Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sugarbaby - The Search and Blacklist

My new sugarbaby ad has been up for just over a week. During the first 5 days I sat in waiting and received a little over 15 messages from men in and around my home town. What bothers me the most is messages like these:

“I’m interested in getting to know you. Write if you are interested in me.”
Okay, so are we going to just exchange this sentence back and forth? Ask me a question! Be as simple as, “Hi, how are you?” You don’t want to get to know me…you just want to tell me you do. What a bunch of idiots…

Then there are the guys who ask to meet you and when you agree they disappear. Haha I see them looking at other ads, so I know they haven’t left the site!

I’ll go over a few memorable guys -

Mr. Escort:

When a man tells me he is in his early 30’s I let out an internal groan. Not that I don’t like wrinkle free skin and energy - I just know most of the time these men are still boys. They don’t take things seriously and I haven’t met too many young men looking to be generous to a young sugarbaby. Most of them don’t have problems scaring off young girls with their age.

Mr. Escort was in his early 30s. Working on a 3 month contract in my home town and he wanted me to come to his hotel room for 2 hours each week. Seemed like he needed an escort…

Not being a far stretch from who I really am (look at the title), I managed to find out he is offering a measly $400/visit. I charge $500 per such visit without having to kiss or let a guy touch my clean lady bits. So I tell him that won’t do. His next message includes a raise, 600 dollars for 2 hours.

I always smile when boys come back with a counter offer. I up my bid by saying, “$800 and we have a deal.”

Well it did not work out as he was not counting on that much money. I moved on…

Mr. I am Here:

I’ve seen this guy’s profile a year ago. And from what I recall, he contacted me the same way last year. First of all, his ad says that he lives 600 miles away. I tell him to send me a message if he ever comes to my home town.

“I’m actually much closer to you than you think! What are you looking for?”

Turns out he is in a town 150 miles from me. I explain that I am looking for a long-term arrangement to meet once a week for several hours at a time, even to sleep over. Telling him that I have my own clean place (no need for hotels) where we could meet. That I am available to meet with him with as little as 1 to 2 days notice. Add in that I am able to go out or stay in - very affection, attentive, caring, etc…Basically the real deal - NSA girlfriend. But for all this of course I am asking $4,000/month. No gifts or travel necessary.

He seems to agree, too easily in my mind. I mean, it’s a great sales pitch but I don’t trust men who agree too fast :) He says, “I’ll drive down to meet you for coffee and see if we like each other. If we get along I’ll pay you $1,000 to spend some time with me ‘indoors’.”

No problem here really, except the dude won’t tell me his name! I don’t care if he says it’s Steve or Jim (something generic) but I have to call him something! Finally he tells me his name…which at the moment I cannot remember LOL. And he gives me his phone number. I have not called him because we’ve got a major snow storm here last few days. I cannot drive out of my place! And I don’t want to be dressed like a moron with mitts and hat. I’m waiting for the storm to stop.

I will update on this guy at some point…if I decide to meet him :)

Mr. Blacklist Freak:

Thank GOD and I mean literally. As an escort I have advantages and you will see why in this story. A man in his mid forties contacted me on the 3rd day of my ad. He agreed to what I was asking and sounded quite experienced in SD/SB arrangements. “Let’s talk on the phone and meet.” He suggested to me.

He gave me his number and in return I send him an email with mine asking him to leave a voicemail if I don’t pick up. That night, around 9 PM, I heard my phone chirp. The caller ID displayed his number but I did not pickup. He left a message asking that I return his call. Half an hour later, after I got my persona in order (Yes, I have lots! Sometimes I forget who I am supposed to be LOL), I dialed his number.

“Hi Steven! How are you?” I asked in a happy voice.

“I’m fine thanks.” Pause, “Who is this?”

“It’s M, you just called half hour ago.” I said.

“Oh yes!” He said as he remembered.

We briefly talked about his previous ‘finds’. He told me that many of the girls like to lie about who they really are - they say they are students while they are really escorts, or they have boyfriends claiming they are really single. Some look for multiple sugar daddies but do not want to come clean.

“I am very open minded, I just don’t want to be lied to you know?” He tells me. Well, I am up for a challenge! I always want to see how far I can push my facade.

Small talk later we moved into a very odd part of the conversation. Steven asks me how sexually open minded I am. “Oh very open minded but why don’t you tell me what it means to you?” I ask.

“Well, I really enjoy role play, being dominant, being submissive, fisting, toys, voyeurism, and any type of rough play. Basically anything that is weird. Actually, the freakier you are the more I like it. But you know what, don’t worry if you are innocent I’m gonna love corrupting you!”

“What is rough to you?” I ask him.

“Grabbing a girl by the hair, calling her names, pushing her down to her knees and throat fucking her until she gags.” He described this “lovely” scene to me. LOL You know, that’s not so bad, but the hair pulling just really gets under my skin. When a man grabs on my hair during sex I get so angry! LOL

He tells me he’ll call me in a couple of days to arrange a meet and leaves me with some final thoughts, “Do you know what cuckolding means? Please read up on that, and if you are interested lets meet.”

After hanging up from our phone conversation, I couldn’t shake something was odd about him. I opened up my phone list and ran his number against it. BAM, I had a hit. It was bolded in red, which meant he was on my black list. I switched to the black list file and read why I added him there. I have never met him but he had a reputation! A really nasty rep for finding girls and bringing them into the world of prostitution. A fellow escort who was searching for a sugar daddy was also approached by him. He meets a girl a few times and starts telling her that if she wants to make “real” money, the best way is to be a prostitute. If he found out I was a pro, he’d loose all interest :) haha

I also knew about his like for the extreme. Once I had the “pleasure” of speaking to him as an escort. He invited me to what I will call a perverts party. He told me he gets together with these “people” that fuck girls up the ass, cum up their poop chute and he sucks the cum mixed with shit running out of a chick’s ass. I almost vomited when he told me, as I’m about to vomit while I’m writing this. Gag!

Yes, I REALLY want to meet this perv. Haha NOT. I’m so glad and lucky to have this information! Being an escort sure has its advantages.


  1. Eww.. Surprisingly there are way to many men who like that sort of thing.. The shit eating sorta thing. Ughh...

    I've had a bunch of them approach me with that kinda shit as a SB.

    No thank you.

  2. I have read your blog and found it fascinating. There is an emotional attachment that often occurs between SD/SB that is not there between hobbyist and escort. I don't know but it seems that relationship is confusing and generally leads to a breakdown in the SB/SD arrangement. Not certain a no strings attached arrangement ever exists for long and if it does then why not use other services?

    I like your posts and look forward to reading future postings.

  3. Hi M,

    Nothing insightful to add other than to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog. Please continue writing, you have a fine talent for story telling. I know you are not making things up but by story telling I mean not everyone has a gift such as yours where you can keep people interested. I can honestly say I routinely look for your latest blog entry.


  4. Thank you so much sweeties! I love hearing from you :D Please keep commenting!

    I just want to say, life keeps getting interesting and more interesting. I had a date with a sugardad today, another tomorrow, and then another the following day hehehe...

    I will update closer to the weekend because I want to write a little about each first date :D


  5. I enjoyed reading your blog though I must confess that a Genuine Sugar Baby never does what a Working girl does? Let me explain because ladies of the evening risk getting arrested by the local police,jailed up to 60 days in the lock up. Where as a Sugar baby can be dumped,lefted broken hearted and starting over. I think that Escorts,Call Girls should stick to Brothels,etc. It's a gray line and no one wants to be targeted by a local cop and be mistaken for a "Pro". I wish you well and take care! Just that Pro's should retire then seek out a SD..

  6. steve takes his 800.00 and knocked me out tied up and raped me in l.a. took the money back.

  7. My roommate meet a guy on a "Sugar Daddy" website this month. Turns out the guy is wanted by the local police in Los Angeles,California for "Rape". She "Googled" his email wfg@aol.com. This character is a total "Loser"...he has target many girls since February. Whats worse is that he is assuming another "Persian Jewish" business mans name . The car he drives is a rental from a agency in "Mid-Wilshire" area. I never trust men....such liars!

    1. You like it when we lie though.

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