Thursday, March 15, 2012

Escort - Rejecting Clients

Lately I have had to stop seeing a couple clients. It always feels like a downer having to reject clients that are actually quite easy to deal with. When I say easy, I mean, they are not difficult to get along with, pay the correct amount, and don’t require much work to get off.

One of the clients I had to turn down, after I saw him a couple of times, has some type of disability. I cannot really define it because I’m not a health care professional and I have never seen anything quite like it before. Let me try to describe him - Physically from a distance of 40 feet you may not even notice there is anything wrong with him, but as you walk up closer you would notice a strange appearance in his facial features. There is a certain lacking, of something? All I know is that healthy people don’t have that look on their face. His lips are almost non-existent and very dry. Good thing I did not have to kiss him!
The other thing is his speech, on the telephone it sounded like he was perhaps a little nervous being it was a new thing for him seeing an escort. But in person it was still there, and it sounded like a disability.

I found him nice enough. And I proceeded with the session. However, deep down in the backseat of my mind I just could not shake the feeling like I was having sex with someone very gimped. And the more I kept at it, the more grossed out I felt. I wanted to get out of there, away from him. When he was done, 10 minutes later, I dressed and let myself out.

A month later I heard from him again, and this time he wanted to see me for 1 hour. I was very apprehensive but decided to give him another try. The session did nothing to improve my mood. He smelled like … shit? I could not put up with it, and when things were over I dressed in a furry and practically ran out of the house.

As I sat there, driving back home from his place, I wanted to get to the bottom of those feelings I had experienced. Why had I been so disgusted with him? Let’s say there was not shit smell, would my feelings have changed? NO. I had this strange fear, a fear that is ridiculous because it cannot happen yet the fear still squeezes me with all its might.

It’s the fear of becoming pregnant by someone who is obviously an invalid. It sends shivers down my spine. This thought made me realize that I connect sex with procreation, even though I don’t acknowledge it until it becomes sex with someone I find repulsively unhealthy. Someone I would never want to have a child with. I get these same feelings, to a lesser degree, when I am with an old client.

Hmmm… I find it odd, and yet it makes complete sense.

Another client, I had to let go of, or wait, am still in the process of letting go. Had made an appointment with me (it must have been for the 6th time he wanted to see me again) and when I arrived it was obvious he had a blistering cold sore on his lip.

I told him there would be no kissing. And we had a very platonic visit where I ended up giving him a hand job. After the session, I wrote him an email saying that I would much appreciate it if he would cancel an appointment when he is not fully healthy and that I would be happy to reschedule at a later time.

I have a feeling he did not really understand. Men, I notice, can be quite negligent about their health.

And now, he wants to see me again. Obviously a cold sore takes at the very least 2 weeks to go through its stages and start healing. It has only been a week and a half. Does he not realize the danger in exposing someone to this virus?

I told him I am unavailable. And I am wondering if I should even see him in a few weeks. By then he will be healed, but what other things would he not reveal to me and keep his appointment? I am disturbed by the turn of events.

Once I know a person is unhealthy, even after they heal, I cannot seem to release that thought from my mind. How can I ever see him, without reminding myself that he has herpes?

I will need to stop seeing him…

Ladies I’m sure there are clients that just put you off and you want to avoid them? What are your reasons? Please comment.


  1. Ok, you know Im not an escort but a S.B. but I love your blog and read it regularly. So I like to post my opinion and offer advice when I can. So here we go:

    I think that it isn't just you who is afraid of handicap people. I was always afraid of handicap people...people in wheel-chairs until my own grandmother had to get her leg cut of from gangrene and then that's when I lost that fear.
    I think it's because we're not exposed to being around people who are disabled and it makes it difficult.
    That's just my experience.
    If he grosses you out then you have to stop seeing no matter how nice he is...because you dont want to make him feel bad about hisself from you running out
    He has enough to deal beside that sense of rejection as well.
    So, I think you made a good choice.

    Now Mr. Herpes is a whole other ball game.
    When I read that it made my stomach hurt. Im happy that all you did was a blow job. This is the reason I always wear condoms because you are correct "men don't take care of health concerns" they ignore a lot of things concerning their health.
    Which can be putting your life at risk.
    So Im happy you handled things in that manner :)
    I personally dont think that I would see him again. I dont know much about cold sores but I wouldn't want to have to deal with any part of it.

    What would you do if you got prego by any client?
    Would you keep the baby?

    I think that you are still very much intouch with you are as a person and a women and you know what's best for you...

    All money isnt good money! It's only good when it makes you feel good...haha

    Thank you for sharing and allowing me to comment :)


  2. -clients that are rude,crude,or give off a bad vibe
    -clients that are unhygenic or even really ugly
    -M, would you ever continue to see a client that was extremely ugly, even if they were not disabled?

  3. M, It's not odd at all that you were freaked out by the “gimp” and it does make perfect sense. Of course women connect sex with procreation, albeit subconsciously.

    Off Topic:

    1.) What do you do for the holidays? (Thanks Giving & Christmas) I don't imagine you spend them with your family. Do you hang out with fellow Escort friends? :p

    Also, just curious but...

    2.) What's the longest relationship you were ever in? Why did it fail?

    3.) Do you remember which BF you liked the most? Why did that fail?

    Thanks :D

  4. I get the gimp vibe....100%. It's not that I'm unsympathetic to the disabled or afflicted...I ust don't wanna fuck 'em.

    The cold sore. Dude should know not to schedule with the herp on the the lip. That being said, 2/3 of the population of the world has that infection (HSV-1). It is different than the genital variety (HSV-2). Oddly enough someone with HSV-1 is less likely to contract HSV-2 due to to cross reactant antibodies. It is rare, there can be cross infection of HSV-1 and HSV-2. Rather than worry that lip herp could contaminate your junk, the bigger worry is Occular infection that leads to blindness or herpetic Whitlow (herpeis of the fingers) or anywhere on the skin (ask a wrestler).

    Just understand that there is both intra oral and extra oral infections. Just because it is on the lips does not mean they don't have an infection inside the mouth. Not everyone has both intra oral and extra oral. In addition, in the case of BBBJ, the lesions could be in the urethra and not noticeable to you.

    Just FYI...

  5. In terms of the thing with the disabled person, I'm thinking there is something wrong with his mucus membranes. I feel bad for him but ultimately it's your body and your right to decide what you do with it. It's perfectly normal to be a little turned off by it because if you think about it women (and men) want the best genetic material for their offspring. I feel this is more important for women because pregnancy needs alot more resources then ejaculating.

    In terms of the herpes issue, guys should really now better but they tend to not... especially when it comes to sex. fyi you can spread hsv1 to the genitals... everything else about hidden lesions are still true though, but if you use a condom it should protect against the urethra ones... the ones in the mouth are a little more scary but everyone reacts to the HSV virus a little differently (I thought I got on one my lips at one point but it turned out to be a pimple lol) and HSV1 wouldn't be an issues (except for discomfort) unless your immunocompromised.

  6. @ Caramell:

    Hi girl :) Thanks for commenting and everyone else who commented!

    I think if I got pregnant by client I would have to abort the pregnancy. Mostly because I would want my baby to have a father, and I would most likely not know who the father of the baby would be. And even if I knew, would I actually tell him? Well, I think most clients pay us to have a no strings attached fling. Most clients wouldn't want to have a baby from an escort (especially if they don't plan on seeing the escort again).

    Some may think it is cruel and murder. But I take all precautions to avoid pregnancy, so if abortion was the last resort I would not feel terrible about my decision.

  7. @ Anon:

    haha Thank you for answering! Umm...Well ugly is very subjective, so I would say I have stopped seeing clients that to me were - ugly. I have seen a few very obese clients in my time, and when I found out they were obese (when I first met them) - I had the session but never saw them again (even if they wanted to see me again). Obesity is ugliness to me.

    What I tell myself when I see someone obese naked is - No one should be looking at this!!!

  8. @ Slick:

    1) Holidays - I don't do anything special for holidays. Sometimes I get invited for holiday dinners, but I normally decline the invitations. I always thought holidays were an excuse for people to over-eat. Especially xmas haha... And I just don't see the point of it. It's just a day on the calendar. I can make any day on the calendar a holiday :D

    I have a few very close friends that know I am an escort. We hang out, go to movies, or go out for dinner.

    I no longer spend time or associate myself with any escorts.

    2) Longest relationship was 3.5 years. Failed because he was an abusive dick. haha :)

    3) Guy in answer 2 above. Eventually I got out of the relationship with him though cuz he was just insane! :)

  9. @ Kenny:

    That is very informative and thank you. I remember as per your blog that you are a smart cookie ;) And I'm very happy I NEVER do blow jobs without a condom.

    I have also read enough to know that herpes 2 is a little more difficult to contract if you got herpes 1. It is all about immunity developed...anyway, I also read that it is possible to get herpes 1 on the genitals through oral sex.

    I am going to avoid the client in my previous entry though. He's been trying to see me but I just tell him I'm not available :) He leaves me alone for a week before he writes again.

  10. hey M,

    i been enjoying ur blogs and this is one of the most interesting one by far. I recently had an experience with an escort who I had a pretty good gfe experience with. She seemed to like me and her performance was great. I saw her the second time and this time she lacked energy or passion. She also didnt want to kiss me like she did last time. Do you think she had this feeling of rejection for me or was it her off-day? I mean, if she didnt like me at all, she wouldnt have gave a good service the first time?

  11. Just read your comment about you going through with the session with obese clients. Was your performance with them much lacking when you first met them?

  12. Just curious,

    I met a escort who provided good gfe experience our first session and seemed to like me. But during my second session she didnt want to kiss like the first time and i felt rushed. Did she not like me from the beginning or was it her off day?

    Also, I read ur review on obese clients. When you met them, did you not perform as well with them the very first time u saw them?

  13. @ Anon:

    I can't really answer your question about the escort you seen, because I do not know what is going on in her head.
    I would say if she did not want to kiss you as passionately as she did the 1st could be that you had very bad breath? Just make sure you have very fresh breath. Some of us ladies really get turned off when a client has stinky breath.

    I would say that when the clients were obese, I still gave them good service. I just did not see them again.

  14. thanks for the reply. my last question was, are MOST men you see as clients goodlooking? if so, did this sort of makee you build standards on who to see?

  15. M, two quick questions. One, would you see clients of any ethnicity? And two, do you think your physical "type" or your performance has had more bearing on your success in this field? (I'm assuming you are a classically beautiful young lady.)

  16. @ Anon:

    No I would say that most clients are regular looking men. The type we would see walking in the grocery store with their wives. Typical, man in his 40's with a gut, balding, and hairy. Do you think this helps build my standards on who to see?

    To the other Anon:

    I would see a client of any ethnicity.

    I would say the success in escorting has to do with the full package. Physical appearance does play a big role but so do the services a lady is willing to provide, along with how she talks to her clients (her personality).

    I know there are super sexy escorts out there who are just snobs and bitches. And men can't stand seeing them repeatedly unless they are willing to put up with bad attitude. So I'd say success comes from a good balance of these 3 factors in an escort.

  17. Hi M, what do you see for yourself in the future, say 15, 20 years down the road? Do you plan to escort as a permanent career, or are you saving up for school? Also, if one day you met THE ONE, would you want to disclose what you do for a living?

  18. I have to say that your blogs are very enjoyable, you really are a good writer I have to say. I hope you consider writing a book or something in the future, sex service stories and revelations are always in demand.

    I have been considering using an escort for my first time in NYC but have gotten terrible cold feet for now. I have checked reviews to make sure pics are legit, considered pricing (made sure it was high enough to skip out on the "dangerous cheap" while priced down enough to afford. All that is left now is... going forward with it. Unfortunately, coming from a relatively safe middle class background has its limits. Your blog has been some what easing the whole process (for no real rational reason other than to see that the other end of the spectrum has its immense worries as well; more so than my side).

    Either way, keep up the great work and stay safe!

  19. Hi M,what do you see for yourself in the future 15 or 20 years later? Is escorting a permanent career for you, or are you saving up for school or planning to transition into another line of work later? Are you interested in a traditional family lifestyle, such as husband and kids?

  20. Escort girl ParisApr 4, 2012 10:47 PM

    Wow what an ordeal, never hears of such a story. You'll have to do what you want in my opinion. It's your body, your service. You deal with what you can deal with.

  21. @ Anon:

    Cannot really tell you what I will do 15 or 20 years from now. But I know I will not be doing this. That is for certain. I am interested in many paths in life. Your questions are very direct and not ones I am comfortable in answering at this time. Thank you for writing!

    @ Pliske89:

    Thank you for commenting. I understand that many men get cold feet when it's their first time meeting an escort. My recommendation is to do thorough research of the girl you want to see. This will minimize any negative outcomes/experiences. And to just go with it. We are just women and we also have worries about you (the clients). So everyone in this business is even. :)

  22. Love your blog! I make it a point to read it when I have time. I think the 2 Most Common Reasons for turning down a client are
    1. rude and mean clients
    2. unhealthy, sickly clients. who would want to have one anyway?

  23. I love all these question and answers and your openness to answer them where/when you can! Very nice and very informative!

    I hope you are keeping well and that business is being good to you, M. It's always nice to check into your blog :-)

  24. @ Devils Den:

    Thank you :D Those are good reasons to turn down clients. Thanks for commenting.

    @ Eden:

    It is nice to see you comment again :) I am doing well and hope to start reading other people's blogs again. I am so out of the loop LOL