Saturday, August 28, 2010

Escort Clients - The Biter

I really wanted to start off my escort blog with something a little more educational but I am going to vent. Last night I took a big chance seeing a new client without doing any background checks. I decided to go with my gut feeling, something a lot of us ladies have to rely on in the sex industry.

On the day of our appointment he called me to get my address. It was the first time I heard his voice and it put me off. I wasn’t sure if he was jerking off or he just finished running a marathon. But I did not ask. In my mind I kept on thinking, maybe I should let this one slide? Instead, I gave him the directions to my address.

Half hour to 5 o’clock I began getting my place ready. Mostly, it consisted of me putting away my laptop, purse with keys and ID out of sight. This is very important, because if a girl gets busted by local authorities they will not get their nasty claws on her valuables. They do not have a warrant when they come in, but they do take things sitting out in plain sight. It’s a bitch. I never had a run in with police but I know the stories from my fellow escorts.

At 5 o’clock he came up to my door. I let him in and without taking off his shoes, my pet peeve, he made his way to my kitchen. Placing a bottle of white on my table he proceeded to give me an envelope. (The envelope is where the money is, for those who do not know).

“Could you please take off your shoes?” I asked after thanking him for the envelope and putting it on a kitchen counter.

He went back to the entrance and removed his Puma sneakers. I would have described him as a man in his late 50’s. His skin was leathery from excessive tanning, and his hair a dyed burgundy colour cut short. He wasn’t too tall or too short and neither was he over weight or toned.

I let him know that I do not drink alcohol. Something he must have missed when I emailed him a list of do’s and don’t’s.

As he poured himself a full glass of wine, I was bombarded with a bunch of very uncomfortable questions. Do I only do incalls or outcalls? Why do I advertise on a large variety of escort websites? Why haven’t I opened the envelope to count the money in front of him?

When standing there trying to peg him for a cop, these kind of questions make me very high strung. Eventually I asked him to take a seat with me on the couch to get more comfortable. This shift finally made him change the topic of conversation.

Immediately, on the couch, I made myself comfortable in his lap. This is the best way to test if a cop is a cop. Technically, he is not supposed to let a girl get all kissy kissy with him. And that’s what I did.

The foreplay quickly went south (in a bad way!). He kept on grabbing me, messing up my hair (another peeve), and mashing my face against his. I knew I had to manage the situation or else the next 50 minutes would be hell. I was glad I only let him see me for the introductory hour for our first meeting!

We moved over into the bedroom where I started undressing him and soon removing my own garments. “I’m looking forward to seeing that amazing butt that everyone keeps raving about!” He said to me. I just smiled. I honestly do not think my ass-et is my best asset. But if they say so, I won’t disagree!

Naked and on the bed he continued sucking face, messing up my hair, and petting my face. I tried to move away and take control but with him it was nearly impossible. “Can I go down on you?” He finally asked. Yes you may mister. And I comfortably lie down on my back and let him get down between my thighs. It was a scary experience! I never heard anyone breathe so hard, I actually thought he was trying to blow air into my vagina. So I kept moving my pelvis from side to side so he didn’t get a chance to blow air into my vagina causing an embolism. That could potentially kill a woman!

We switched over to sixty nine and then back to making out. In the middle of his passionate ravaging of my neck I felt his teeth sink into my skin. I screamed in pain and he let go. He apologized but I did not forgive him. After all he already tried to do, this included scratching my back!

Next it was missionary. We just started to get into position when he carelessly dropped all of his weight on top of me and placed his shoulder on the side of my jaw.

(As an aside, I find only arrogant self centered assholes would ever put me in this position. I’m small in both height and weight so it’s obvious they could easily squish me.)

I started smacking him on his back to get his attention and with my last breath of air gasped, “You are chocking me with your shoulder!” He moved his weight off and asked if we could do it doggy style?

Doggy is one of the positions where nothing bad could happen, right? Wrong! He managed to fuck it up too. I got into position and slipped him inside. In a few moments I felt pain rushing through my waist. His fingers felt like clamps, tightening with each thrust of his hips. I started unclasping his hands when he came. He was a very fast shooter!

The rest of the time he kept on trying to kiss me while I attempted to make conversation. He poured himself another glass of wine and left when it was finished.

This morning I got an email from him. It read, “Will you be my girlfriend?! I can’t get you off my mind.” I also have teeth marks on my neck to remember him by!!!

I will not even entertain the idea of responding. What a fucking asshole loser jerk!!!
It’s too bad because he’s got lots of money. I had never been tipped as much as he tipped me last night. Oh well, my well being is more important than my bank account.

Peace ;)


Kenny said...

Very interesting account from the other point of view...

I get very physical during sex, but...I always ask...and it is never abusive.

The only thing I wonder not being more forward with letting him know that you were uncomfortable, did you lead him on? Make him think you were into him? That could potentially be a problem.

Looking forward to reading your blog!

M said...

@ Kenny: I believe that I was letting him know that I was uncomfortable. Perhaps I was subtle and polite about it...but I was not my usual self. Then again, how would he know I'm not my usual self? LOL

Thanks for your comment!

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