Friday, January 28, 2011

Escort - Experience of High End Escort

MONEY MONEY SEX… Working in the high-end of prostitution was it really “all” that?

Before high-end: 

It took me 6 months to establish myself as a great service provider (SP). When I made it to the review boards my name skyrocketed within months. A guy who found me on Craigs List (CL) decided to write a review that basically said - found a gem spinner on CL. From that day forward anyone who had the slightest attraction to petite slim young girls wanted to give me a try. My rate was industry average, which was the rate charged by most reputable escort agencies in the city. 

In those years business was flowing freely. I was easily making $7,000 a week. Don’t get me wrong though, it was all very hard work. To earn that much money you don’t have a life outside of it. And so for my first 6 months as an independent provider I worked 3 weeks on and 1 week off (due to period). 

And then…I experienced ‘burn out’. It’s a time that probably hits every working SP. The attention showered by your clients and all the money in the world cannot change this feeling. You want to relax and get your life back in order. And that is what I thought I did when I slowly started to change my image.


I re-worded my website to reflect my new approach to business - classy, discrete, selective. Replaced my old fishnet photos with photos in a little black dress, and lingerie. Effectively my rate was increased in a way that promoted gentlemen to book longer sessions. A minimum of 2 hours a time was something I suggested on my website. 

I knew with my rates there would be resistance from my regular clients. Yes, I felt it but with changes come risk and opportunity. I held my own and finally started to attract the kind of clients that were willing to pay the highest price in my city for the Ultimate Girl Friend Experience. My popularity grew - clients kept writing stellar reviews and those who couldn’t pay the price would make snide remarks. “Who does she think she is? Pussy ain’t gold”, they would say. I just ignored them and carried on with a smile on my face.

With my premium rate many clients believed that I was a ‘low volume’ provider. I can’t quite define what would be a high and low volume provider as this is very subjective. A majority would agree that low volume with a premium rate is probably 1 client a day. And 3 or more a day is high volume. (I know girls who see 11 clients a day for a low price and I consider this high volume. A girl that sees 4 clients a day is average - this is my personal opinion).  

A provider that is “low volume” is very appealing to the high-end clients. They like to think that you are seeing only them that day - that you have your body and mind fully focused on them. But in my 1.5 years as a premium provider I remained high volume. Three to four clients a day was still my average - just as it was when I was a run of the mill girl. 

At first the status of being high-end and desirable was exciting. I loved how many men wanted to see me, how they liked to brag about getting a chance to meet me. I liked the gifts, the money, and attention. But soon I also started to feel the pressure from my clients - they wanted to be important. They wanted to build relationships like we were friends (sending emails, texts, etc…) and as much as I kept on putting up walls and limits they drained my energy. They requested more and more of me, and I did not want to give myself over (not the real me). 

At the end of my experience as a high-end provider I was in a constant state of stress. I felt like I was being pulled apart, enduring all kinds of abuses (psychological) from those who saw me. Many men who saw me enjoyed expressing in subtle ways that I was still beneath them. And even the best clients who seemed like ‘friends’ were trying to take advantage. 

Those who used to follow my old blog would know that my last entries were very dark. I was tormented and hurt by all of my experiences. I began to hate how those jerks treated me and how helpless I felt. I wanted to be perfect, I was afraid that if I stood up for myself my reputation would shatter. I was so weak and I hated myself. 

I knew to save myself I needed to change and that my high-end reputation just wasn’t working in my favor.

I disappeared. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Escort - Men Who Hate Women

I’m not in my best of moods today. Keep on thinking about an ex-client that sent me a nasty email. If you recall, he is the same guy from a previous entry called, Escort - The Nazi Queen.

This was our email exchange:

Him - “How are you *****? It’s ***** saw you last week. Seeing if your free today. Any discounts for good looking, repeat clients? Hope you are well.”

Me - “That’s a joke right?” (I specifically state on my website that bargaining with me is off limits).

Him - “No…it’s not”

Me - “No discounts…obviously :) ”

Him - “Crazy idea…but people in business offer discounts to generate revenue…could be $10 off….”

Me - “Have a goodnight. Please don’t be so rude next time you decide to contact me.”

Him - “Rude…really? I won’t be contacting you again. I get a kick out of girls that are whores that are so particular with etiquette…very touchy people. You are not a supermodel…don’t act like one.
I’ll be posting on web-boards what a touchy bitch you are. Holy fuck! Grow up and learn to how to be a business woman. Fucking Joke!!”

I didn’t respond to his last message. He isn’t worthy a response. Sure, I’m no supermodel but if I were one - he wouldn’t even get a chance to talk to me…let alone have sex with me for my set fee. LOL Men who think they are a god’s gift to women. If he thinks he’s so attractive he should be getting sex for free not asking for discounts.

So what has got me so upset over this you might ask? It is the fact that I had sex with a man who hates women of my profession. And what continues to bother me is I probably had, am and will meet more of these men. Knowing that they have sex with us, telling us what a great a time they had…while hating us deep down inside. This frightens me…this saddens me too. 


Like A Virgin

-Let me tell you what
"Like A Virgin" is about.

It's all about a girl
who digs a guy with a big dick.

The entire song
is a metaphor for big dicks.

-No, it ain't.

It's about a girl
who's very vulnerable.

She's been fucked over a few times
and she meets a guy who's sensitive.

-Whoa. Timeout.
Tell that bullshit to the tourists.

-Toby? Who the fuck is Toby?

-"Like A Virgin" is not about some
sensitive girl who meets a nice fella.

That's what "True Blue" is about.
No argument about that.

- Which one is "True Blue"?
- It was a big-ass hit for Madonna.

I don't even follow that top-of-the-pops
shit, and I've heard of "True Blue."

-I didn't say I ain't heard of it.
All I asked is, how's it go?

Excuse me for not being
the world's biggest Madonna fan.

-Personally, I can do without her.

I used to like her early stuff,

but once she got off with that
"Papa, Don't Preach" phase, I tuned out.

-Hey, you guys are making me
lose my train of thought here.

I was sayin' something.
What was it?

-Oh, Toby's that
little Chinese girl.

What was her last name?
- What's that?

-It's an old address book I found in
a coat I haven't worn in a coon's age.

- What was that name?

- What the fuck was I talkin' about?

-You said "True Blue"
was about a guy--

a sensitive girl
who meets a nice guy...

but "Like A Virgin"
was a metaphor for big dicks.

-Let me tell you what
"Like A Virgin" is about.

It's all about this cooze
who's a regular fuck machine.

I'm talkin' morning, day,
night, afternoon...

dick, dick, dick, dick, dick,
dick, dick, dick, dick!

- How many "dicks" is that?
- A lot.

-Then one day, she meets
this John Holmes motherfucker.

It's like, "Whoa, baby." He's like
Charles Bronson in "The Great Escape."

He's diggin' tunnels.
Now she's gettin' serious dick action.

She's feelin' somethin' she ain't
felt since forever: pain, pain.

-Chew? Toby Chew?

-It hurts. It hurts her.

It shouldn't hurt her.
Her pussy should be Bubble-Yum by now.

But when this cat
fucks her, it hurts.

It hurts just like it did
the first time.

You see, the pain
is reminding a fuck machine...

what it was once like
to be a virgin.

Hence, "Like A Virgin."

~~~ Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Escort - Telling A Man You Are An Escort

What would you tell your date when he asks, “So what do you do?”

You could always win a few extra minutes by saying, “Oh I brush my teeth, take showers, wake up every morning and check my mail box on Fridays!”

But eventually, all jokes aside, your date (if he is over 20 years old) will want to know what you do for a living. I honestly hate lying to the one I love. Sometimes lies are necessary if we want to spare a loved one the pain of a broken heart. Now, I may be getting a little ahead of myself. We are not ‘in love’ on our first date, unless it’s love at first sight! (Yes I believe in LUST at first sight…).

Let’s just say building a relationship on shaky ground is not worth having the relationship at all. And so after lots of thinking and convincing myself that I should not tell my future boyfriend that I work for an advertising company, I came up with a ‘new’ story ;)

I have met 5 men in these last 30 days. 3 of them never got past the first date, and two never made it past date #2. I am very picky and usually can feel a guy out during the first hour I am with him. When I’m on the phone with my friend after my date I have one or two words to describe each man -

#1 Black Guy - Talkative and Pushy. He would not for the life of me shut up. After a while I started to tune in and out of our conversations. He sucks the life out of me by the time our date is over; my ears and brain are exhausted!! He also tried to make out with me out front my apartment building on our second date!!!

#2 Decent Guy - Very Decent In Every Way. Those words say it all, he was just very boring and ordinary. I couldn’t say anything positive or negative. Didn’t go past date 1.

#3 Geeky Boy - Cheap Nerd. I actually thought he was a nice guy at first but he asked me out for dinner and did not pay for my tea and chicken wrap. Yes I had to buy my own dinner. And then he wanted to kiss me? Haha I told him straight out he was not getting any kissing from me (I never heard from him again).

#4 Finnish Guy - In La La Land. I met him for a date and 10 minutes in he said, “I made plans to go play video games with my buddy so we have about 30 minutes before I gotta go.” I think there is nothing worth mentioning at this point :)

#5 Real Dan - One word - Player!

It was my date with Real Dan that I started my new trend. We both went to a very-noisy-popular-even-on-a-week-night bar. He quickly asked me what I did for a living and I said -

“I am a manager of an escort agency.” Not really a lie right? I am a manager of ONE. Haha

He was fascinated! Not really the reaction I was going for. “Can you get my friends a discount?” He joked. Wow! What a nice thing to say, retard. We girls do this for a living. Asking us for discounts is quite offensive in my mind. I gave him a break though since it was our first date and he didn’t know I found it offensive.

I hung out with him for a couple of hours and decided to cut our date short. It was just too loud and he kept ogling me like I was the chicken fingers he just devoured. I didn’t eat anything (pub/bar food sucks), even the cranberry juice I had was excessively sweet. Yuck!

From that day forward, he would send me text messages full of sexual innuendo. I flirted too but kept on pushing him back. Just because I ‘manage an escort agency’ does not mean I don’t deserve to be respected and go slow. :)

He set date #2 with me for a Sunday evening. We were to go bowling together but for some reason I kept on getting this un-easy feeling about him. Just the way he talked to me and the combination of my PMS made me cancel our date. Here was our text message exchange:

Me - “I don’t feel like bowling tonight.”

Real Dan - “Someone had a rough day at the office ;) ”

Me - “Not really. Have a good night :) ”

Real Dan - “For sure, definitely a stay in and watch some movies kind of night. Gonna venture out and get some popcorn though. Wish me the best on my epic journey of survival.” (Yes it was a big winter storm! Wind 50 km/hour, - 30 Celsius).

Then 20 minutes later I got this text message:

Real Dan - “Hmmm…to bad for you, we haven’t met yet or I’d let you come over and keep me warm while we watched a couple with some hot cocoa.”

Me - “We haven’t met yet? LOL Who did you meet last Wednesday?” (Wednesday was the day we went on date #1)

Real Dan - “Huh?”

Me - “Read your last text. You saying too bad we haven’t met yet. :P ”

Real Dan - “Ohhh LOL I see. That was supposed to go to Cass. She is a friend of mine, used to have a thing back last year but it didn’t go anywhere obviously. Was busting her balls cause my roommate has a big time crush on her ;) ”

Me - “A friend you’ve never met yet? Interesting :) ”

Real Dan - “Nah more along the lines of roleplaying LOL Was at her party on New Years. Hadn’t talked to her in a while. So she was like ‘hey stranger what’s going on’ and then that was my message. But since we are on the topic, if you’ve got some cocoa, you are more then welcome to come over. Got about 7 movies I’ve saved up that I need to mow through.”

I did not respond …

1 hour later I got these text messages:

Real Dan - “LOL I am soooo fulla shit my eyes should be brown ;) Actually I was texting this other chick from the dating site. She a little old to be my type but thought I’d give her a shot anyways. Bored tonight so just talking shit. Anyways have a good one tonight, gonna cuddle up with my doggie on the couch and watch some bad movies.”

I did not respond. He is still texting me 4 days later!! I don’t bother wasting my time with this loser.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Escort - The Nazi Queen

My year has started off to yet another week of menstruation. Anyone who ever had their period start just 7 days after their last one ended, please raise your hand?


GOD DAMN!!! I fucking cannot believe this shit. I’m glad I worked during the week between my flows.

So funny story :) I’m not sure if my attitude came with my new escort name or it was just a day of PMS. Come to think of it, I’m just changing. I cannot be PMSing all the time.

Night of second onset of PMS (before the bleeding):

I was sitting by my laptop computer, looking at the time. The digits read 8:00 PM in the bottom right corner of the screen. “One more hour and I’m packing it in.” I thought as I yawned. One of the tabs at the bottom of my Windows screen was the Internet browser opened to my email page. It was obvious; someone sent me a new email!

I maximized my email screen and clicked once to open an email from a guy who emailed me back and forth the week before. Last week, he asked me to drive out half way across the city to meet him for an hour appointment. I entered his and my coordinates into Google Map only to find the trip would take 35 minutes. That is, 35 minutes one way and another 35 back. Not worth an hour booking. As I explained this to him, he said, “I’ll try you another time when I’m at home. We live in the same area any way.”

So…why was he asking me to drive out past the airport late that evening if he lived only 5 minute walk from me?

“Oh, I’m dog sitting for a friend,” was this man’s answer. Uh-huh, so you don’t want an escort to know where you live but its okay to screw an escort in your friend’s bed? Hahaha

Fast-forward a week later to last night's email exchange:

8:00 PM - “Are you free this evening?”

Me - “Yea. I am but you’d have to come see me by 8:30 PM :)
Call if you can get down to 90th and Centre Street by then.”

8:03 PM - “No problem…only issue is my cell is screwed…I live on 91st and 1st Street. Very close to you.”

Me - “It’s 9004 Centre Street. Suite 905. Buzzer 3905. When will you get here?”

8:07 PM - “Cool…MSOG correct?” (MSOG means multiple orgasms in a session)

Me - “MSOG Yes
but no kissing, daty, or fingering.”

8:10 PM - “What is daty?”

Me - “Oral on me. Will you be here soon???”

8:12 PM - “shitty.....that's my favorite part.....but I can cum as many times within the hour correct?”

Me - “Yes”

8:13 PM - “Okay…fair enough…are you alone?”

Me - “this is don't want to come see me??? if you don't get here in 15 min. don't bother.”

Can you tell I’m getting pissed off? LMAO…

8:15 PM - “I can be there very quickly”

Me - “I’m waiting…14 minutes left.”

8:18 PM - “leaving in 2 min..going to the station to get money.  Can I request you wear bra and a house coat when u greet me?”

Me - “Yup. 11 minutes left.”

8:19 PM - “Cool. Be right there.”

In 8 minutes he actually buzzed my suite! I honestly didn’t think this ass was going to show but he did. What was funny, I didn’t even put on the outfit he requested. I wore a pair of hot pink shorts, a hot pink top that just covered my breasts, a black bra and matching panties.

I opened the door for him as he walked in. “Hi, sorry I didn’t have a ‘house coat’ so I wore this for you.” I said with a smile. “It’s okay! I’m horny…are you?” He said in excitement as he stepped out of his winter boots.

Ladies and gents…he wasn’t wearing any socks! The poor guy only had on a pair of jeans, a sweater, big boots, and a baseball cap. And it was minus 30 Celsius, tundra!!! Nothing else LMAO. He must have been in a big hurry. :)

After taking care of ‘business’ (the cash) we were on our way to a pretty hot session. I ended up having a good time ;)

He will repeat

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ask Not What the Pussy Can Do For You

"- All right, look for videos that got
blond chicks with long hair...
...big titties and small asses.

And the small ass, man, that takes
priority. Unless the tits are perfect.

If the tits are perfect,
then we go with the tits.

How about this one?

- No, man.

That's the perfect example
of what I don't like. You see that?

That's a loose ass. There's nothing
I hate more than a loose ass.

You know I take the pussy
seriously. Let me tell you.

You gotta take the pussy seriously.
I mean, there's a priority for a tight ass.

But if it's hairy, I go for the tits.

But if the tits are hairy,
hey, it's right back to the pussy.

But you've gotta speak
to that pussy, son.

You know, really talk to it.
You make a vow to it.

Now, no nation has
ever been so ready... seize the power and the
freedom of the pussy as our own...
...and we must all care for that pussy.

Today, we do more
than just celebrate the pussy.

We re-dedicate ourselves
to the very idea of pussy.

I mean, friends, ask not
what the pussy can do for you...
...but what can you do for the pussy."

~~~ Spun (2002)