by the men contacting you. A large majority of the guys do not make posts/reviews, so you can ask them questions to feel them out. Always rely on your gut instinct!

To sum this up I would recommend using all 3 methods. The more access you give the more appointments you schedule ;)

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Coming soon - Scheduling Procedures…


  1. For email, you can go cheaper than signing up for a proxy server to protect your ip address. You can mask your email ip address by using a web-based email service that does not use your own computer-based email software. Gmail is one such system. Also, if you set up your own website, it may come with a free email that you can access through webmail, that will not disclose your home ip address. Another means to mask your ip address is to use mobile internet access. If you use 4G or 3G broadband card then the ip address is the cell hub center.

  2. @ brit:

    I also thought using a web-based email such as GMAIL would protect a person's IP address...but I looked online and there seem to be many tutorials on how to trace the original address even through GMAIL. So I don't trust GMAIL/Hotmail however, I personally haven't tried tracking down an IP address so I can't back up my suspicions. This is why I didn't write about it :p hehe...
    I'd recommend mobile internet access but unfortunately we don't have it available (where I am)...One way to go is definitely using email that comes with your site. But if you don't have a site...I don't anymore. That leaves very few alternatives.

    Thanks brit xoxox

  3. True, sometimes hotmail adds the IP address of the computer that accessed the internet, but I have not heard of this in gmail. Maybe LE has more important tasks or maybe they will go for the easy targets on Craigslist or Backpage. I know you have also addressed SB/SD arrangements as well. When you are starting those conversations through IM you can trace that IP as well. This is probably most useful for those who think the person on the other end is a scammer. I guess for either LE or scammers "appearances are deceiving." This is why we take precautions :)

  4. Interesting. From a consumers point of view, here is what I prefer.

    I will look on Backpage or Citivibe. This is visual game so if you look good I will research you in TER or one of the other sites...for me TER is the main one. I will read reviews, the main thing I want to see it:

    #1 are your pictures accurate.
    #2 are you a nice person or a scam.
    #3 who has reviewed you and have they reviewed anyone I have been with.
    #4 what is your rate

    I love e-mail but I don't always get a response. I usually call first and I want to know:

    #1 where are located at...general area. I don't want to drive forever.
    #2 when are you available.
    #3 what do you sound like.

    Shit that pisses me off:

    #1 bait and switch. If you have a fat ass, a muffin top gut, or sever stretch marks don't post pictures of you in you stripper days and try and pass it off. Just be yourself and post a picture that is true and honest.
    #2 i always text or call before walking up to your door....if you expect me at 2 then expect a text or call at 1:55. ANSWER THE PHONE OR not make me sit in my car waiting.
    #3 Your place is a shithole....I am a guest...a PAYING guest...clean it up.
    #4 No condom....fuckin a....I am married, I don't carry condoms.
    #5 no clean towels....and don't try and pass off a towel that the last guy used...GROSS AND I can tell the diffrence.
    #5 If I am here for an hour....give me the hour. Don't answer the phone or check email when I am with you. If I get close to time then politely let me know and ask if I want to go longer, "Care to spend a little more and stay longer?"
    BTW...if it is the first time seeing you I ONLY bring what was on TER or what we talked about, no wallet, no extra money.

    This should have been a post on my site and I got side tracked but I think it pertains....


  5. @ Kenny:

    All very good points :) And I agree 100% with all of them! If any ladies are looking to start escorting or already working...these are things to remember ;)

    Thanks boy :D