Sunday, November 14, 2010

Escort - Agency to Independent

This is my first and last attempt at working for an agency. Seven days straight of advertising DID NOT get me any work! Apparently men keep calling asking to talk to me, but when my agent tells them they have to book an appointment through their service the guys hang up or just say “I’ll call you back” and never do. I do not understand their lack of wanting to book through a third party? It might be that our town is flooded with independent providers and few very reputable agencies. The agency I started with is very new.

I quit.

A few nights ago I was cruising the net and found a couple of free websites providing free hosting and tools for website building! The only down side is you cannot get your own domain name for free, but those are available for as low as $10/year. Currently I still own my domain that features my “old escort name” and have a contract with a webhosting company. I am very good at web design, and have knowledge of CSS and HTML. Not wanting to buy a new domain name, I decided to try out this free webhost.

In a matter of 2 hours I built a website from scratch. I did not use their formatted templates, because I did not want my website to imitate that of my competition. I wanted mine to be unique. The following day I looked at my website with a fresh pair of eyes and tweaked it to perfection. Before publishing the site for the WorldWideWeb, I linked each of the pages together. All was done with a few clicks of a mouse.

You can even put banners of other websites! I haven’t done this yet but it is easy to do and the website provides video tutorials on how this is done.

If you would like to know which site I used (for free) and the other one I found offering free hosting/web design just comment below this post.

That same day, I put up my advertisement including the link to the new website and voila! I had two jobs lined up a couple hours later.


  1. hi M. im just finishing off my bucket list and one of my goals is to make my own website (not decided what for yet). if you could post the links that'd be a great start!
    thanks hon x

  2. @ Eden:

    Here is the website I used just a couple of days ago and it looks to be working well. I've also noticed many girls using this webhost for over a year and they don't seem to be complaining:

    Another one I notice a LOT of girls use is :

    And here is another I found but know nothing about:

    If you do not want the "escort word" in your domain name I recommend you use

    For example you name your website Eden it would look like this on

    Just an example. But with the other ones it would look like


  3. P.S.

    If you purchase your personal domain can be

    Just like this blog I own does not have "" beside the name...You may have noticed?

    That is because I purchased it for the year.

    If you have any questions just ask and I'll help if I can :)