Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Escort - Get My Change

I had vowed myself never to give pussy to the creep who called me a whore. On one end I wanted to forgive him on the other I wasn’t sure how I would feel if we fucked again.

You might be curious why I would want to forgive a filthy selfish client who thought less of me than dirt? I will explain it like this - how can anyone stay mad at a stupid dog that shat on the living room carpet? Is it really his fault that he is a moron, partly yes, but for the most part he was raised wrong by society and his parents (if he had any).

I also had to forgive him so I could come to terms with myself. Knowing I let a moron slide meat into me and heard whore afterward left all kinds of rotten feelings. I bet $1,000,000 that I had clients who hated my guts because I am a woman and a whore but at least they didn’t have the balls to tell me.

And so I did forgive but I couldn’t bring myself to see him again.

Then 2 months out of nowhere I started receiving emails of this nature - “Hi *****, I’d love to come see you again. Are you around today?”

All of them I ignored. Apparently my lack of reply was no deterrent!

I was having a post-client shower when my phone rang. Turning off the tap I answered my phone, “Hello, how are you?”

“Hi, are you available today in the next half hour?” A man asked. The caller’s number and name showed up in the caller ID. It was a number I had seen before, in the last few days, but I kept on missing the calls. This was not a number I had on my blacklist.

“Yea, I will be.” I replied. “Let me give you the intersection of where I’m at.”

“I know the address. We have already seen each other before.” He said.

“Oh okay. See yea soon!” And I clicked off.

I dried myself off with a towel and put on my outfit. He said we had met before but I couldn’t recognize this number! I opened up my client list and started searching for his number. In a few seconds the screen flashed with zero results. I was a bit puzzled and hoped for the best. It’s not unusual for a client to use a different number, I have seen this before.

30 minutes later I received a call from downstairs. After buzzing him in, I opened the door to a man. I knew I’ve seen him before but I couldn’t remember when or what his name was.

“Do you remember me?!” He asked.

I shook my head, “Uhh not really.” No need to lie ;)

He took off his shoes and proceeded into my living room where he handed over a wad of cash. I thanked him and started walking out of the room to count the money and place it in a safe location. In the mean time he quickly shed off his clothes.

“Listen, the amount I gave you is $10 more than your ‘ask price’. Can I get the change?” He asked without a hint of hesitation in his voice.

“I don’t have change sorry.” I responded and put away the cash in a drawer.

“Then give me more time. Either give me the change or give me more time.” He started to haggle.

“No. I am not going to do either. You can view the $10 as a ‘tip’ to me.” I told him this as I returned back to the room where he was now fully naked.

“Give me more time!” he said again.

“It’s only $10!”

“That is easy for you to say!” He replied and reclined on the bed.

I didn’t respond and just got on the bed to start the session. After the first round which lasted about 15 minutes, I asked him to turn over so I could give him a back massage. And while I was rubbing my hands over his back it became clear to me (by way of conversation) that he was the same (the one and only) fucker who called me a whore.

At that ‘all knowing’ moment I started to evaluate how I felt. This was a situation I so feared, giving him my pussy again. Not knowing how I would feel fucking a man who hates me. And as I sat there giving him a massage I didn’t feel anything! It wasn’t as terrible as I envisioned it all. The sky did not fall and I didn’t start mutilating my delicate girly bits.

Instead I wanted him out. And I put no effort into his second shot. I knew he wanted to cum again but I played lousy! I kept silent when he wanted me to talk him dirty. And I pretended my wrist got tired of yanking his dick.

He ended up leaving before his original time was up! :D

Once again I put the new phone in my blacklist. It turns out that he got a new cell from this employer. Go figure! Next time some dick tells me he’s seen me before and I have no idea who he is I’m asking for a name :) Cuz this guy always uses the same name with me.


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs they are very entertaining and I believe that you're a wonderful writer. Do you ever screen your clients before you see them? I am sorry that you had to put up with creep again. I actually had a guy pay me and then tell me he was staying longer because he did not have any change. I let him stay because I've had never had a situation like that before. I had a WTF moment and was completely shock.I couldn't believe he did not ask me if it was okay.I definitely know what do if something like that happens again.

  2. Ah, that sucks! I know you see a number of guys so it took time to click, but I'm pleased that you eventually managed to get rid of him. I know in the escort biz, you rely on reviews and need to keep safe, so I applaud you on acting ladylike through this adn blocked his ass afterwards. OI hope you just don't have to see/hear from him again!

  3. @ Anonymous:

    Thank you :) It's always pleasant to know someone enjoys my blog.

    It's rare that a client would be so brash. In your case it's good you had time to extend the session but what if you had another client coming to see you 30 minutes after the 1st client should have left?

    Then you would be cutting into the time it takes you to get ready for your next client. Or perhaps even cutting into the time your next client should be with you.

    You can always tell a client that you cannot extend a session due to your schedule. No man wants to have another guy waiting in line practically outside the door! LOL...

    In any case, that is what I might push for if a client paid me a lot and expected to extend our session without asking me if I could do so.


  4. @ Eden:

    Thank you Eden :) It wasn't simple dealing with that ass wipe in a lady-like manner. He did not deserve it.

    I don't worry so much about reviews any more. Now that I've had my new name for relatively enough time to secure myself a bunch of sparkling reviews. There is no way any douche bag would be able to tarnish my reputation.

    Once an escort has a few loyal customers, they usually defend her on a review board if some crap pipe wants to shit all over her.


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  6. I hear these stories of how some men act and I am just amazed. $10....really....$10.....

    At that point I think it is a control thing...he is just being a dick to feel in control. For some people I guess that is their Kink...control...but they don't know it so they act like a dick.

  7. @ Mariana aguirre:

    Thank you hun but I don't have a banner for this blog. Best of luck in your advertising.

    @ k:

    Yea you know, it must be a control thing, now that I come to think of it!


  8. @ Mariana:

    Hi girl, I don't exchange banners on this blog. Take care ;)

    @ k:

    Yea I never thought of it as a control issue. Interesting concept ;) But yea, if a guy wants to save $10, he really needs to find a new hobby. hahaha

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  13. Well done for playing that situation smart. You couldn't really have played it any better. Got your money, for less work without creating a dangerous/negative situation. Go girl!

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