Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sugarbaby - Follow Up on SD Politic

I have not heard from SD Politic since that first and only phone call last month. No surprises! I wrote this pretty little email to him just a day or two after our phone conversation:

“Hi ***,

Thanks for calling. So after our conversation, I did some thinking. I'd like to know a little more about our time together, how we will spend it.

Will we be going out, say for dinner or shopping before we spend intimate time together?
I'd like to have more of a connection, beyond the physical attraction. Don’t you think it would make our time more enjoyable?

Please let me know how you see us spending time together? Example: We plan to meet...(where do we meet)? What do we do together? Do we go anywhere?

Talk to you soon!


PS. Can you send a picture of your body? You can use Photoshop to block your face out.

And a sexual question back at you: How big is your penis? :) ”

Yes the penis size does matter! Just as much as his question about the quality of my blowjobs. I mean, I want to be able to put my lips around something tangible.



  1. Your email was nice, courteous. But meh, I say good riddance to him if he doesn't reply. All those questions, cheap guy and no pic? NEXT!

  2. @ Eden:

    You are right beautiful lady ;)

  3. Umm, I think what is missing is a man's perspective. I am a SD and have had 2 SBs that have been escorts. One was a current escort and the other was taking time off. Neither wanted to discuss their profession and I believe this created a distance. Or it may be a personality thing too as they were excellent at providing GFE when we were together, but incapable of having that connection when not having sex. After a period of time because of the lack of emotional intimacy then it is clear that the relationship is one of hobbyist and provider with better sex. Which leads to the inevitable breakup which just becomes a client no longer seeing the escort.

    It seems that many people lie in these arrangements and it is difficult to have a consistent and lasting relationship since the lies create distance and emotional division which often causes a breakdown or lack of connection. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed my SBs whether they were escorts or not, just have noticed that the relationship was shorter.

  4. I am glad I found your blog again...I had to kill mine.

    I always laugh when guys ask girls what penis size they prefer, like they can do ANYTHING to change their size. I never thought about a girl asking a guy...

    My answer would be, "The perfect size..."

  5. @k:

    Well I'm very glad you found my blog too! If you are who I think you are.

    :( I'm sorry you had deleted yours...I assume it's for personal reasons. Hope you start one up again.


  6. @ Anon:

    I find it intriguing that you feel an escort in a SD/SB arrangement lacks emotional connection. I can see that being a quality in many escort SBs...but I'm not so quick to say all escort SBs are like that :)

    I'd like to say I'm more emotional if I get the SD to reciprocate his feelings/emotions for me.

  7. In that situation, I see nothing wrong with asking his penis size. As sugar babies, escorts, entertainers or any field of such, you have to tell them your cup size and and sometimes answer questions they could easily just find out on their own. Why can't we be picky? :)