Thursday, November 3, 2011

Escort - Behind the Scenes

I’m fortunate enough to be directly related to 2 punters (clients). It gives me some insight of what goes on behind the scenes in the client’s mind. Given my position, I can ask questions directly while we swing back a few shots of vodka during lunch. Who did you see? What did she do? How do you feel about…?

 The younger one said, “I can’t help but laugh when I read some of the reviews of escorts these men write. Have they lost touch with the origin of prostitution? Escort, girl friend experience it still means one thing - she pleases you, no the other way around.”

I had to agree with this statement, so many men these days think they need to show off their sexual expertise. I know I don’t need a guy to drool all over my pussy. Matter of fact I loath the idea of oral gratification! I even hate getting my snatch licked in my personal relationships. But at least 75% of clients want to believe they are taking us to the land of “O”.

“And it’s funny how some of the girls start moaning before we even get undressed.” Said the younger relative.

I know it’s part of our job description but I like to start off light and proceed to louder moaning once we are 5 to 10 minutes into the intercourse. At least my acting is a little better timed. I always look at the man’s face, if I moan and talk dirty, does he show excitement or disgust? If his cock hardens and the balls tighten, I know I’m on the right track and keep on vocalizing the fantasy they want to hear.

My older relative (punter) is married. He sees escorts for diversity. Primarily a connoisseur of blowjobs, he also sees escorts as sex-workers. “Respect but enjoy within the boundaries set out. Oh, and make sure the wifey never finds out.”

Well, the wifey almost always finds out…  :) haha

If I had more clients as these boys (though we will never fuck in this gene pool), I would be one very happy prostitute.

And yes, they also know I’m a pro.