Monday, April 30, 2012

Escort - Should I Thank?

This entry is more of a question and something to think about. I'll be short...

Saw a client just yesterday and received a wonderful tip ($50 on top of my regular fees)! I was pleasantly surprised. Being that I never expect a tip, I only expect to be paid what I officially charge. And it made me feel good because I have some financial obligations that are due in the next couple of months. Basically, I'm setting aside all my earnings at this time...

After I counted the money, in privacy (client did not witness this), I wondered if I should thank him? I was torn between saying, "Thank you so much for the extra, it is very kind of you!" and between my policy of never mentioning money. In the end, I decided to thank him in my heart and keep true to my policy.

My question to the ladies: would you say "thank-you" openly or be grateful silently?
My question to the gentlemen: would you want the escort to mention anything about the tip?

Comments/responses more than welcome!! :D


  1. I would not expect any thank you. It is my treat.

    If you wanted to do something I would say make extra sure that I am well cared for during my visit, a little extra shoulder rub, offer of a second pop. However I would not be expecting that either.

    In the end a tip is my way of saying "I like what you do", not "do something more."

  2. Hey M, I personally think you should stay true to your policy :). It shows you are already doing the right things and should keep it up. Good job and good luck for your big plans!

  3. I would probably stay true to the no-mention policy and thank him silently. A big smile and kiss would be the farthest I'd go for thanking him, without actually saying thank you.

  4. I take it that you discovered the tip in private, when you counted out the money. In that case (as the guy), I'd be fine with no specific "thank you", as I wouldn't know whether you knew about the extra tip or not and I think it's better to continue to not discuss the money. A "thank you for the kind tip, that was very sweet" the next time you saw him -- and then never bringing it up again -- would be nice (as in, it's nice to know the gift was noticed and remembered). It's nice to know that what you did was seen and appreciated. I certainly would not want anything more than that. On the other hand, I would also be OK with you not mentioning it at all, in keeping with your creating an atmosphere where you do not discuss money. If any mention of money would feel awkward or gauche to you, then don't bring it up.

  5. @ everyone:

    Thank you for your responses! I can see that there is a common theme - appreciate it but don't mention it.

  6. He tipped you before the service, then? I think you're fine in not mentioning it, because he is already saying "thank you" to you. On the other hand, I think the only reason men don't bring up the money is because the escorts specifically say not to. It's sort of no big deal, really, except that we get nervous about ever mentioning money because it's "against the rules," or whatever. I personally have been wondering about the tip, recently, as I've been wanting to see an escort for the first time. I see online that tipping is somewhat the norm, which makes as much sense as in any other industry, I suppose, but the "expectation" of it, or at least the perceived norm of it, as Internet research suggests, is a bit of an oddity. Most women's ads on places like Redbook (in my area...) ask for the money to be discreetly placed in a conspicuous area for inspection immediately following arrival, and with no mention of the money before or during the transaction at all. So how to tip, is the counter-question... Tipping before receiving service makes zero sense, unless you're tipping from a previous date. Do you play it with a sense of humor, by hiding the tip in a silly place for the lady to discover later, such as under her pillow or folded into origami and left in the bathroom? Do you just silently and weirdly place a few bills down on a table before leaving, giving a strained, knowing look? Or how about dropping some twenties out of your pocket and saying, "Oh, you must have dropped these pieces of green paper!"
    Of course, tipping on $200-300 (which is the general range of price where I am) is quite expensive, if tend to tip at twenty percent. My point was, I don't think a gentleman would think much of it if you simply said a quick thank you as he slipped you a few extra dollars on the way out the door. An acute and illogical fear of being blacklisted might make a guy hesitant to even acknowledge the tip. As for tipping while paying the up-front money, I say ignore it, because it's weird to start a session off already indebted to someone... Cheers.

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  7. Hey M, how long have you been in the industry? Do you think demand for this service has remained relatively constant throughout the economic crisis of the last couple years?

  8. @ Andrew Nixon:

    I have received tips in a few different ways. Some are included with the payment up front...most often these are tips done by gentlemen who've seen me before.

    I have received tips at the end of the appointment, usually they slip the bill into a back pocket (if I have one on my clothing). Or just give it to me and say they appreciated how I made them feel.

    I have only once found a tip in the washroom after the client left. This was a long time ago.

    I have never heard of gentlemen being 'black listed' for tipping :) haha So do not worry on how you decide to tip ...the lady would appreciate it even if you say something about it at the end of the appointment.

  9. @ Manchester Escorts:

    Not sure what you are talking about ? Can you or someone explain?

    @ Anonymous:
    I have been in the industry for many years...Won't get into numbers :)
    I would say the demand for escorts has not changed. Instead their was a visible increase of ladies that were out of work. As things start to straighten out economically, I know these gals will go back to working at their comfy office jobs.

    I would say, with the economic slow down, gentlemen have been thinking more carefully on who to see and how they spend their money.

    Perhaps the lower quality ladies felt a decrease in their business...though I cannot say from experience.

  10. Hey I wanted to ask this a few entries ago but I never got around to it. You said your favorite bf was also an "abusive dick" so I was wondering what were the qualities he had that you were drawn to? I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that this guy was very well equipped in the penis department. What else did this guy have going for him? Was he intelligent, funny, romantic? Also, this may be a stupid question but your fave bf, it wasn't "Johnny" was it? And my last question is a hypothetical. If your fave and 2nd fave bf were hanging from a cliff and you could only save one, which one do you think you would save? :p

  11. As a Gentlemen, a kiss on the cheek or forehead would have said it all. But being he has a feel for you that we don't understand, I'm thinking a thank you or a being gratefully silent would bold hold the same regards, IMO.

  12. M,I just want to comment that I think you are really brave for choosing this line of work despite the social stigma that comes with it. :)

  13. @ Infinite Slick:

    You know, looking back to the past, I can say that there was no quality that pulled me to him. I have matured over the time and now someone with his qualities would not even appear on my radar. I will be honest and admit at the time, when he was my boyfriend, I just wanted someone to be in my life. And he was there so I made him special. It's definitely been a lesson in life :)

    The hanging off a cliff just makes me laugh. Uh, this may sound cruel but I would not save either one. An ex is just that - someone in the past.

  14. @ Journey & Anonymous:

    Thank you for reading and commenting!