Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Escort - Keeps Gettin' Better

Holly prostitute!! I have been away for far too long. Been re-arranging my life
as of late. You know getting rid of people that no longer have a good
affect on you. I'm sure we've all met those people. They have a what I call, a
diseased mind, all they have are negative opinions about your life. I find that
older friends have that stand point, they think that if they are 50 year old men
they know what it's like to be a 20 year old girl that is a prostitute.

Uh buddy, if you have never sold your pussy for cash, you can't possibly understand
me! :) hahaha

Today I'm celebrating, and I'm outa my mind drunk on Orange flavored Vodka. I am
free of all these people that control my conscience! I'm free!!!! I love it.

But today I am working again too, it's a good day. Two regular clients and one
new client will be coming to the pad. I know what to expect and I know that a new
client always makes it interesting.

More to come!!! Just wanted to say "Ello!!!" haha :D

And yes I'm alive!!! I will be back. After all, I paid to keep this thing
running for another year hahahaha


Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better


Eden said...

Yay, she's back!

Love that you're OK. A social detox is never a bad can end up far better for it and it can give you a new lease of life!

Totally missed you blogging, be great to read some posts from you. Hope today goes well with the clients.


Georgina SB said...

I missed reading your blog! I was wondering if you skipped town or something! Glad you are ok :)

Kenny said...

Glad your back and good job on rooting out the deadbeats in your life! It always feels good to do that. Just be careful, they seem to have a way of creeping back in....

M said...

Thanks :D and yes, the clients from that day were super good! I had a good time :D

Good to be back. I need to re-eval what I should post about hahaha..

Well, working today again. But NEWS - I am moving out of my place and will no longer be able to see men at my place of work. I will now have to travel to get work. So more about that later :D Also....more stuff on dating...and being an escort!!! hahah I read some shite about being loose, uh I will comment on that later :D

dmnhendrix said...

We missed reading your blogs. Because i take a lot of good things about escorts

Isabella DeGrassi said...

Sending you some greetings from sweden and another high class escort.Love your blog.
Hugs Isa

Anonymous said...

What a good song for an escorts keep posting because i love reading your blogs

Dundee said...

Detox is definitely something that needs to be done every now and again to avoid mental burnout. Greetings from Scotland!

Deva Nita said...

Relly missed your post
and as we all, i agree you are ok and safe An,
we hope to hear from you more often.
Sends lots of good vibes and angelic protection.

Adult Chat said...

I missed reading yor blog,your creative writting.I hope you are still preparing more lblogs.Hope you write soon.

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