Friday, October 8, 2010

Escort Turns Sugar Baby

I have been away and did not have much to blog about…
That’s not true. I have had phenomenal changes occur in the last 8 weeks. I did not want to blog until my life stabilized.

Eight weeks ago, I made a promise to myself that I will get out of escorting. After doing it for years (on and off), I was tired. Magnified was my exhaustion by the last few brutal experiences (read Escort Clients - The Biter).

That week, I created a profile on a notable sugar dating website. With a modest description and a few pictures (not revealing my face) I was searchable in a directory of thousands of other ladies. For some reason I did not set my hopes up high. I did not even use the search function to view any prospective sugar daddies. Instead, I logged off and once a day checked for notifying emails that let me know if someone had contacted me.

In the first week I was contacted by a man from half way across the country. His extremely long (copy/paste) email over flowed with promises of travel and his vain expressions telling me how I would dress and what I would eat in his presence. In his last paragraph he delicately introduced the “scam” - he would get a credit card in MY NAME that he would cover at the end of the month.
Right… I’m not a silly girl.

After pointing out the scam to him and exchanging a few massages where he talked down to me and made extremely sexual comments (such as - ‘I expect oral sex without a condom and threesomes with other ladies’), I told him to seek out a phone book and skip over to section E for Escorts. Our brief but heated ‘getting to know you’ attempt stopped.

A week later (7 weeks ago), I received another message from a gentleman in my own home town. He introduced himself as ‘J’, and explained his ‘situation’. He was looking for a young lady that he could see once a week. The arrangement would have to be ‘indoors’, since he could not be seen out on the town in case he ran into acquaintances or business associates. He was also looking for someone exclusive, not a lady looking for multiple sugar daddies on the side.

I was skeptical. It reminded me so much of escorting. When I see a gentleman ‘indoors’ it really restricts all that you can do. Eat, watch TV, play games, have showers, and most important lots of sex. How would it be different if he came over to see me? What would we do? How long will he visit for? Instead of asking him all these questions, I set up a date to meet him in public. We both agreed on a tiny but very cozy coffee shop in the south part of town.

That day, six weeks ago, I got ready in the morning. Trying to look my best but at the same time preparing myself for the worst, in case things did not work out. I don’t like to set my expectations too high, I learned this through escorting. When I see my clients, I never wonder about what they would look like or how they would act. Setting an expectation to another person is usually a path to disappointment. Imagine how ecstatic I feel when a client comes in and he’s a young hot stud that is respectful to me? Haha

Now I’m getting a little off topic. Let’s get back to my date. I arrive at the coffee shop 5 minutes before he does and head over to the washroom. Just to check the neatness of my hair and clothes. I look into the mirror, take a deep breathe and as I breathe out looking deep into my own brown eyes I whisper almost silently, “you will do great!” I walk out of the washroom and see a gentleman walk through the front doors.

He is in his early forties, salt and pepper hair, nice face, fit body but there is something slightly nerdy about his shy demeanor. I approach him as he looks at me and he recognizes that I’m there to meet him. (That was easy, as there were only between 15 - 20 people at the shop all sitting and chatting at their tables). I jumped into light conversation quite quickly, trying to make it look like we knew each other. He kept looking at me as I spoke and we ordered a couple of hot drinks. We found a table and sat down across from each other. He was dressed business casual, a light fall coat nicely accentuated his upper body.

I could tell how nervous he was, and I tried my best to make him feel comfortable. When he spoke, his voice was so quite I could barely make out half of what he was saying over a laughing blonde and her flock two tables down from us. I gently told him that I cannot hear him because he is so quiet, and at the same moment I moved my chair closer to his.  He seemed to appreciate my gesture to be near and after a half hour I noticed him relax.

In 45 minutes we finished our drinks and he asked me when I could start seeing him. I said as soon as next week. We agreed to get in contact with each other shortly to set a day and time. He told me that he met a few girls before me through the website but they were not what he was looking for. They had tattoos, piercings, and a really untrusting attitude. He expressed how lucky he felt to have met me. I smiled and we said our goodbyes. As much as I enjoyed hearing all those words, I say ‘words are not actions’.

What happened next?


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