Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Escort - Guide to Finding an Escort for Clients

In my line of duty I have met many men who said they were very new to seeing escorts. Some were completely clueless while others were graceful in their approach to this industry.

In this entry, I will try put together a number of guidelines that should help a man become a client.

Step 1: Defining

Once you have gone through the mental process of deciding that you want to see an escort, and you have come to accept your reasons, it is time to move forward. You will need to define the type of escort that will best meet your needs.

Answer this question, what is it about a woman that excites you the most (drives your mojo?)

It could be her physical appearance - hair color/length, body art/piercings, race, age, height, weight, build, etc??? Decide what is most important to you, and keep this factor in mind when it comes time for searching the right escort.

It could be attitude - does she speak like a drunken sailor or a lady? You may actually like a woman with a filthy mouth. What type of persona does she have - bouncy, friendly, well read, slutty, etc? Decide on what would draw you out more.

It could be the clothes - nurse, schoolgirl, naughty cop, are just some of the outfits you may like a girl to wear. What about stockings, business attire or just plain old clothes? Decide on whether clothes matter to you.

Step 2: Searching

The next step after you have defined the type of woman that would get you hot. Find a local escort review board on the Internet. There are tones out there. Just do a search, you may need to register a name to login, but it’s usually free and does not expose your true identity.

On the web (particularly the escort review board) you may find many escorts advertising in your city. Start looking through the escort advertisements to find several escorts that match your definition of your ‘perfect’ escort in step 1.

Begin by reading each personal website of the escorts you have picked. (Most ladies have websites). There you will see what services are provided and what services are not offered at all.

You will need to decide what is most important for you during the experience and if the escort provides such an experience? If you really crave anal sex, and one of the escorts you’ve picked does not offer it, you might want to take her off your list.

Now that you have reduced your list of desirable escorts, based on your defined criteria, it is time to look at pricing. Some ladies may or may not be priced in your range. Often times you will see that prices drop as the length of the session decreases. Decide on your price range but remember this business is not for the cheap.

Step 3: Contacting

It is now time to contact the lady(ies) you have chosen to see. Read on her personal website what method of contact she prefers the most - it can be phone or email.

My suggestion is to be friendly in your emails (and on the phone),

“Hello, my name is ____. I am ___ years old and _____….”. This will be a better introduction to what I have seen in the past.

Which usually goes something like, “Hello, I’m new to this. Never seen anyone like you but was hoping you would over look your rules of not accepting new clients and see me…etc…”

You want to approach an escort from a positive angle. If she does not accept new clients (for instance) and your email states you are new to this, chances are it will not get your foot in the door. This would be initial contact from a negative point of view.

If an escort rejects your offer to see her, please move on. She has a lot of choice in this industry and can be picky. She is a woman and a stranger that does not owe it to you to explain her choice in the matter. Be respectful and move along.

Step 4: Preparing

Now that you have contacted the escort and she has agreed to see you, you may have already set an appointment to meet her. Great! You are almost there. It is now time to prepare you for the session.

First thing first, read over her website. On there, you will most likely see a page on hygiene. Make sure you are squeaky clean and fresh.

And educate yourself on the services you can and cannot have during your appointment.

Remember to have the correct amount for the time you are going to see her. And make sure to give the cash when you first meet.


  1. This is a well written guide. I'm sure there are a lot of men (and some women!) out there that will really appreciate this, M.

    Which makes me curious - do you ever accept female clients? (Sorry if you've answered this before!)

    Have you considered making a FAQ page and leaving the link on the sidebar? It is apparent a lot of people have a lot of questions for you and it'd be a good port of call for them. And it'd mean you don't have to answer them over and over if they can't find the original post it was answered in :-)

  2. @ Eden:

    Thank you, I actually realized after writing this guide that more detail can be added. For instance, the escort review board can be used to read reviews of the ladies. And that is another way just to make sure she's the real deal (example: looks like her photos, and provides the services she lists on her website). That is an important point that should be added to this entry. I will keep it in the comments...

    I don't really have much free time to create a FAQ page. But answering certain questions doesn't really bother me :)

    So as for female clients - no, I do not accept them. It just seems like too much work. I like male clients because they are very simple (usually)...the penis gets hard, you have sex and the penis goes soft. For the most part there is little left for guessing games.

  3. Hi, I am considering becoming an escort however I have bad birth marks on my body that can't really be covered. Realistically, would I be able to make it or is this something I should give up on because I'm not sure a guy would pay for somebody who looks the way I do? x

  4. Hi M, my name is Nicole King and I own Garden of Eden Escorts. We are based in Toronto, but also service most major cities in Canada. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write this guide. Most clients don't consider these things when look for company, but they should.

    @Anonymous, while looks are important to some. Its not always important to all. I am not sure how bad your birthmarks are. I know that for many clients booking an escort is more about the emotional and connection than about your personal looks. If I was you I would give escorting a shot and see if its for you. I would focus on offering more emotional and intimate services like touching and communication. Many ladies over look these, but I feel they are the most important. Also do some research and decide how you want to market yourself.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. You can check out my website at www.gardenofedenescorts.com. All my contact info can be found there too.