Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Escort - Side Effects

Ugh! I feel like utter crap today. Woke up this morning and found out I was ‘spotting’ (light bleeding in between menstrual cycle). I took Plan B just five days ago and this starts happening to me. I guess medicine not only affects everyone differently but it affects the same person differently each time.

The first time I took the morning after pill my period was late (no spotting), while the second time had no side effects at all. :)

During breakfast I was contemplating what to do about my appointments. Should I cancel when they call to confirm? Or wait a few hours to see things blow over? Let me think… three appointments, one being 1.5 hours long, almost 1 grand in a few hours of work? I told myself I’ll tough it out if the spotting subsides.

After my morning workout and fucking around the house I went to check myself. All clear! Like nothing ever happened.

All of the guys called, confirmed their appointments while I was out picking up some groceries. I came back home and before jumping in the shower I checked again. OMG! Who opened the faucet?

I was running around my place naked LOL panicking about having to cancel all of my appointments. “What am I going to say?!” Finally I sat down, pulled out the phone book and calmly rang up each of the guys and apologized for having to cancel due to personal emergency. I promised each of them to reschedule to another day.

And so, here I am chillaxin’, watching a TV show I like in my PJs. Hehe

I did do something useful today though! Did some research and found a place that provides free counseling to prostitutes. Not that I need counseling but apparently they give out free lube, condoms, etc… I also may have found a place with more affordable price on Plan B! I need to give them a call. And I will probably visit that prostitute-counseling agency tomorrow, since I got a lot of time on my hands…

Over all I’m pretty pissed! Took 3 days off during the Christmas break and now I’m forced to sit out. Shit, I can be working right now…

So the side effects on my 3rd try of Plan B:

Intense cramps, pain in my arms and legs, and weird bleeding (not like the usual mens with clear red blood, but brown and super thick--- yuck I know)… I hope this goes away soon. Per Internet research …some girls say it lasts 3 days. By the sounds of things, I might be working in the new year. :D

Peace boys & girls ;)


  1. AnonymousDec 28, 2010 03:14 PM
    M, I'm glad I found your blog and got to know you through your interesting experiences/articles. Especially at this moment, I'm eager to know someone else's thoughts and advices about this field.

    So, I'm not an escort but just post my sugar baby ad in the beginning of this month. As you will assume, I got quite a few responses and got to know a gentleman in real, and we have scheduled two meetings by far. All those time I spent with him was just a blast. Flight tickets, nice hotels and restaurants and all fun! However, I never get any allowance from him. He treated me as a real gf. He will text me sweet things and talks about me to his friends. That maybe because he is in his mid-30's, so it doesn't look like a typical sd/sb relationship. We actually could be a couple since there's no huge age difference.

    However, I'm not doing this just for fun, since I have very serious financial concerns. If I met him under other situation I would def date him, but this time is different. The site I joined is specifically for sd/sb, but you still can choose not to limited to be just sd/sb, so I feel lots of guys on there seem taking that as a dating site.

    So my question here is now how should I bring up the money issue and won't sound like a gold digger or make myself sound cheap? Or next time I should just find an older man, then they will be more aware of this is a conventional dating thing!

    I appreciate your advices!

  2. MDec 28, 2010 04:53 PM
    @ Anonymous:

    I want to thank you for reading my blog :)

    To answer your question - I am not sure if it will be possible to steer your guy into the SD/SB arrangement at this point. If you had spent considerable amount of time with him and did not bring up the allowance (your expectations)...he might believe that you are happy with what he's presented you with (trips/fun)...

    I do not want to tell you what to do hun because my recommendation might scare him off. But if I was in your situation, I would be say, "I'm very happy that we've met and had spent enough time to know we have a mutual connection. I think this is the right time to finalize the financial side of our arrangement..."

    Watch how he reacts and then introduce the amount of financial support you are looking for each month.

    If he is not an 'allowance' SD, this might scare him off. I know because I've met enough SDs that just cannot provide a monetary allowance.

    In the future...PLEASE bring up the financial allowance within the first meeting...or over email/text/phone after the first meeting.
  3. britDec 29, 2010 09:01 AM
    It seems you have a relationship rather than an arrangement. You may have to decide if you want this man to be a BF or SD. It is difficult to put the Genie back in the bottle, but most SD's know they need to pay an allowance. M has good advice since we all know what we are getting into when we go onto SD/SB websites. I know in my first arrangement we got into the fun, but we did get to the financial aspect. From this first experience you will learn to begin the financial expectations early in the discussions.

    I hope you are able to take advantage of the counseling. Friends have told me they enjoy the opportunity to talk to a counselor and open up to someone that does not judge them but lets them get stuff off their mind. Good luck.
  4. MDec 29, 2010 11:04 AM
    @ brit:

    Thank you for taking the time to help out E :)

    I am not sure what I'd do with the counseling :p LOL Never been to counseling before so wouldn't know where to start.
  5. AnonymousDec 29, 2010 06:24 PM
    @M & brit:

    First of all, correction for the last sentence: this is *NOT a conventional dating thing. sorry for that. :-P

    I thank for you guys' advices so much, and you couldn't be more right about the whole situation.

    So last night somehow we started to text each other and he brought up a topic that he wants our relationship be more serious since he really likes me. Apparently he thought I was just looking for a casual/friends with benefits relationship, and he also spontaneously said if my financial situation is the reason makes me not giving it all in, he would like to help me. Although it didn't come out a number of amount and I didn't want to deal with this through texts either, I hope it makes easier to slip in this topic next time when I see him and not jeopardize our relationship.

    However, I also started to arrange another first meeting with another potential SD, in case I need to terminate the current relationship in the future. I will make sure I make everything clear enough this time at the first meeting!

    I was really happy about this result and felt it must be a blessing from you guys. :-) Thanks again!

    P.S @M sorry about your plan B accident, hope your body back to normal soon.

  6. MDec 30, 2010 09:50 AM
    @ E:

    I'm happy to hear that things may be going in the direction you would like. Sounds to me like you are learning from your own experiences ;) We all do! Best of luck in your search for a generous and sweet SD.

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    Always learn from your own experience ;)

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