Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sugarbaby - No Condoms

Here is a short exchange yesterday morning between J and I.

Me: “Morning handsome, how are you today?”

J: “Morning baby..Doing good, about to go for a swim. How are you?”

Me: “Good thanks. You been swimming every day?”

J: “Not every day but when I can. The weather is great here.”

Me: “It’s been cool here last little while, but not cold as usual :)”

J: “Love to be inside with you (or of you) right now ;)”

Me: “Oh yea ;)”

(Up to now I have been warming up. I needed to bring up the allowance, which I didn’t get this week because he has been away for 2 weeks.)

Me: “Can you please bring the allowance for this week and next week when we see each other Monday night?”

J: “Yes no problem.”

Me: “Thanks”

J: “No worries..Maybe we can talk a bit about birth control options. I want to explore your “maybe” from last time.

* * *

Here is the filler-in. Three weeks ago (2 of which he’s been away), J said to me, “Maybe one day when you are comfortable with me we can start having sex without a condom.”

I am a major procrastinator and if topics can be avoided I usually don’t answer them with a firm yes or a no. Why? Because in this case I figured “one day when I get comfortable” will be many many many months from now. Not 3 weeks later! And we haven’t even seen each other for 2 weeks.

My answer three weeks ago was, “Maybe…but I don’t see how that would be possible. I am not on birth control pills and I do not want to get pregnant.” We left it at that.

Fast forward 3 weeks back to our text exchange
* * *

Me: “I am not going to take birth control pills, it’s not natural.”

J” “I see. And nothing else works? Pulling out and working with your cycle, etc?”

Me: “Very risky. I have always used condoms only. Nothing else.”

J: “I see. Just not sure what ‘maybe’ meant last time I asked?”

Me: “Last time you asked the question with a “maybe when you are comfortable…” and so I responded with a “maybe” too.”

J: “A bit of a tricky answer, but I see now it is not an option so I won’t keep asking…”

Me: “Sorry, didn’t try to be tricky. But thanks. Kiss.”

J: “xo”

Yea…………….. So here are my thoughts on this B.S.
Why would I do this for him? The arrangement I am in does not change if he gets to dip his chip without a rubber. How does this benefit me? NOT a fucking bit, lemme tell ya!

I would not ask for more money to have unprotected sex. Knowing what I know about the majority of men (him included) it is too risky for my sexual well being. If he cheats on his wife with me, he could also be seeing escorts while he is away on trips because neither his wife nor I are there with him.

It’s a good thing I started looking for a new sugar dad, and to think less than 12 hours later we had this crappy conversation

:D I am psychic or what? hehehehe


  1. KennyNov 27, 2010 07:40 AM
    Good way to stick to your guns on that one.
  2. rickDec 27, 2011 12:36 PM
    u alreadfy have diseases so who cares?
  3. AnonymousJan 12, 2012 11:05 AM
    I have a live in arraignment with my SD and he pays me per our time together when I am around. I explained I could move if ever a problem but at the same time if he wants something I do to....$. We have tried monthly then weekly and now down to per time so I feel I am slipping. How can I increase the allowance and show him I truly care for him and yet have explained we are not in a typical relationship? help..