Saturday, October 30, 2010

Escort - Call Agency

Well, I’ve done some ground work today. Getting ready before I start working. This time around, I’m going to be even more cautious. In my years as an escort I have worked for myself (independently) and I have worked for a pimp. It is now time to see what it would be like working for an agency. Not your, run of the mill escort agency that you would find in your city phone book, but something a little different.

Here is how it works - I am a contractor to an agency that takes my calls. I continue advertising how and where I like. The agency provides me with a phone number I will be using in my ads. This number is then assigned to my agent. He or she (in my case a she), will take calls and book appointments on my behalf. She will then contact me to give me the address of the client, along with the time he’d like to see me, and for how long. This agency can also supply me with a driver! Always a great alternative to driving myself to a call.

When I arrive to the appointment, I call my agent and let her know I’m with the guy and have collected the fee. In an hour, or when the time is up, my agent calls my cell. This call lets me and the client know that our time has expired.

I see great advantages with this intermediary:

1) I don’t need to give out my phone number to a client. A client has no direct way of contacting me.

2) I have the agent as a safety net, because she will call me when the session is over.

3) I still have the same amount of flexibility in how and where I want to advertise my services. (With regular escorting agencies, you don’t have this choice)

4) I work when I can or want, with no pressure from the agency.

5) I can choose which services I will sell. (With regular escort agencies, you often pressured to provide unsafe services)

6) I have access to blacklisted clients on escort review boards and my personal black list. When I get the call from my agent, she gives me time to check the number/name of the client against my blacklists. If I don’t want to confirm the appointment, my agent will tell the client I’m unavailable.

And the agency fee is $50, which is a pretty good deal. I’m very happy! Eventually, I will do a review comparison of the best way to work as an escort.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Escort - Inept Clients (Edited Again)

I should be getting ready for my return to the escorting business. I set today aside to get myself prepped for tomorrow. Made up my mind now, it was a nice vacation but now it’s time to dust off the fishnets and get back to the curb (figuratively speaking) ;)

But some how I’m just not feeling it, and instead I will share experiences I had with completely inept clients. I would say, at age 30+ they are oblivious to sex. Where was school when they needed it? huh?

1) Oh I came!

I met a nice fellow, somewhere in his early 30’s. He was shy but my little chit-chat somehow got us between the sheets. He wanted to do it missionary style, I slapped on the cover, and we were off to the races.

Not being a much endowed guy, I couldn’t feel him. Was it in…yet? (I don’t ask, I just check.) It looked like he found his way in! I couldn’t feel him at all…but as long as he was enjoying himself, I was content.

Several minutes into it I started to grow irritated. He was humping so slow, I thought I would die. I love to go fast and hard. I asked him if we can switch to doggy, where I would have more control. He paused, an unsure look on his face and stuttered, “uhh…sure” then slowly pulled out and up.

I had to keep my eyes from popping out of their sockets when I saw the shriveling up dick and cum filled condom. In silence, he waited for me to switch over to doggy. I didn’t move.

“You came” I told him in a calm voice. And started taking off the condom.

He looked down and exclaimed, “Oh I came! I didn’t think I did.”

I should have asked him if he didn’t think he put it in or not?

I became angry, which is very rare. But when it comes to safety, be it my client’s or my own, I take it seriously. He had an orgasm, not making a peep and continued humping away! Keeping my temper in check I said, “Didn’t you know that after you cum the condom could slip off if you continue having sex with a woman? And all your cum would just leak out.”

“Yes, I did. I am so sorry. You are right that is what would happen.” He said with a guilty tone in his voice.

Why do these social outcasts do this you might ask? He was embarrassed of blowing his load too fast and didn’t want to tell me. If only he knew that no matter how long he lasted, it wouldn’t have impressed me. What a loser.

2) I’m Holding Off For You

I get this type of guy from time to time. He comes over. Very nice personality and we start up the fun. Mainly, I am always on top. 10, 20, 30 minutes go by and I’m still on top panting and sweating away. I shift into top speed while I’m still in cowgirl, thinking that maybe…maybe he just needs more stimulation.

At 45 minutes into the hour I am exhausted. I roll over onto the bed all sweaty and look over at him. “I think you better take over.”

“Okay.” He says as he lifts me into doggy style, “I was holding off for you to enjoy yourself.”

He was lucky my ass was in his face because he would not have liked my facial expression. “You holding off for my pleasure??!”

A minute later he comes.

What was he holding out for? I know I was waiting for him to finish, but when he lays there like a stiff log with arms down at his sides, I can assure him that nothing is going to happen to me!

I like sex a lot but shorter intervals are the best. Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes is awesome! I’d rather have sex four times for 10 minutes each with intermissions. I wish I had a remote control for anything longer than 20 minutes. Click, power off.

3) MSOG 20 minutes

I have a lot of guys asking me for MSOG (meaning: cumming more than once in a session). I am a stronger supporter of twice in an hour or two. But, allow me to let you in on a secret….

Most men do not cum twice.

It has nothing to do with me. It is just natural that he can’t keep going unless he is an 18-year-old boy (or late 40’s with great genes). Men should stop comparing themselves to porn starts (those aren’t REAL men LOL). You are not going to pump a gallon of liquid starch out of your cock! Leave it for the special effects.

Who bugs me to no end, are the guys who pressure me to ‘resuscitate’ their Johnson. I don’t mind helping out but if your junk ain’t working give it a rest. The more I jack it the less likely it’s going to work with you getting all sweaty and anxious.

Some men are just full of unrealistic expectations. I had several men request to make ‘em squirt twice in 20 minutes. I’m no miracle worker if it takes him 3 hours to blow.

P.S. (Edit)

I did some thinking and it's not true in all cases. As I was working out, my mind wandered to all those times I was fucked by some really packin' boys. We went for hours and it felt great! Getting pounded by a huge cock and tossed around by a really wild man who's ready to start growling like a large dog is pretty hott. It all comes down to who is doing the fucking, not how long! hehehe
Good times............Now I'm horny

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SugarBaby - The Slip

I’m a little down, I shouldn’t be, I knew in the back of my mind all along, yet I’m still blue. I saw J again before his 2 week vacation trip with his family. He kept on telling me it was a sole business trip, until today when it all came out.

* * *

He kept on asking me how much I was going to miss him while he’s away. “Will you miss me this much?” He asked using his hands to show a distance of 8 inches, “or this much?” he brought his hands closer together.

I didn’t respond directly. It’s something I wanted to leave to the end. Isn’t it nice to tell someone you will miss them before they go?

“Your baby will miss you, I bet.” I said referring to his son, whom he loves to talk about with me.

“No.” He said, shaking his head. “He’s coming with me.”

I was a little surprised. “Is your wife going with you two?” He nodded. Soon, he revealed that it was a vacation/business trip.

“That’s cool.” I laughed and said, “Maybe you will have sex with you wife on vacation.”

“No, we don’t have sex.” He said.

“Well, what if you just did?” I kept teasing him.

“We’d have to have a long conversation before that happens.” He referred to his wife and him.

“So, you never do it?” I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

“No. I wouldn’t be here if we did.” He blurted out.

We skipped over that last sentence as if it had never been spoken. But deep down inside, I knew it’s what I needed to hear. I confirmed everything! It’s really all about the sex. But why have sex with me when there are escorts around? It’s cheaper too.

Am I lucky? Sure, I found myself a client (aka sugar daddy) to get a steady allowance. Yet I’m still pussy, and I got to be loyal pussy. How screwed in the head is that? If a man is only using me for sexual satisfaction, why does he want me to be exclusively his?

Today’s sex marathon was odd. First of all, I just couldn’t get into it. (He had no idea). But when I finally did, I was faking it big time. Hoping that I could last for as long as he needed, it did not happen!

55 minutes into the in/out action he asked me if I was tired. “No, I’m not tired. Just a bit sore.” I nodded in the direction of my pussy. I was being honest. “Maybe we should stop?” He asked.

“No!” I said. He looked at me like, are you crazy? LOL

“I want you to finish.” I said with a smile. He pondered on it and decided missionary was his best way to get off. 15 minutes later he had the big O.

Where do I find these clowns? I mean 80 minutes of non-stop sex. FUCK! Sex is over in 20 minutes…

20 minutes! (I’m not including the foreplay).

Uhhhh…And to top it all off, I think he’s been lying to me about his real name. He knows my real name but I’m 99% sure he gave me a fake name.

* * *

In the end I’m really getting fucked no matter which way you look at it.

Escort - Avoidable Penises

I have seen dicks in many shapes and sizes. I like most of them, especially when they are rock hard! teeheehee

That being said, there are only a few dicks I try to stay away from.

Super skinny dicks -

These are the dicks that make a regular drug store condom look like a loose garbage bag. Unless you have a rubber band to choke Johnny Dew Worm, there no way you can have sex with him. The condom will slip off, and if you manage to keep it on, watch for leakage!

Super small dicks -

These dicks as a rule have longer pubic hair than the fully erect organ. You can never predict if a man will have one of these. He could be the biggest whale of a man, king of 2010 Pizza Eating competition, but when he drops those briefs you need a magnifying glass to find the shrimp. I still have not figured out where to buy condoms for these fellas. Next time I see a package saying “roll the rim to win”, I’m getting it!

Crooked dicks -

These are very rare but I have seen some dicks ‘bent’ out of shape. A classic example was a dick that pointed straight out and somewhere midway the shaft made a sharp 90 degree turn to the left. I don’t really know how it happens, but after the shaft is injured it must heal at the wrong angle? I have tried having sex with one of these and it hurts. Try putting a boomerang in your twat!

My advise - do not repeat. But don’t take my word for it. Do whatever blows your skirt up.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sugar Baby - Accelerating

This week J and I met up twice. He wanted to squeeze in a couple more dates before he leaves on a two week trip next week. What was different and hence put me in a thinking-loop was the sleep over. It was our first ‘sleep over’. He came by at around 10 PM with cranberry juice and three bottles of alcohol. There was a choice between vodka, gin, and whiskey. I have told him, in the past, I don’t drink and have been in the clear for 8 months. Not to kill the mood he was in, I told him to get comfortable while I made us drinks.

I poured myself less than half a shot of gin and mixed in 6 ounces of cranberry. For him, I poured 2 shots of gin then added the juice. Making sure not to mix up which glass was mine I brought both drinks to the living room. We sat around chatting and he remembered to tell me - he forgot to bring the allowance. He apologized and reassured that he will bring it on our next visit which would be in two days.

I was not too impressed, since he remembered to bring everything for the night but forgot the envelope. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind and told him that’s fine.

We chatted some more and with a mischievous smile I asked, “What did you say before you left to see me?”

He looked at me and said, “I just explained a need to go back to the office to finish some work. That tomorrow morning will be busy and I need to get ready.”

I smiled again, “Think she believed you?”

“I think so. But it really does not matter.” He responded.

* * *
Once again we were rolling around in bed. Despite my telling him that I just started my period he still wanted up and in.

Last time he came, he promised to keep the sex under one hour. Maybe he was embarrassed that the sex which lasted 90 minutes turned to 2 and finally 3 hours long with each proceeding visit.

This night he finished in 35 minutes. It was a miracle since I was getting quite sore.

We showered and went to bed.

To be honest, I could not understand the reason for the sleep over?
I did not have a very restful night. Being accustomed to sleeping alone for many years, it felt a little awkward having him lying next to me. Fighting a sudden urge to move down to the floor, I was awake until I finally lost consciousness. J does not know that I have been sleeping on the floor for a few years now. Haha I have a bed but I prefer sleeping on the floor and have done so every day for many years. You might not understand how difficult it’s sleeping on a bed after getting used to the firm surface of a carpeted floor.

I didn’t tell him. I should probably tell him.

* * *

Our second visit was scheduled as usual, during the day. But just an hour to our meeting he sent me a message: Morning! I’m still coming as usual but might have to leave early. Around 2 PM, hope that is okay?

It was an A-Okay by me. :) I like seeing him a lot and even for a couple hours would be sweet. He came over and we hung out, chatted, had lunch and watched an episode of a show we both like. During a conversation we had about relationships he became a bit worried again. He asked me once more to notify him if I ever got a boyfriend. I giggled and said, “You are almost like a boyfriend to me.”

“I so wanted to hear you say that.” He said as if he’s been waiting for it forever.

“Well there, you heard me say it.” I laughed and smiled. But I knew at that moment it was true. I have not worked for a couple of months, which meant that he has occupied most of my time.

Things are moving in a strange direction…A couple of weeks ago he hinted that one day he hopes to have sex without a condom. That really freaked me out! Not planning on having any babies in the next little while. LOL I said, “Well, here’s the thing. I don’t like pills and so I never have and not planning on taking birth control. Condoms are the only method I use to stay sterile.” (True. Go figure, and I’m an escort. LMAO) He said he understands and won’t push it on me until I’m comfortable.


Hmmm… How will I get comfortable? Comfortable to start taking the pill or…

I’m not sure, but I did not ask since the ball is in my court.

So I’m finally up to speed with recounting the events of J and me! :D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Other Man

Going back to my previous journal entry (Escort - Man’s Heart) I mentioned that a friend of mine was angry at me for developing feelings for another man.

I intentionally gave no indication of who this “other man” could be. It was way too early but as time keeps slipping away, it may be time to explain.

My last relationship ended 2 years ago. Nothing worth looking back to, just as the rest of them had passed. I returned to escorting knowing that eventually I will want sex which in turn would lead me to the next meaningless relationship. Yet another stranger giving hope and taking it away from me, at a drop of a hat. Only to find less of myself each time my heart is broken.

Escorting became the fix. I got the sex, when the cravings gave rise and I got remunerated. The cash isn’t just to put a roof over my head, it is a symbol. It symbolizes what I give (share) to a man is not free. It symbolizes equality. In my equation no one is left with less of themselves.

It was a week since I started seeing clients that I discovered something terrifying. One particular night, I met a young security guard (not a client) who asked me out on a date. He knew that I was an escort but did not express disdain. We went for a drive, then a restaurant, and back for a drive. It was a dark cold winter night and I remember how his Jeep rolled through the freshly fallen crisp snow. We were looking for a construction site to park in isolation. Don’t ask me why I thought this was acceptable, but some times I just go with the flow. I didn’t feel any reason to be threatened by him.

Finally we parked and sat in our seats looking at the stars through the front windshield. He started to kiss me and we both moved to the back seats of the car. He sat on the back passenger seats and straddled him. I took my jacket off and he held me while we kissed. Lots of things raced through my mind at that moment, I wanted to have sex with him and at the same time I did not. He started kissing my neck and then whispered, “I won’t have sex with you on a first date because I bet everyone else does.”

Putting a halt on the action we lay down the length of the back passenger seats and he held me from behind. I sense of peace washed over me but I felt nothing. And this is what terrified me. It just happened… I could not feel a thing for the person holding me. It did not matter who he was, he was pure coincidence. It was the acknowledgment of being alone. Accepting that I was alone and there was not a single person that could make me feel warmth. It was wonderful and scary. I felt dead.


My best friend, with whom I have not spoken in 1.5 weeks (Escort - Man’s Heart), knew of this story and he wanted to be the man who would change it all. But he did not want to admit to himself that he was not suitable, even when I told him.

Then I met J.

From the previous entries, I explained that J became my sugar daddy. At no time in my arrangement with J had I thought of it as anything but business. I the sweet, naïve, and caring, just playing a part in a large theater of my life. I would like to think that I am very much in control of my feelings, thoughts, and actions but I guess there are times I fool myself.

I believe it was our forth or fifth time together. I remember kissing J and a feeling I haven’t felt in so long stirred in me. I was alive again, maybe, for a brief moment. Ever since that day I keep on fighting myself. It’s unwise for me to fall for him. He is a married man with a child. He wants to leave his wife but he won’t tell her that he is seeing someone else. I am not sure of his intentions…

Is it right to fall for a man who cheats on his young wife and baby?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Exclusively Mistress

Before I even met J for the first time at the coffee shop, he sent me emails questioning my relationship status. He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend or why I do not have a boyfriend when he obviously thinks I’m attractive. I told him that I got out of a ‘bad’ relationship two years ago and have been single ever since. This is true, if you don’t count the hundreds of men I screwed in the interim. But who needs to mention that. Haha

During our first meet, (Sugar Baby - First Kiss), he asked me what I would do if I got into a relationship while we were in an arrangement? I re-assured him once more that I’m not exposing myself in a way that would lead me to a boyfriend, but if for some reason I do in the future, I would let him know right away.

Two weeks into our official arrangement, I received a text from J. It was a request that I delete my sugar profile from the website, if I do wish to pursue our relationship and I’m happy with how things are progressing.

I hate leaving all my eggs in one basket. It makes me feel vulnerable, so I wrote the following: “I am very happy with the direction of our relationship and I do not mind removing my profile off the site. I haven’t visited the site since we’ve met, so I am curious if you would trust me, if I do not remove my profile?”

I thought if I throw in the trust bit, I would put him on the spot. I waited to see how he’d slip past this. In an hour or two I got a response, “I do trust you but find myself guarded not being able to understand why you would not delete your profile.” It must have taken him some time to come up with that!

I indulged him. He also deleted his profile.

In our latest talk of loyalty, he revealed a need to be with someone who will be exclusive. The reasons are - emotional dependence and physical safety. He wants to be able to think of me and smile. Look forward to each and every visit. And he hopes that I would feel the same way. He even asked if the allowance is enough to satisfy my needs. I said, “It sounds to me like you want to have a mistress, am I right?” He nodded.

How do I feel about it? I like the sound of mistress as opposed to sugar baby. I have always pictured a sugar baby as an 18 year old blonde with a fake tan. She isn’t serious and really has not figured out a plan for the next 5 to 10 years.

I don’t know if the mistress title carries more responsibility? How does it differ from being a sugar baby, I guess I will find out :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jaded Escorts

There is no such thing as a sisterhood, at least not when it comes to escorts, prostitutes, hookers, hoes, whatever you want to call ‘em (us). There are no friendly tea parties. No, more often than not you will run into what I call the ‘jaded hooker’.

I have only become acquaintance with two non-jaded hookers in my home town. Both of them started in the business as street workers. They had gone through abusive pimps, psychotic clients, and arrests at the hands of the law. In spite of it all, I found them down to earth and with a positive outlook on their futures. They spent a considerable time with me, sharing their experiences and helping guide me while I was very new to the business. I thank them both for what they did, as they did not have to do this for me. They are now both retired and we no longer stay in touch. I think it is best. They have to move on if they want to stay away.

When I talk about jaded hookers, I am describing the unfriendly paranoid psychotic hoes that seem to permeate the blog world. I have read and followed a bunch of blogs, written by these so called escorts, for a number of years. And I found them all to be either

A) Paranoid - she thinks everyone is out to get her. Get real, you are really NOT that important.
B) Psychotic - she over reacts to everything and everyone.
C) Negative - she always bitches about men, followers, and generally life.

Sometimes they make up a combination of A through C. I will not point fingers but they all know who they are. :)

Yes, I’m a bit astonished by the latest run-in. And I just want to say this:

Ooo ooo ohh, wait, did I offend you miss prissy? Did my dick question put a little dent in your style? Well I’m sorry! I thought we all suck dick for a living….hahaha

The last time I saw someone fly off the handle like that was when my granny walked in on my boyfriend fucking me up the ass on the kitchen table.

Puhlease…don’t get your panties in a bunch. I will no longer bother you. The only reason I comment on your blog is to get my name out there.

That’s it, I do apologize to everyone else I follow or will follow in the future. There are hundreds of blog authors who are true gems. I love reading and commenting on your blogs.

And so to end this post on a positive note, I here on out announce that my blog will be different! I welcome all comments and questions (no matter how silly), as long as they are asked in a polite manner. I do not want to leave out the truth just because someone might find it raunchy. If you like me then keep reading, if you hate me then…keep reading - because I know you want to anyway ;)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sugar Baby Officially

On our third date, he officially became my sugar dad and I his sugar baby. He came over with a few presents and an envelope containing a portion of the allowance. We spent some time getting to know each other but I was very excited to see what he was like in the sex department.

It was a couple of weeks since I seen a client and this made me easily excitable. We started making out and I found myself getting naturally wet. Something that doesn’t happen when I’m with 99% of my clients, I thank my bottle of ID for making each session ‘silky smooth’. I started lifting his shirt off and kissed his shoulders, chest and stroked his skin with my roaming hands.

He slid his hands under my top and undid my bra. As he kissed my neck I felt his finger tips brush against my hardening nipples. I smiled at him and took off my top. We kissed some more and I asked if he’d like to take it to the bedroom. His initial look of astonishment was quickly replaced with a glowing excitement. He followed me to the bedroom where I undressed him and myself.

I will skip the next 15 minutes to a more naïve moment. It was time for us to slip on the rubber and told him to wait a second. I jumped like a pixie off the bed and went to the other room where I hid a large box of condoms. Returning with two Durex packets I placed one on the night stand and started opening the other. I carefully removed the condom with the tips of my fingers and looked at it. I then handed it to him and said, “I am not sure, it might be the wrong side up.” He looked at it in the light and put it on the right side up and rolled it down.

Yes, I know, you can applaud my performance.

You see, he does not know that I am a bona-fide condom rollin’ expert or ever been an escort for that matter. In his eyes I am a struggling young artist. I am pure and clean (using his exact words here). I do not drink or do drugs. I have not been with a man in two or so years.

I play my role too well and I love it.

We had sex. And let me tell you, I have only been with one man that I can compare J to, my last ex-boyfriend. They are both wired for marathon sex sessions. He got off 90 minutes and two buckets of sweat later. I was so tired, not because I worked it, but because my pussy was sore. The only difference is, when I was dating my ex-boyfriend I would ask him to stop and he would usually finish himself off. But as a sugar baby, I feel an obligation to satisfy J.

I’m not bitching though. Just stating what it’s like. These days I just remind myself that I don’t have it so bad! And I get back into it ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sugar Baby First Kiss

To my surprise he said that he was looking forward to spending some time with me and he would like to keep our date for the same day.

The day of our first one-on-one, I rushed around my place hiding any evidence that might implicate an involvement in the escorting world. I hid the boxes of condoms, dildo, and a huge bottle of lube. The men’s shower gel in the washroom had to go too. I made my bed to look like I actually used it for sleeping, not rolling around in. I stood back in the entrance hallway and swiped my eyes over the rooms. “Well, it might pass for something more than a fuck-pad.” I thought with a sly smile.

At exactly 10:00 in the morning I heard the apartment buzzer go off. I pressed the button and asked who was downstairs. “It’s J”, said a man’s voice on the other end.

“Please let yourself in.” I said and pressed the button that unlocked the heavy metal door outside. A couple minutes later I opened my door to his knock. It was nice to see him again! He walked in and for the first time I put my arms around him and let him hold me close. I looked up at him and he slowly kissed me on the lips.

After he took off his shoes and fall coat, I showed him around the place. He complimented on how cozy and clean it was. We sat down in the living room and started chatting about everything and anything. Conversation flowed smoothly compared to our date at the coffee shop. Then, he finally brought up the allowance.

“I understand the range you gave me the other day, but can you tell me the specific amount?” He asked me.

I looked at him and pronounced the exact figure.

“Okay, that’s no problem.” He responded.

My next sentence was, “I am not sure how you’d like to do this, but perhaps to build the trust between us you could bring a portion of the allowance each time you come over. And once you know that I’m here for you, we can change it to twice or even once a month?”

He responded positively to my suggestion and was shortly on his way. It was a nice and relaxing meeting. A lot shorter than what our trysts would be over time.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Escort - Man’s Heart

I need to get something off my mind before I can continue my story of the earlier posts. For the last couple of days I’ve been bothered by a thought - “why is it so difficult to let go of friends who are detrimental?”

I have been friends with a man for a couple of years, and he has been nothing but drama in the last two weeks. He’s been moping around ever since he found out that I have feelings for another man. A man, according to him, that does not deserve my attention. He cannot believe that after two years of being friends I do not care about how he feels - angry, hurt, and stupid.

Yes, he has been trying to send me on a guilt trip, but it is not working and now we have silence between us. I hope that he will get over it and understand that

a) He missed out with all his procrastinating. I knew this man had feelings for me (I did not beyond friends) but he did not do squat! He was convinced that had he been with me, eventually I would have fallen for him, the same way I had so fast for the new guy. I don’t believe it. One thing I know about myself (been tested), I do not develop feelings for someone over time if there was no initial flicker.

b) I never let him know that I have feelings for him beyond ‘friends’.

I did make a mistake! We had sex six times but he paid me for each encounter. He paid me like he would a prostitute. There was no discount.

Why did I have sex with him if we were friends? I wanted to get him hooked but not in a lovey-dovey way. Hooked for sex so that I can have a steady income with a minimal amount of risk… There I go again, my entrepreneur playing with a man’s heart.

I do not feel bad. I just find it difficult to let him go as a friend. I enjoyed our conversation (at times). I just need to keep straight. It’s like getting off drugs that you know are bad for you. I have to let him go because all his negative energy isn’t healthy.

How long will it take before I forget about him?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sugar Baby Allowance

That same day I received a message, he wanted to meet the following week at my place. I was excited but at the same time wondering about the arrangement. We still did not settle on an amount. In his sugar dating profile he did not state how much he was willing to provide. It is a touchy subject and I wanted to discuss it without scaring him off. I did not want to low ball myself, but I did not want to say something that would be too high for him.

I did like him from the first moment we met, and I genuinely wanted to get to know him. This is why I worried that my allowance request might be a little too high.
In a text later that week he asked me how much support I was expecting. To that I replied, “I don’t recall what you said in your profile about an allowance. What budget did you have in mind? I would like to see if we are on the same page.”

He did not make it easy for me. He explained that he did not have anything specific in mind. And that since he is not asking for too much of my time he hopes that it will be fair. But of course, he also understands the benefit to him with my having a place where we would meet.

I did some thinking, and decided to stick to my guns. When the final discussion came to the allowance, I was going to ask for my highest bid!

A couple days before our meeting, nature took over and I began my ‘period’. I wasn’t sure what to do, because I always took time off from escorting when menstruating. Should I send him an email explaining the situation and ask him if he would still see me? Or should I see him and ‘if’ the need for sex arises to let him know on the spot?

I was honest with him from the start, so I went with the former alternative. I sent him a message asking if he would like to postpone our visit to a later date.
I waited for his response, would it be?

1) Postpone to the following week


2) Agree to see me in spite of natures flow

Friday, October 8, 2010

Escort Turns Sugar Baby

I have been away and did not have much to blog about…
That’s not true. I have had phenomenal changes occur in the last 8 weeks. I did not want to blog until my life stabilized.

Eight weeks ago, I made a promise to myself that I will get out of escorting. After doing it for years (on and off), I was tired. Magnified was my exhaustion by the last few brutal experiences (read Escort Clients - The Biter).

That week, I created a profile on a notable sugar dating website. With a modest description and a few pictures (not revealing my face) I was searchable in a directory of thousands of other ladies. For some reason I did not set my hopes up high. I did not even use the search function to view any prospective sugar daddies. Instead, I logged off and once a day checked for notifying emails that let me know if someone had contacted me.

In the first week I was contacted by a man from half way across the country. His extremely long (copy/paste) email over flowed with promises of travel and his vain expressions telling me how I would dress and what I would eat in his presence. In his last paragraph he delicately introduced the “scam” - he would get a credit card in MY NAME that he would cover at the end of the month.
Right… I’m not a silly girl.

After pointing out the scam to him and exchanging a few massages where he talked down to me and made extremely sexual comments (such as - ‘I expect oral sex without a condom and threesomes with other ladies’), I told him to seek out a phone book and skip over to section E for Escorts. Our brief but heated ‘getting to know you’ attempt stopped.

A week later (7 weeks ago), I received another message from a gentleman in my own home town. He introduced himself as ‘J’, and explained his ‘situation’. He was looking for a young lady that he could see once a week. The arrangement would have to be ‘indoors’, since he could not be seen out on the town in case he ran into acquaintances or business associates. He was also looking for someone exclusive, not a lady looking for multiple sugar daddies on the side.

I was skeptical. It reminded me so much of escorting. When I see a gentleman ‘indoors’ it really restricts all that you can do. Eat, watch TV, play games, have showers, and most important lots of sex. How would it be different if he came over to see me? What would we do? How long will he visit for? Instead of asking him all these questions, I set up a date to meet him in public. We both agreed on a tiny but very cozy coffee shop in the south part of town.

That day, six weeks ago, I got ready in the morning. Trying to look my best but at the same time preparing myself for the worst, in case things did not work out. I don’t like to set my expectations too high, I learned this through escorting. When I see my clients, I never wonder about what they would look like or how they would act. Setting an expectation to another person is usually a path to disappointment. Imagine how ecstatic I feel when a client comes in and he’s a young hot stud that is respectful to me? Haha

Now I’m getting a little off topic. Let’s get back to my date. I arrive at the coffee shop 5 minutes before he does and head over to the washroom. Just to check the neatness of my hair and clothes. I look into the mirror, take a deep breathe and as I breathe out looking deep into my own brown eyes I whisper almost silently, “you will do great!” I walk out of the washroom and see a gentleman walk through the front doors.

He is in his early forties, salt and pepper hair, nice face, fit body but there is something slightly nerdy about his shy demeanor. I approach him as he looks at me and he recognizes that I’m there to meet him. (That was easy, as there were only between 15 - 20 people at the shop all sitting and chatting at their tables). I jumped into light conversation quite quickly, trying to make it look like we knew each other. He kept looking at me as I spoke and we ordered a couple of hot drinks. We found a table and sat down across from each other. He was dressed business casual, a light fall coat nicely accentuated his upper body.

I could tell how nervous he was, and I tried my best to make him feel comfortable. When he spoke, his voice was so quite I could barely make out half of what he was saying over a laughing blonde and her flock two tables down from us. I gently told him that I cannot hear him because he is so quiet, and at the same moment I moved my chair closer to his.  He seemed to appreciate my gesture to be near and after a half hour I noticed him relax.

In 45 minutes we finished our drinks and he asked me when I could start seeing him. I said as soon as next week. We agreed to get in contact with each other shortly to set a day and time. He told me that he met a few girls before me through the website but they were not what he was looking for. They had tattoos, piercings, and a really untrusting attitude. He expressed how lucky he felt to have met me. I smiled and we said our goodbyes. As much as I enjoyed hearing all those words, I say ‘words are not actions’.

What happened next?