Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Girl - How Do You Choose A BoyFriend?

I am now on my 14th man, we have been on 4 or 5 dates as of the last 2 weeks. And yesterday he has been over at my pad for dinner. I have not made dinner for a man in years…yea, it’s been roughly 5 years. In preparation for the soup, I bought chicken, celery, carrots, onions, egg noodles and a bunch of condiments. Timing the soup to be ready by 7 PM, it was all cooked and steaming by 6:30.

My ‘date’ was late…

…by an entire hour.

As it turns out, he decided to come out on his motorcycle and it started hailing (and the hail covered the roads like a white blanket of snow). He stopped at a shop and waited, and waited, and waited. All the while calling me on the phone to update me of his whereabouts. Finally, he showed up at my door soaking to his undies.

“You couldn’t wait another two days, could you? It’s going to be hot outside in a couple days.” I said with a smile.

“Yea, I know. I just thought I could deal with the rain. I didn’t know it was going to hail.” He replied.

And after a bit of hugging we at soup, salad and talked about this and that. After cleaning up the dishes, I suggested we watch a movie. A comedy I have seen at least 5 times but one he had not seen. :) I must say, this boy has quite the self-restraint. We sat around watching the movie without any funny business. Some how this pleases me :D And a part of me wonders why we haven’t had the sex?

And when the movie was over, I sat next to him on the couch. He kissed me and urgency deep inside me flared up, the thought of how much I would rather be with someone else right then. What was it? Can’t I stay still and just enjoy being with a person? Why do I lose interest so fast?

Then he left (no sinful acts were performed). I started getting ready for bed, walking around, brushing my teeth, and reading until my eyelids no longer opened as they blink-closed. I lay my head on my pillow and wondered - what is it that I want?

Well first of all, I’m a little freaked out. He seems to constantly be expressing his interest in me. Phrases like, “I love spending time with you”, “I called just to hear your voice”, “I keep thinking about your kisses” seem to always be in the air. And I smile and nod when I hear these things. Last night, he asked me why I enjoy spending time with him? I was almost lost for words, “It makes me feel good.” That’s what I said. Hmmm, is he the type that likes with his ears?

I like things simple, with my feelings in tact. It’s easier to love everyone than to love one person. And why? Because there is a lack of commitment, and commitment is like chains that hold us down. Gah!

Anyway, here is a list of all his desirable attributes:

- Mature (he’s over 35 years old)
- Polite
- Athletic (plays sports)
- Owns 5 motorcycles and 2 cars
- Owns a house
- Pays when we go out
- Dresses well
- Tall and slim

Undesirable attributes:

- Not a good kisser
- Balding (almost half of his head)
- Conservative (views loyalty as high on list of priorities)

And so…let’s just say the “balding” part has put me off. I have always appreciated men with a full head of hair, it’s just more attractive. And the fact that a man is too conservative is also unattractive to me. I have sexually liberated myself! I want to fuck boys and girls when I’m in a relationship. It’s more fun :D

I’d like to ask you, my female readers, what boyfriend attributes are a deal breaker for you?

P.S. This guy thinks I'm a part time bookkeeper part time fitness trainer.


  1. I've recently begun reading your blogs and thought I'd comment on this one :) There aren't many things that put me off as I can never seem to care enough..that's terribly sad, isn't it? But here's my list:

    Deal Breakers
    Studly VonSuperYoung ie Mr. TooCloseToMyAge-I tend to be drawn to older men. The older the better. Older men seem more apt to be stable. And given my insane tendency to live impulsively, stable suits me.

    McClingy-Bleh, I don't like being relentlessly pursued, e-smothered, phone-cuffed.

    Senor Married-I find dishonesty unappealing. Now, if your wife knows? That's different. Maybe we can all have some fun.

    And last but not least, The LayLESS-I love sex, want it often and love exploration. Don't let your machismo write a check your cock or tongue or ego can't cash. It's annoying.

  2. your posts in 2010 were far more interesting than the more recent posts.

  3. @ thebuxombeauty:

    Thank you for your comment. I find it amusing that you say, "There aren't many things that put me off as I can never seem to care enough" LOL I agree with you on the other deal-breakers though, except for senor -married.

    @ jizzme:

    I appreciate your feedback :) Let's just say I have been getting off track writing about my life as apposed to escorting. I get that :) And I will try to make my next post about the job. I have something that happened recently that needs to be brought to light.

    Thank you!

  4. Funny, this could almost have been me writing this blog entry. Sometimes I question what I want. It's nice to read that I am not alone.

    Undesirable attributes:
    - anything to do with bad smells (halitosis, wind breaker, BO - you catch my drift).
    - small penis. It sounds harsh, but I met a man recently who was tall, hot, tanned, very successful; we hit the sack and I have never been so disappointed in my life :-( Of course, I'm not going to ever say anything to give him a complex, but it was just not what I was expecting. So disproportionate.
    - arrogance. Perhaps one of the biggest deal breakers. I just cannot stand it. Confidence is fine; a little cockiness is sexy. Arrogance and rudeness are not!
    - Indecisiveness: make up your mind already!

    As you can tell, I'm more likely to pass on the basis of personality. But if it comes to looks, I don't like bad teeth and am uncomfortable next to small men. Hair is questionable: It depends on pattern of male baldness and how well the man carries it.

    I know all of this makes me sound like a picky bitch, and I probably am. However, for all my fussiness, if a man can make me laugh (and is able to ask me out with a polite confidence which few do) I'm often very inclined to go on a date with him - even if he is not the most beautiful/successful man around!

  5. am i being censored?

  6. @ jizzme:

    No one is censored on my blog...
    Blogger has been shut down yesterday and when they re-started I noticed a whole bunch of comments were missing. I replied to yours and it got deleted too...

    If you want to re-comment please go ahead.

  7. true - my monster comment got deleted too! blogger is something else. for all that hassle, i hope they fixed what they needed to!!!

  8. oh no need, I don't even remember what I wrote...

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