Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sugarbaby - Potential SD Politic

Just got off the phone with a potential sugar dad, let’s refer to him as SD Politic (because he says he works for the government), and OMG I feel so offended. And the question is, should I be? I mean, if I were a normal girl like most sweet innocent sugarbabies…I would be! Though, something inside me tells me I cannot be offended because I am really a ‘pro’.

And so I had SD Politic contact me on a sugar site about 2 weeks ago. We have exchanged emails where he told me that he’s an attached male in his late 30s. Will be traveling to my city frequently on business starting late April. For discretion purposes he does not want to provide me with any photos. Yet he requested that I send him many (I sent a few). And just 5 days ago he asked me for my number.

I was sitting in my tub filled with hot water when the phone rang. I picked up, “Hello, can I speak with M?” A man asked. Right away my brain shifted gears, I don’t get calls on my work phone being asked that name! I knew it was SD Politic.

“Yes, speaking.” I responded.

He asked me what I was doing and I told him - “Just about to cut my toe nails, I am soaking my feet in water.” Haha

We had a brief conversation, where he asked me very little about me - my age mainly. And told me that he’d be coming 3 to 4 times a month on business. That he is just looking for some fun intimate companionship for a couple of hours at a time. (By the way, my dear readers, SD Politic thinks I have nothing to do with escorting).

“I am so looking forward to meeting you! Would you mind sending me a couple more photos?” He asked.

“Uuh…you know, I haven’t seen any photos of you.” I tried to make it sound like, why should I be doing all the giving??? (photos, phone #…he blocked his number when he called).

We had a brief discussion about the financial side. “Would part allowance and part gifts be something you are able to do?” I asked him.

“Yes, what kind of gifts? Jewelry?” He asked.

How presumptuous :D Do all men think women only want diamonds? LMAO

“No, not that. I’m more interested in iPhone, iPad, that kind of thing.” I said.

I could tell he changed his tone a little when he heard me say it. And I can’t really describe it but I don’t think he was too impressed. “Those are interesting too.”

I asked him about the kind of budget he was willing to work with - $1,500 - $2,000 a month (all depending on how much he can access from his business account). Which isn’t bad considering he said we’d only spend 2 hours each time we see each other. However, in doing my math - how am I any less than a ‘pro’?

Matter of fact! If I were to schedule a client 4 times a month…2 hours each…I am guaranteed $2,000+. While in this arrangement he doesn’t even guarantee $2,000…Hmmm….I’m not feeling it already.

And here is the kicker! Before he let me go, he asked me if I’d be fine with answering a few sexual questions. “Sure, that’s fine.” I said, wondering what this little perv would ask me :D

“How tall are you again?” - 5 foot 3

"What is your breast size?" - A, 32 A to be precise.

“Do you shave or trim?” - I could shave

“Are you good at sucking cock?” - Well, you’d have to be the judge of that, sir. ;) LOL

“Mmm..okay, I just want to see that pretty mouth of yours around my cock.” - Wow… (okay I didn’t answer that).

And then it was adieu!

Can you believe this man? Would you ladies be offended? :D


  1. As a pro, no I wouldnt be offended. As a pro, id be highly suspicious of someone, govt worker or not, who blocks their number and doesnt provide any pics at all - I mean he could easily photoshop a couple to disguise himself.

    Sounds like a timewaster, prob just jerking off over your voice.

  2. @ Ms Jones:

    Well said, though I know he wasn't a phone jerk-off... I know too well what those sound like. This guy just wants a hooker but thinks by going the "sugarbaby" route he can get a clean girl that will probably put-out without protection.

    And I don't suck dick without a rubber...So...he's wasting his own time :)

  3. It may just be the tone of the blog post but personally, I don't like the sound of him. I feel men who search for pros on SD/SB sites well, there is often a good reason for it (in my head, I think blacklisted or looking for a cheap deal - basically nothing good). A real SD would at least be willing to ask you a bit about yourself to establish a rapport.

    I know you escort for a living and could handle such a guy, but just be wary (which I'm sure you will). I don't have good vibes about this dude, especially since he has witheld info. I have a feeling he'd be looking to pull the wool over your eyes first moment he had a chance.

  4. M, I think you are right on about this guy. He is looking for a pro that he thinks will do it without protection. If you weren't a pro you would be offended by his sexual questions. I think he was sending up a balloon to see if you would go along. My question is when this guy is so obvious about not wanting the GFE part of a SB/SD arrangement then why settle for less $$ than you could get otherwise? What is in it for you?

    Ms. Jones is right, he could easily hide his identity with a quick manipulation of a photo. You have the phone number by going online to your cell phone account and pulling the number from the time he called. Sounds arrogant to me, like he is just too clever! He probably would want to meet you at your place lol.

    So the deal is less $$ than you normally make, no travel, no bf experience, and offering some cheap jewelry so you get even less $$. Sounds like a catch, hun! :)

  5. @ brit:

    I'm not settling for anything less just yet :) Right now I don't have any other prospects so I'm giving it a fair try. I'm not dumb enough to have sex with this man for any less than I already make. Plus as an escort I don't offer intimate things like (kissing) so what would be the point of me sucking face with a cheap loser? None! LOL

    So I wrote him an email (to which he hasn't replied yet)....where I tell him that in order to make our experience more enjoyable we need to go out (example: dinner, shopping, etc...) I'm trying to make it sound like that the gfe/bfe side of it is important to me ;) Will see what he says..otherwise I'm moving on :D

  6. @ Eden:

    Thanks girl :D I agree with you 100%
    And I'll be careful ;) As always hehe

    Keep updating us on your blog beautiful!

  7. Based on what I see in this post. This guy is most likely a flake. I will be suprised if he comes through on much, if at all.

    I mean, why block your number if you are serious about seeing someone? And I get the no pics but somethings gotta give! He's a pic collector too??

    Tell tale signs in my book.

  8. M, I wonder if you heard from Politic? He seems like the kind of guy looking for NSA but wanting the sexual benefits of GF. lol

    Does anyone ever succeed in NSA? Even in most escort/hobbiest encounters if there is a regular then they make the fantasy of a relationship and send emails and gifts. How many times in a SB/SD relationship does one of the two get attached and think it is something more?

  9. @ brit:

    I haven't heard back from Politic...but I will be making a posting about it shortly haha.

    I think NSA arrangements can be successful for a given amount of time. But if one gets attached and the other party has no interest I think things quickly break down.

  10. Hello ladies sending lots of love..okay I had a Sugar Dad in early 2001. We met the old fashioned route no online membership required. My pal is a journalist and signed up for a few SD websites. First of all most of the men have been on those sites for six months to 2 years. They never change their profile pics,data,city of origin. They prey on needy and desperate females who are not very schooled. Second my friend went on a date with ten guys. Her summation for her article was Creeps,Liars,Flakes, A Pimp, and a COP! The police have gotten wind to the fact that ESCORTS are using Sugar Dad websites when business is slow. The men on there talk and the talk has landed in the lap of five police depts in California,New York,Las Vegas,Dallas,Chicago. My friend is a respected journalist she learned that the cops tailed her car from a luncheon. She was LOL the moral to the story? Please keep somethings private. Big bro is watching and Yes men are real butholes..Not all.

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