Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sugar Baby - Accelerating

This week J and I met up twice. He wanted to squeeze in a couple more dates before he leaves on a two week trip next week. What was different and hence put me in a thinking-loop was the sleep over. It was our first ‘sleep over’. He came by at around 10 PM with cranberry juice and three bottles of alcohol. There was a choice between vodka, gin, and whiskey. I have told him, in the past, I don’t drink and have been in the clear for 8 months. Not to kill the mood he was in, I told him to get comfortable while I made us drinks.

I poured myself less than half a shot of gin and mixed in 6 ounces of cranberry. For him, I poured 2 shots of gin then added the juice. Making sure not to mix up which glass was mine I brought both drinks to the living room. We sat around chatting and he remembered to tell me - he forgot to bring the allowance. He apologized and reassured that he will bring it on our next visit which would be in two days.

I was not too impressed, since he remembered to bring everything for the night but forgot the envelope. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind and told him that’s fine.

We chatted some more and with a mischievous smile I asked, “What did you say before you left to see me?”

He looked at me and said, “I just explained a need to go back to the office to finish some work. That tomorrow morning will be busy and I need to get ready.”

I smiled again, “Think she believed you?”

“I think so. But it really does not matter.” He responded.

* * *
Once again we were rolling around in bed. Despite my telling him that I just started my period he still wanted up and in.

Last time he came, he promised to keep the sex under one hour. Maybe he was embarrassed that the sex which lasted 90 minutes turned to 2 and finally 3 hours long with each proceeding visit.

This night he finished in 35 minutes. It was a miracle since I was getting quite sore.

We showered and went to bed.

To be honest, I could not understand the reason for the sleep over?
I did not have a very restful night. Being accustomed to sleeping alone for many years, it felt a little awkward having him lying next to me. Fighting a sudden urge to move down to the floor, I was awake until I finally lost consciousness. J does not know that I have been sleeping on the floor for a few years now. Haha I have a bed but I prefer sleeping on the floor and have done so every day for many years. You might not understand how difficult it’s sleeping on a bed after getting used to the firm surface of a carpeted floor.

I didn’t tell him. I should probably tell him.

* * *

Our second visit was scheduled as usual, during the day. But just an hour to our meeting he sent me a message: Morning! I’m still coming as usual but might have to leave early. Around 2 PM, hope that is okay?

It was an A-Okay by me. :) I like seeing him a lot and even for a couple hours would be sweet. He came over and we hung out, chatted, had lunch and watched an episode of a show we both like. During a conversation we had about relationships he became a bit worried again. He asked me once more to notify him if I ever got a boyfriend. I giggled and said, “You are almost like a boyfriend to me.”

“I so wanted to hear you say that.” He said as if he’s been waiting for it forever.

“Well there, you heard me say it.” I laughed and smiled. But I knew at that moment it was true. I have not worked for a couple of months, which meant that he has occupied most of my time.

Things are moving in a strange direction…A couple of weeks ago he hinted that one day he hopes to have sex without a condom. That really freaked me out! Not planning on having any babies in the next little while. LOL I said, “Well, here’s the thing. I don’t like pills and so I never have and not planning on taking birth control. Condoms are the only method I use to stay sterile.” (True. Go figure, and I’m an escort. LMAO) He said he understands and won’t push it on me until I’m comfortable.


Hmmm… How will I get comfortable? Comfortable to start taking the pill or…

I’m not sure, but I did not ask since the ball is in my court.

So I’m finally up to speed with recounting the events of J and me! :D


  1. Well, I can totally relate to the condoms thing as you can tell in my relatively recent experience when a pot brought it up. Although I did not enter into that relationship for more than just the condom thing, I really was not entirely comfortable about having to go on birth control for keeping an arrangement. It's something I'd prefer to do with someone I care for and feel comfortable/safe with, not because you are paing X amount per month. Be careful he doesn't pressure you emotionally, financially or otherwise. It's your body.

    I also hope he remembered your allowance on the second visit. I just hope he won'ton't allow get lax and start thinking it's OK to forget. I feel that a mistress is an indulgence and should be treated appropriately.

  2. @ Eden:

    Yes, I only have barrier-free sex with my boyfriends (when I have 'em) LOL :)
    We are at a point in history where diseases are understood and precaution should be taken...

    He did remember to bring the allowance on the second visit :)
    I hope he doesn't turn it into a habit...if it does, I'll let him know it's not something I am going to tolerate.

    Thanks for reading xxx

  3. I hope it's awhile before, and if, you do it with no condom. I only did that with 2 bf's in my past, out of the five. My first and my current one. It takes me a lot of "trust" to put myself in that position. I am all for taking precaution. Maybe he should take the special test, cause of him having a spouse. teehee. jk.

  4. @ anonymous:

    :) You smarty girl. For sure! I'm not going to go for his request, going bare back, lol ...
    That's not what the arrangement is about :)

    What's the 'special' test?
    I honestly, wanted to ask him to go get tested for STDs but decided that if I get tested and have something...I'll know I got it from giving him oral sex uncovered.


  5. I think it's great that you sleep on the floor. It reminds me of childhood. He, on the other hand, may not. Great read!

  6. By 'special' I meant him getting STD test, but I see your point. xD I like your blogs.

  7. Why not do the right thing and tell the guy you are a prostitute and don't do unprotected sex with clients? I do not understand?? No wonder he thinks he could be your boyfriend! You are not being fair or honest here, or professional.

  8. Well, she already went from previous job to full on sugar. I think she is making the adjustments as she goes along. Change of 'environment' can shake things up a bit. I think she is doing a great job acting though. :D

  9. @ Anonymous "Why not do the right thing and tell the guy you are a prostitute and don't do unprotected sex with clients?"

    I never have unprotected sex with clients. As you can see I'm in a delicate situation. I have not seen clients a week before meeting J. Technically I'm not a prostitute until I go out and start getting paid for sex again.

    Thank you for asking questions and commenting :) I always appreciate it ;) Peace

  10. On a second thought...Here is what I think - As long as I'm not in a 'honest' relationship, the man does not need to know that I'm providing adult services on the side. He definitely does not need to know I did in my past.

    J is a sugardaddy, he does not need to hear what he doesn't want to know. And believe me, he gave me all the signals that he wants a woman to be his little angel. He would not be able to accept a woman in any other way.

    When I get into a relationship (as with a real boyfriend), I will definitely tell my true love of my past and present. :)

    Thank you all xox

  11. Love your blog! I went down the road of being a sugar baby, really innocent, but things changed a tiny bit. I hope I don't seem generic when I say it's on my blog and you can read it. lol.

  12. @ Assha:

    Hey, I clicked on your name but can't see your blog. Can you give me a link please?


  13. I mean I forgot it was on private.