Friday, January 28, 2011

Escort - Experience of High End Escort

MONEY MONEY SEX… Working in the high-end of prostitution was it really “all” that?

Before high-end: 

It took me 6 months to establish myself as a great service provider (SP). When I made it to the review boards my name skyrocketed within months. A guy who found me on Craigs List (CL) decided to write a review that basically said - found a gem spinner on CL. From that day forward anyone who had the slightest attraction to petite slim young girls wanted to give me a try. My rate was industry average, which was the rate charged by most reputable escort agencies in the city. 

In those years business was flowing freely. I was easily making $7,000 a week. Don’t get me wrong though, it was all very hard work. To earn that much money you don’t have a life outside of it. And so for my first 6 months as an independent provider I worked 3 weeks on and 1 week off (due to period). 

And then…I experienced ‘burn out’. It’s a time that probably hits every working SP. The attention showered by your clients and all the money in the world cannot change this feeling. You want to relax and get your life back in order. And that is what I thought I did when I slowly started to change my image.


I re-worded my website to reflect my new approach to business - classy, discrete, selective. Replaced my old fishnet photos with photos in a little black dress, and lingerie. Effectively my rate was increased in a way that promoted gentlemen to book longer sessions. A minimum of 2 hours a time was something I suggested on my website. 

I knew with my rates there would be resistance from my regular clients. Yes, I felt it but with changes come risk and opportunity. I held my own and finally started to attract the kind of clients that were willing to pay the highest price in my city for the Ultimate Girl Friend Experience. My popularity grew - clients kept writing stellar reviews and those who couldn’t pay the price would make snide remarks. “Who does she think she is? Pussy ain’t gold”, they would say. I just ignored them and carried on with a smile on my face.

With my premium rate many clients believed that I was a ‘low volume’ provider. I can’t quite define what would be a high and low volume provider as this is very subjective. A majority would agree that low volume with a premium rate is probably 1 client a day. And 3 or more a day is high volume. (I know girls who see 11 clients a day for a low price and I consider this high volume. A girl that sees 4 clients a day is average - this is my personal opinion).  

A provider that is “low volume” is very appealing to the high-end clients. They like to think that you are seeing only them that day - that you have your body and mind fully focused on them. But in my 1.5 years as a premium provider I remained high volume. Three to four clients a day was still my average - just as it was when I was a run of the mill girl. 

At first the status of being high-end and desirable was exciting. I loved how many men wanted to see me, how they liked to brag about getting a chance to meet me. I liked the gifts, the money, and attention. But soon I also started to feel the pressure from my clients - they wanted to be important. They wanted to build relationships like we were friends (sending emails, texts, etc…) and as much as I kept on putting up walls and limits they drained my energy. They requested more and more of me, and I did not want to give myself over (not the real me). 

At the end of my experience as a high-end provider I was in a constant state of stress. I felt like I was being pulled apart, enduring all kinds of abuses (psychological) from those who saw me. Many men who saw me enjoyed expressing in subtle ways that I was still beneath them. And even the best clients who seemed like ‘friends’ were trying to take advantage. 

Those who used to follow my old blog would know that my last entries were very dark. I was tormented and hurt by all of my experiences. I began to hate how those jerks treated me and how helpless I felt. I wanted to be perfect, I was afraid that if I stood up for myself my reputation would shatter. I was so weak and I hated myself. 

I knew to save myself I needed to change and that my high-end reputation just wasn’t working in my favor.

I disappeared. 


  1. wow... very candid... thanks for sharing

  2. I feel the same in my profession. I worked at a fast paced, high volume place for years before moving to my high end, low volume place that I own. However, it seems that while many people appreciate what you do, there are always those who want to take advantage of you. I connect to this post on a personal level...I have wanted to "disappear" for quite some time now...

  3. @ Kenny and Goal Digger:

    Thank you for reading :)

  4. Did I miss something? True I may be going a bit nuts as it has been two consecutive fortnights with this blanket of white. M, are you saying you were happier with you low-end clientele because they ask less of you? Or are you saying that the profession in general takes its toll regardless of the type of clientele? Maybe you are providing words of advice that this chosen line of work may seem to have its obvious physical toll and health risks, but the isolationism, secrecy and degradation by the very people you are in constant contact has a greater impact on your psychological well-being.

    I look forward to your postings as they are welcome relief from the monotony of watching innumerable flakes cascade and blanket the landscape.

  5. @ brit:

    I guess what I didn't say is that high-end or low-end clientele does not make a difference. But one word of advice - if you are high-end escort and do not tour to other cities you quickly get to know who your client base rarely changes. You are pretty much stuck seeing the same 10 to 15 guys that would pay you the high price.

    If you advertise an average rate (industry average isn't low-rate by the way) don't need to travel to other cities because the client base will stay high and diverse. Which means you've got more men to choose from.

    High-end clients can be as much if not BIGGER assholes...demanding things that they think they are paying for.

    This is why I think many SDs want to ultimately get to a point in their relationship with a SB where she will have unprotected sex. Why?? Because they are forking over big amounts of $$$

    Men with $$$ sometimes think they can buy everything. And I NEVER had unprotected sex for the sake of money.

    Just my opinion though :D

  6. M

    To what do you attribute their need for unprotected sex? In the case of escort/hobbyist exchange does it heighten the GFE? Somehow it increases the fantasy? It would seem the health risk to both parties would be beyond the fulfillment of the fantasy.

    Possibly in the SD/SB arrangement over time there may be less of a health risk, but how would one know? Generally these liaisons are infrequent or at best less frequent than a true relationship, so the idea of monogamy would also be somewhat of a fantasy. Plus the risk of pregnancy would be greater in this type of relationship.

    Maybe, I can answer my own question in that these men be they hobbyists or SD are risk takers and/or live in a fantasy world. As such they do not assess the risk to benefit. To them it is that next step in the fantasy that the woman is truly theirs. Now that is a rather disturbing thought :)

  7. @ brit:

    Yes a lot of the SDs and hobbyists are risk takers! The SDs that have lots of money are usually in finance...which involves a lot of risk taking. I also found that 75% of clients (hobbyists) are married and super good liars! And I think so of them get off on lying to their wives and getting away with it.

    Most men in the adult industry aren't weighing Risk to Benefit...They do what is called Value for Money...Which means how much bang they can get for their buck.

    I hear it all the time..and matter of fact...I keep hearing it every singe time when a client writes a great review for me and some twit says: "I personally don't think her list of services is great value for money...perhaps I've been spoiled with all these French girls giving bareback blowjobs with cum in mouth...etc..."

    I focus on my health and the energy of each of my sessions :) So I say (not to the guys but to myself)...Value for Money (VFM) varies for every man in the industry.

    For some VFM is having tea and biscuits with an escort after getting his balls kicked for 15 minutes...

    or...sticking his tongue down the escort's throat until he gets to lick her tonsils...

    or...(In my case) ... A full session of wild non-stop sex action. I don't kiss or allow licking...But I fuck like it's the last day on earth hahaha

  8. I have enjoyed reading this Blog...very refreshing indeed. So you started on CL and I assumed that was frequented by street pimps and the curb girls? I would prefer ladies always use condoms and second. High end must have some pitfalls because men can be pricks. I think they enjoy that it makes them feel special to degrage a woman. Control issues you agree...My concern is with the curb ladies going from car to car and not taking baths,sterlizing,comfort and of course safety. Please be careful maybe try going over seas were its legal or in Canada. Build a client base there..atleast you never have to see them again. I hope to return here to seek your blog and read your responses. Best of luck..sarah..

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  14. I find that low priced girls are the ones that get treated horribly for they see anyone. The gentlemen calling and paying the higher prices seem to respect that you are as educated and making as much as them a lot of times. Although there are a few guys who tend to try to act above me, I usually put them in their place by generalizing their careers right back. Touche! If they are rude or a hard time, I will just leave. They already know and are warned while I am there that they must behave or I will leave and they will not recieve a refund or good review.

  15. I think that you are wise to be carefuol you do not know your clients or backgrounds so please do take care.