Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Escort - Side Effects

Ugh! I feel like utter crap today. Woke up this morning and found out I was ‘spotting’ (light bleeding in between menstrual cycle). I took Plan B just five days ago and this starts happening to me. I guess medicine not only affects everyone differently but it affects the same person differently each time.

The first time I took the morning after pill my period was late (no spotting), while the second time had no side effects at all. :)

During breakfast I was contemplating what to do about my appointments. Should I cancel when they call to confirm? Or wait a few hours to see things blow over? Let me think… three appointments, one being 1.5 hours long, almost 1 grand in a few hours of work? I told myself I’ll tough it out if the spotting subsides.

After my morning workout and fucking around the house I went to check myself. All clear! Like nothing ever happened.

All of the guys called, confirmed their appointments while I was out picking up some groceries. I came back home and before jumping in the shower I checked again. OMG! Who opened the faucet?

I was running around my place naked LOL panicking about having to cancel all of my appointments. “What am I going to say?!” Finally I sat down, pulled out the phone book and calmly rang up each of the guys and apologized for having to cancel due to personal emergency. I promised each of them to reschedule to another day.

And so, here I am chillaxin’, watching a TV show I like in my PJs. Hehe

I did do something useful today though! Did some research and found a place that provides free counseling to prostitutes. Not that I need counseling but apparently they give out free lube, condoms, etc… I also may have found a place with more affordable price on Plan B! I need to give them a call. And I will probably visit that prostitute-counseling agency tomorrow, since I got a lot of time on my hands…

Over all I’m pretty pissed! Took 3 days off during the Christmas break and now I’m forced to sit out. Shit, I can be working right now…

So the side effects on my 3rd try of Plan B:

Intense cramps, pain in my arms and legs, and weird bleeding (not like the usual mens with clear red blood, but brown and super thick--- yuck I know)… I hope this goes away soon. Per Internet research …some girls say it lasts 3 days. By the sounds of things, I might be working in the new year. :D

Peace boys & girls ;)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Escort - Scheduling Appointments

An independent escort has three alternatives of scheduling appointments with her clients. There are probably other, non-efficient methods but I have used and am using a combination of these 3.

Phone/text message


Private message (PM) 

Phone/Text Messages:

The great thing about using the phone to book a date is its real time. A client sees your advertisement, reads your number, plugs it into his phone and you are there to schedule with him right away. 95% of the time a client calls for same day/within the hour appointment. And these same guys prefer to contact a lady by phone instead of having to send out an email and check every 15 minutes for a response (not everyone has a blackberry).

This is when you get to use your intuition. Listen to a client’s voice and background sounds. If he sounds drunk or out of it drugged up, do not schedule the call. Listen to the background noise for other people. I had guys call me to book an outcall (going to their place) and found out there was more than 1 guy there. You do not want to end up alone at a stranger’s house with more than 1 guy. I tell guys right away, “I don’t do group jobs” and hang up the phone. Put two, three, or more guys together and they get the gang-bang mentality. It can get out of control fast because no one takes responsibility.

Be prepared to turn off your phone at night! There are always drunks and druggies looking for a cheap fuck at 3 in the morning. About 50% of all callers are time wasters, jerk-offs, and no shows (it comes with the territory ladies). Be very succinct, firm and don’t let them play games with you. Many of the guys who schedule with me say, “You are really different in person. You sound so to the point on the phone, but you are actually friendly.” I just tell them I have to be.

If you are going to use this method - PLEASE get a separate phone. Do not use your personal phone! Even better, get yourself a prepaid phone. Put $75 on it and it should last 2 - 3 months. A prepaid phone cannot be traced to you, even by the coppers. Just do not register the phone account online - there is an option for this to check your account balance. I do it old school - phone in and check my balance.


Great if you are going to use your personal phone to confirm the ‘date’. You need to have frequent internet access to check your inbox. This method allows you to feel out a client through a number of back-and-forth email exchanges. I used to send out a little questionnaire to all my prospective clients. What would I ask? LOL Very pointless questions really, such as - What do you like to read? What are your hobbies? Do you have a favorite movie? Have you traveled the world? If you could go any where in the world, where would it be?

Those questions would tell me little about how the client would treat me during the appointment. But I wanted to test their ‘patience’, to see if they would even bother answering all of my questions and if they would be interested in asking me questions in return. Most guys ask the exact same question so have all the answers pre-typed so you can copy/paste an answer in return ;)

What concerns me when I use email is IP address tracking. If you have a static IP address then it’s easy for the cops to get a hold of it and trace your location. A way to bypass this problem is using proxy servers. I do not use this technology but can recommend a really great company for those who do not want to risk a thing - Private Proxy - it is $10/month or $25/3 months. It works and lets you hide your IP address.

Most men who contact me through email book an appointment and do not end up time wasters. Do not give into demands - such as emailing more photos. Preferably do not give out your location (your incall address) to a prospective client in email form. And be conscious of what you write to someone in an email. Guys can save emails and then send them to other guys.

Private Messages:

This form of communication can only be done on an escort review board. These days escort review boards can be found on the internet for most locations worldwide. Here are several examples:

Registering on the board is a must if you want to advertise and receive private messages (PMs) from prospective clients. Frequent internet access is a must if you want to schedule appointments. This method is similar to email but it also allows you to research some of the reviews/posts done by the men contacting you. A large majority of the guys do not make posts/reviews, so you can ask them questions to feel them out. Always rely on your gut instinct!

To sum this up I would recommend using all 3 methods. The more access you give the more appointments you schedule ;)

* * *
Coming soon - Scheduling Procedures…

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Escort - Plan B

The stress will not be gone until tomorrow morning’s trip to the pharmacy. I would have gone today but the incident occurred shortly after 8 PM, when everything was starting to close. This time I was able to calm myself and my agony, dread and anxiety didn’t show through. I know he didn’t mean it. I didn’t see it until it happened! 

He was lying on his back in the center of my queen size bed. His hard cock buried deep inside my pussy as I vigorously fucked him. The expression on his face did little to hide his impending orgasm and right as he did I looked down. There was jizz all over his balls and the condom was hanging halfway out of my vag!!! It slipped off his dick completely, it didn’t break and it didn’t split. I quickly pulled out the condom, threw it in the garbage and jumped off the bed saying, “Will be back in a second, need to clean myself up!”

I turned on a warm steady flow of water and started washing myself out, as best I could. Meanwhile trying to regain my composure. This kind of thing happened to me once before. (Similar but not the same way)… So I knew it wasn’t going to be the end of the world that I had felt the first time a guy came in me.

I returned to the room and he apologized, told me he gets tested for STDs but would go again within next few days just to check for me. I thanked him and explained that I’m more concerned about pregnancy. He said, “Yes, I’m sure one day you’ll have beautiful babies but this is probably not the best time for it. I mean, you’d want to plan for that sort of thing.” Yes, no kidding man. Definitely don’t want to start having babies with my clients.

I hinted that I would be going to get the morning after pill, in hopes that he would offer to pay me for the medicine. That shit is $40 or so…He gave me $50 before leaving. How sweet :)

All in all, I’m still stressed. Wish the pharmacy was open so I could take this pill right now but will have to wait. He’s a nice guy, a regular client of mine so I will continue seeing him. 


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Escort - The Trick Routine

“Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.” - Billy Crystal.

If you are running an incall (a place) then the preparation for turning a trick starts like this:

• Clean your place (vacuum, scrub, dust, organize)
• Hang clean towels in the bathroom
• Make soap, shower gel, toilet paper, and mouthwash available
• Place a fresh bed sheet over the bed

For a cozier relaxing environment play music softly in the background. I choose a local radio station that plays classic rock. Light up some scented candles and dim the lights. Be careful where you leave your candles. A former client burned his pants while an escort he saw ripped off his clothes during their wild make-out session. She ended up driving him to the store for a new pair of jeans. Place the candles on surfaces where flammables aren’t going to be thrown.

Prepare yourself:

• Shower
• Shave (armpits, legs, pussy, etc…)
• Make-up
• Deodorant
• Lightly scented lotion
• Hair

Choose an outfit that makes you feel sexy. I love fishnet anything. I have fishnet stockings of different colours, full-body black fishnet with an opening in the crotch. Fishnet tops, fishnet gloves, panties, bras, etc… Or put on the outfit that was requested by a client.

Tip#1: Keep track of what you wear for a repeating client. Try to change up the outfits for him each time he sees you.

Tip#2: Ten minutes before the appointment apply one or two small drops of lubrication on the inside of your pussy lips. Guys go crazy when they feel how wet you are, thinking that you are wet for them. Haha

Tip#3: Fifteen minutes before the appointment glide on a thin layer of scented deodorant to the inside of your thighs. I use vanilla. It leaves an impression on many boys if they ever find themselves between your thighs.

Tip#4: If you happen to pee before the appointment make sure to wash yourself gently with warm water. Check to see you do not have an unpleasant scent by smelling your hand after touching yourself. From time to time I run into some unclean men so I know that nice smells/tastes are crucial for all intimate activities.

Tip#5: Use mouthwash 10 minutes before the appointment. I rinse for 1 to 2 minutes.

Five minutes to the appointment:

Make sure that someone knows where you are and who is coming over to see you. The person who knows must be trustworthy and reliable. Call him/her and tell them the appointment is about to start. “The client is coming over in 5 minutes. His name is John and his phone number is xxx-xxxx. Please call me at 4:05 PM that is when he should have left.”

Your friend should write down the details of your trick and call at the agreed time. I used to add 5 minutes on to the appointment time. This gives a guy time to get dressed and leave.

If you don’t have anyone you can rely on, like me, there is another way - fake it. Right before a client walks in for his appointment I set an alarm. My cell phone has an alarm setting that sounds like a phone ringing. I turn the phone to vibrate, so that if someone happens to call me out of the blue, I will not disrupt my appointment (very rude actually! If you forget to turn your phone to vibrate do not pick up and start chatting during an appointment. Just turn it off!) But my alarm clock goes off even when my phone is in vibrate mode.

When the appointment time is up my alarm rings, I get up and say, “Oh that’s my friend checking up on me.” I go to the other room to turn off my alarm. Or “text my friend to say the appointment has ended” if someone ever asks what I’m doing. This takes me out of an appointment running over time and lets the client know that someone watches over me. I return to the room and start getting dressed.

The Routine:

Now to make your appointment easy work out what I call “a trick routine”. Time flies when you have a routine down pat, it also gives you style or a signature. A routine helps you improve your skills, and teaches you the strengths and weaknesses of your performance.

My former Girl Friend Experience Routine:

A client walks in and I practically pounce on him at the front door. (Of course with someone regular that always pays me and is clean/fresh). I would start making out, undressing him as we make our way to the bedroom. Some guys would undress me down to my lingerie and lean me back against the wall, get down on their knees and lick my pussy. Once in the bedroom there would be more foreplay - rubbing , kissing, touching, dry humping. I put on the condom on with my mouth for a covered blowjob. Then it was always on to cowgirl (unless a client requested another position). Switched positions until a guy came.

Take a break by relaxing - cuddling on the bed and chatting.

Round two was a repeat if the guy could get it up. Or the guys would just go down on me for the rest of the time we were together.


My new Non- Girl Friend Experience Routine:

Client walks in, make him feel comfortable by offering a drink or a shower. Chit chat for 5 to 10 minutes on the couch. Start getting cozy in his lap, let him undress me while I rub myself all over his crotch. Kiss his neck/chest and let him suck and rub my nipples/body. Offer to start him off with a back/body massage in the bedroom. Some men accept and others just want to fuck.

Remove all his clothing in the bedroom and ask him to lie down on his stomach. Straddle the guy wearing just my panties and rub on some unscented massage oil. Work on the back muscles, bum, legs, and arms. Switch over to a body slide - which basically involves me sliding my body up and down the guy’s back. Many guys enjoy a girl rubbing with her tits on their back haha

Flip the guy over on his back and start to tease his cock with a bit of lube on my hands. I really enjoy playing with a guy’s pre-cum. And some guys just ooze of it. haha

Put on the condom and go in for a deep throat blowjob. Make eye contact, gently cup his balls with my hands or rub his thighs.

Get into cowgirl position, switch into positions that the guy wants. I am always excited about experimenting with positions so I never turn down what a guy wants to try.

He cums, go for another break by cuddling and chatting.

Repeat for round two or three…


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Escort - On Dating

It’s awfully hard to find a relationship while being an escort. It takes someone very rare to cope with realities of a girlfriend sleeping with many different men every month. I think it would take someone mature, patient, confident, and caring. Would it be easy for me to find?

Last week I started two separate profiles on a popular dating website. The first was my “pseudo” profile where I lied about what I do. I am a customer service and marketing agent. It’s a white lie. Escorting is all about marketing and customer service. :)

My second profile “genuinely” stated that I’m a working girl who loves her job. Seriously seeking a long-term relationship with a man who can handle a fun, confident, beautiful, and very sexual girl.

To keep things similar age, height, weight, hair colour, and interests were the same. Both profiles did not include photos. It’s obvious why right? LOL This town is full of trolling men and I have seen some of them.

At regular intervals I checked to see what my inbox would generate. And in three days it was still 20 to 0 for Pseudo versus Genuine. I haven’t dated in over 2 years and it felt fun getting to know younger guys again. Let’s just be friends and if things evolve into something more serious over time then I’m game, I told them. And in a couple of days I set a dinner date with a 31-year-old personal fitness trainer/nutritionist.

Before I found myself at the restaurant, my date received a body photo (not face) of me wearing tight jeans with a short top that showed my midriff. He walked into the place just two minutes after me and we introduced ourselves. “I recognized you by those jeans when I saw you walking across the street.” He said laughing. “Yea, that’s what I thought would happen when I was putting them on today.”

We opted to take the comfy seats in the lounge as opposed to the restaurant side. One thing I can tell you about him is he talks - fast and constantly! He would have told me his story from age 2 up to now before our food orders were taken, except he wasn’t talking about his life. For three hours I sat there listening to nutritional studies done by doctors in the 1980s, genes that make people prone to sicknesses, and various fitness routines for building muscles. Can you tell he loves his job? That’s all swell and I appreciate it considering I love learning about those topics myself!

After dinner we stepped out into the freezing cold night and he walked me to my car. He closed in for a hug to say good night and as I was pulling out of our hug he sneaked in a kiss. It totally put me off. For some reason, my game is to be the kiss initiator. In my past I never been kissed until I felt comfortable enough to go for it myself. Which by the way, is always done most unexpected ;)

I still enjoyed meeting him and he is still to this day the only black man I have ever kissed. I’m intrigued by the idea of sleeping with a black man because I have had sex with - Asians, East Indians, Caucasians, Latinos, Native Indians, etc…but never them. My date was from Trinidad and Tobago, about 5 foot 10 with such thick biceps and shoulders that they made his head look pea sized. I almost laughed at first but eventually the proportions started to seem ‘normal’.

The following day he started planning our second date. “Would you like to have supper at my place?” He asked.

“No, I would prefer if we go out. Would you like to go to the movies?” I said. There was no way I was going to head anywhere near his lair! Going to a man’s house is like walking into his bedroom and sitting down on his bed. And I don’t need to be fucked.

On the day of the film he asked me if he’s picking me up. “Well, I can meet you there.” I told him yet he still managed to convince me that going ‘together’ would be better. He arrived at my place but couldn’t quite find it LOL so much for that. Most of my clients find the fuck pad without requiring further directions. I walked out into the street so he could see me.

Now here is where things started to get on my nerves. One thing I hate is being escorted by the arm and having a car door opened for me. I understand it’s supposed to show “respect” but I love walking on my own and opening the car door myself! I don’t mind holding hands playfully once in a while when I’ve been with a boyfriend for some time. But when a guy puts his arm around mine to escort me, I feel like an old lady! Seriously…it makes me feel so BLAH!! Haha

I was very happy to make it to the theatre in one piece! His driving is a bit too aggressive and I don’t drive like a grandma… We got out of his car and he escorted me like an old lady into the theatre. During the previews, which I wanted to see, he kept on talking about his future plans of opening a center for nutrition. At least for the 2 hours when the film was rolling he was able to keep quiet.

He dropped me off at my building after the movies. “Let me walk you to your door.” He said. I didn’t argue at this point, as I wanted to just go home. I tried to make our goodbye quick but he pulled me in and gave me a kiss. “So what do you think about you and me?”

“Uh it’s … nice.” I hesitated but didn’t want to be frank. Made up my mind in the theatre that we just weren’t a good fit. He talks too much and I like my silent moments just as much as I love to chat like every other girl.

“You are such a good kisser I just can’t stop myself.” He said and put his hand on the back of my head pulling me into his mouth.

Well that’s a big lie, considering I wasn’t even kissing him back! LOL

I started pushing away. And when he finally let go a bit I said, “Okay!” and pulled away so I can slip my key into the door. “Have a good night!!”

He realized that I just wasn’t into it and backed off. He wished me a good night and went back to his car. As I walked several flights of stairs to my suite I had an uneasy feeling growing deep in my stomach.

What am I doing? Really? I value my independence, lack of responsibility and accountability to another human being. I love waking up to find myself alone every morning. I love being able to relax where and when I want to. I don’t need a relationship!

And the following day when I tried to log into my dating accounts the website rejected the passwords. Someone flagged my ‘Genuine’ profile and the administrators deleted the IP address that was also associated with my ‘Pseudo’ account.

So much for being honest, I got my reality check ;)

So what’s next? I’ve created a new “Pseudo” profile because going on dates is fun until someone crosses the line. haha

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sugarbaby - Mr John Lawyer Twice

I thought someone was pulling a prank on me. Two lawyers, by the name of John, contacted me in the same week from the same city. There was only a slight difference in age. Meet John Lawyer 41, and John Lawyer 37, from here on out that is how I will refer to them to keep things simple.

On Monday night I called JL 41. He was very talkative, interesting, and funny. Funny is what makes my knees weak. It’s the key into my mind, not into my pussy! And with that 20-minute conversation, I knew I had to meet him.

That Wednesday I parked by my local Starbucks café. I sent a quick text, “I’m here. Will walk in, in a moment.”

“I’m sitting by the windows.” He wrote back.

I walked into the establishment and started scanning all the seats lining the windows. Two young girls sipping hot chocolate to the right, a couple getting ready to leave at a table for two, and a single gentleman of about 40 sitting by himself. I walked up to the guy sitting by the window. He looked up at me with a puzzled look. “Are you John?” I ask him. He shook his head, with a look of “I wish I was” on his face.

I looked towards the store counter and saw this faggy looking scrawny guy laughing and waiving at me. He’s wearing a business suit that only helps to emphasize his skinny biceps. I walked up to him and he introduced himself as - John. We proceeded to standing in line and he got himself a coffee. Without asking me if I’d like anything he headed over to one of the tables to sit down. Very classy!

Our conversation went from talking about the meeting with his client, just before he met me. Then, talking about me, talking about him, and finally the arrangement.
“So how much are you looking for financially?” He asked.

“$4,000/month. I can see you once a week for several hours.”

He noded his head and said, “Hmmm…I can have a 4 day trip to Phoenix to play golf for that much money.”

Now what I don’t understand is why he’s trying to be a sugar dad? If he wants to spend his cash on travel and golf then he needs to join a club and book on Expedia. Yet he is looking to support a young chick. I didn’t want to be rude so I let it fly and just told him I understood.

As he sat there contemplating the most fascinating shit started spewing out of his faggy mouth, “You know I can never decide on anything. I make a choice one day and then two weeks later I ask myself “What the hell was I thinking?!” That’s why I’m dating 4 women right now and I don’t even like them! Actually one of them has invited herself to my place for 4 days. And all she does when she comes over is watch YouTube and make vegetarian food. I want to tell her to stop coming over…”

At that point I wished that his clients were witness to this madness. I rolled my eyes and cut our date short. I knew he was going to be a waste of time.

The next day I received a message from John Lawyer 37. At first I thought, is this a prank? Could it be the same little prick just wasting my time? After checking out the profile, which seemed a little different from Lawyer 41, I exchanged phone numbers with 37. He sounded like a decent chap and we started setting up a date for Friday.

“Let’s meet at Starbucks,” he wrote to me.

“Oh, I don’t like that place. Let’s go somewhere else?” I asked trying to avoid going to the same spot. I just didn’t want the staff to see me as a revolving door of strange men.

“Right. Because Starbucks can be soo uncomfortable. LOL Where do you want to go then?” He wrote back.

We settled on a place not too far from there. I arrived 5 minutes earlier on Friday and sat at a wooden table leafing through a local specialty paper. J37 walked in and we introduced ourselves while I got tea and he a large cookie with coffee. He seemed very nice and we had a very good conversation about news, travel, arrangements, relationships, etc.

He informed me that at the moment he has a girlfriend but is looking to get out of the relationship because they no longer connect. Until then he would only have time to see me once a week. I’m not complaining! But when I told him about the allowance ($4,000/month) he said that he would only pay that much if he spent 5 days a week with a girl.

I almost laughed! If someone asked me to spend 5 days per week all month long, I’d be asking for 10,000. I saved him from having a heart attack by not voicing my opinion. After about 1 hour we parted with a ‘half-hug’ and he told me he will think about things.

A couple of days later I got this text:

“So I thought about “us” and I am really intrigued by you. I thought we really had a real conversation, which was nice. But as I think I said, I want someone that can be long term and my concern is that if I commit to $3,000 that it won’t be. Could we start at $1,500 and then move it up as we go?”

Somewhere he changed my allowance to 3,000? Okaaayyy…

I wrote, “What if we try 1,500 for two weeks and then another 1,500. To make it 3,000 a month? You’ll see that I also want it to be long term.”

He replies, “It’s not the timing of the paying of the money I’m concerned about. I just don’t want the money to be in the back of my mind as we get to know each other, as that just becomes a hurdle. So I want to be comfortable with what I’m paying. What if we do 1,000 now and then another 1,000 in 2 weeks? See how that goes in the New Year. I’m going away for xmas and early January anyway so it would be a shorter month for you to have to bear me.”

Sounds like the allowance is now getting to $2,000? LMAO

My last text was, “I also don’t want money to be in the back of my mind. I understand that you want to be comfortable, but I also want to feel like you want to help me. I don’t see any other way of making this work.”

In a few days he said, “I’m sorry things didn’t work out for us. You seem really sweet.”