Saturday, December 18, 2010

Escort - The Trick Routine

“Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.” - Billy Crystal.

If you are running an incall (a place) then the preparation for turning a trick starts like this:

• Clean your place (vacuum, scrub, dust, organize)
• Hang clean towels in the bathroom
• Make soap, shower gel, toilet paper, and mouthwash available
• Place a fresh bed sheet over the bed

For a cozier relaxing environment play music softly in the background. I choose a local radio station that plays classic rock. Light up some scented candles and dim the lights. Be careful where you leave your candles. A former client burned his pants while an escort he saw ripped off his clothes during their wild make-out session. She ended up driving him to the store for a new pair of jeans. Place the candles on surfaces where flammables aren’t going to be thrown.

Prepare yourself:

• Shower
• Shave (armpits, legs, pussy, etc…)
• Make-up
• Deodorant
• Lightly scented lotion
• Hair

Choose an outfit that makes you feel sexy. I love fishnet anything. I have fishnet stockings of different colours, full-body black fishnet with an opening in the crotch. Fishnet tops, fishnet gloves, panties, bras, etc… Or put on the outfit that was requested by a client.

Tip#1: Keep track of what you wear for a repeating client. Try to change up the outfits for him each time he sees you.

Tip#2: Ten minutes before the appointment apply one or two small drops of lubrication on the inside of your pussy lips. Guys go crazy when they feel how wet you are, thinking that you are wet for them. Haha

Tip#3: Fifteen minutes before the appointment glide on a thin layer of scented deodorant to the inside of your thighs. I use vanilla. It leaves an impression on many boys if they ever find themselves between your thighs.

Tip#4: If you happen to pee before the appointment make sure to wash yourself gently with warm water. Check to see you do not have an unpleasant scent by smelling your hand after touching yourself. From time to time I run into some unclean men so I know that nice smells/tastes are crucial for all intimate activities.

Tip#5: Use mouthwash 10 minutes before the appointment. I rinse for 1 to 2 minutes.

Five minutes to the appointment:

Make sure that someone knows where you are and who is coming over to see you. The person who knows must be trustworthy and reliable. Call him/her and tell them the appointment is about to start. “The client is coming over in 5 minutes. His name is John and his phone number is xxx-xxxx. Please call me at 4:05 PM that is when he should have left.”

Your friend should write down the details of your trick and call at the agreed time. I used to add 5 minutes on to the appointment time. This gives a guy time to get dressed and leave.

If you don’t have anyone you can rely on, like me, there is another way - fake it. Right before a client walks in for his appointment I set an alarm. My cell phone has an alarm setting that sounds like a phone ringing. I turn the phone to vibrate, so that if someone happens to call me out of the blue, I will not disrupt my appointment (very rude actually! If you forget to turn your phone to vibrate do not pick up and start chatting during an appointment. Just turn it off!) But my alarm clock goes off even when my phone is in vibrate mode.

When the appointment time is up my alarm rings, I get up and say, “Oh that’s my friend checking up on me.” I go to the other room to turn off my alarm. Or “text my friend to say the appointment has ended” if someone ever asks what I’m doing. This takes me out of an appointment running over time and lets the client know that someone watches over me. I return to the room and start getting dressed.

The Routine:

Now to make your appointment easy work out what I call “a trick routine”. Time flies when you have a routine down pat, it also gives you style or a signature. A routine helps you improve your skills, and teaches you the strengths and weaknesses of your performance.

My former Girl Friend Experience Routine:

A client walks in and I practically pounce on him at the front door. (Of course with someone regular that always pays me and is clean/fresh). I would start making out, undressing him as we make our way to the bedroom. Some guys would undress me down to my lingerie and lean me back against the wall, get down on their knees and lick my pussy. Once in the bedroom there would be more foreplay - rubbing , kissing, touching, dry humping. I put on the condom on with my mouth for a covered blowjob. Then it was always on to cowgirl (unless a client requested another position). Switched positions until a guy came.

Take a break by relaxing - cuddling on the bed and chatting.

Round two was a repeat if the guy could get it up. Or the guys would just go down on me for the rest of the time we were together.


My new Non- Girl Friend Experience Routine:

Client walks in, make him feel comfortable by offering a drink or a shower. Chit chat for 5 to 10 minutes on the couch. Start getting cozy in his lap, let him undress me while I rub myself all over his crotch. Kiss his neck/chest and let him suck and rub my nipples/body. Offer to start him off with a back/body massage in the bedroom. Some men accept and others just want to fuck.

Remove all his clothing in the bedroom and ask him to lie down on his stomach. Straddle the guy wearing just my panties and rub on some unscented massage oil. Work on the back muscles, bum, legs, and arms. Switch over to a body slide - which basically involves me sliding my body up and down the guy’s back. Many guys enjoy a girl rubbing with her tits on their back haha

Flip the guy over on his back and start to tease his cock with a bit of lube on my hands. I really enjoy playing with a guy’s pre-cum. And some guys just ooze of it. haha

Put on the condom and go in for a deep throat blowjob. Make eye contact, gently cup his balls with my hands or rub his thighs.

Get into cowgirl position, switch into positions that the guy wants. I am always excited about experimenting with positions so I never turn down what a guy wants to try.

He cums, go for another break by cuddling and chatting.

Repeat for round two or three…



  1. IMO it is the routine that aides in your ability to distance yourself from your clients. Like an actress playing a part, you can be in your routine yet still modify it for the client without developing emotional attachment. Kudos to you for providing advice to all that participate.

  2. @brit:

    I can't agree with you 100% on that. In the beginning, while getting used to the routine, an escort may feel distanced from a client. But over time, when the routine becomes second nature it no longer protects a girl from developing emotional attachment. There is a little more to it, maybe I'll write a separate entry on this. :) I need to think about it!

    Thanks for commenting xo

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