Saturday, February 12, 2011

Girl - Escort Tells Boy

The day before going over to my boy’s place for the first time, I made up my mind to keep him in the dark (option #1). I’d see where our relationship would lead and tell him I’m an escort when the time is right. Yes, I know how selfish! I do have a self-serving personality when it comes to men…uuhh…

That evening I drove over to the high tower building complex and parked downstairs. As I walked in a security guard at the front desk signed in my name, license plate number, as well as the apartment number I was visiting. Talk about security! There would be no way to run an incall from that building I thought :) haha

Up I went in the elevator. When I stepped out in the hallway I noticed a smell of paint and cement that lingers in every new building. As I walked down the hall, subconsciously I drew my escape route down the hall to the exit doors and the elevators, a work habit that seems to have become second nature. I can never relax, even when I’m obviously just visiting a friend. I knocked on the door and he opened in a few seconds.

It was a very clean one bedroom apartment and at the moment I walked in it was as silent as death. I wondered if he always kept things so quiet? He showed me around and I excused myself to take off all the layers of warm clothing (once again it was freezing blizzard outdoors). 

We started watching a couple flicks on TV. And when the movies were over we moved on to some hott action. We started making out on the couch and I found him a bit reserved. The way he was kissing me was more like I was going after him. He isn’t a bad kisser but not the best, or what I mean to say - our kissing styles just aren’t in tune. I believe there is no such thing as a bad kisser. Only that two people are just not a good match. He wasn’t my match but his style did not annoy me at all. :)

At some point he ended up pinning me down to the couch. He rubbed himself against my pussy through both our jeans and we kept kissing more passionately. I moved my hands over his nice bum and slipped my hands under the jeans. After pulling him into me I turned my right hand to the front of his pants and rubbed his hard-on. I am always excited to feel or see the package haha. Slyly I pushed my hand past the band of his boxer shorts and placed my fingers around his dick. Let’s just say I was very disappointed! It wasn’t short, no it was an average length, but it was pencil dick. The kind that tapers off at the tip.

I moved my hands out of his pants and we shifted positions where we lay side by side on the couch facing each other. He slipped his hand into my jeans/panties and started rubbing me. It felt pretty good but he quickly stopped and asked me what I wanted to do.

“What would you like to do?” I asked him in return.

“Well I’m pretty excited here.” He referred to his hard-on. I gave it a long thought and said, “Do you have condoms?”


“We can’t do it without condoms.” I responded.

“Let me go check just in case.” He said and walked off in a dreamy state to his bedroom. A minute later he returned saying that he found one condom.

“I think it’s better we do it another night.” I told him. He nodded his head and I told him I should get ready to go home.

That night I drove back home and considered my situation. Pencil dick and negative attitude toward my industry…why give him a chance? I like him as a person but if I’m going to accept someone the way they are then I want them to accept me the way I am. I arrived home, took a bath and sent him these messages:

Me - “Are you awake?”

Him - “Yea I am, I had fun tonight :) ”

Me - “Me too. I like you…but I’m upset :( I’ve been dishonest all this time. I’m sorry…”

Him - “Oh no…why?”

Me - “Because I am afraid you won’t accept me for who I am…what I do…been doing for years.”

Him - “You aren’t an administrator :(“

Him - “I was right then when I asked you the other night….”

Me - “You suspected…I am sorry”

Him - “I was right…”

Him - “I fell for you so quickly”

Him - “I am heart broken. I don’t know what to do. I really like you. I thought you were perfect for me. You are exactly what I want. I don’t feel so good right now.”

We had a long discussion where he asked me how long I am planning on being an escort and if I would stop if he started supporting me. To which I told him he needs to sleep and think about things on a fresh mind.

The following day he called me after work and we spoke on the phone. He seemed to be even more depressed. He said, “I wish you hadn’t told me this. Some things are just better left unknown.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I explained that it’s best we just move on because he couldn’t deal with it. Yet he kept on saying he wants to see me again. I let it go to see if he would settle down in the next few days. He started texting me again and his mood improved in a couple days.

To be continued…


  1. I like that you were honest. I think it is funny that the pencil dick is what drove you to it...HAHA!

    I have hear from other girls their preferred "Head Type", pencil always being the least fav....what is your preferred shape?

    BTW...I wouldn't tell him he has a pencil dick...that is one thing better left unsaid.

  2. I think this is a great blog because M shows just how difficult the life can be and what it does to your trust in relationships. M has her guard up as she walks to the boy's apartment but does not bring condoms with her? lol Seems like a test and also an escape. If he had condoms he would have passed the test and she could keep up her story. If he did not, as we know he didn't, well he was just another guy to distrust who just wanted unprotected sex. What single guy does not have condoms? They have never had sex together, what would drive him to believe she was taking all the precautions plus he should be concerned about his own health. lol Sounds like he was giving M a test as well. Probably because in the back of his thoughts he was concerned about what M said was her profession. If he was honest with himself he would have had condoms since he suspected what M does for a living and as he said before he would be concerned about STD.

    It seems this relationship is probably short-term. M is in her earning years as an escort and does not want to and really can't give it up. M can't throw away her livelihood on the promise that a guy will support her. What would happen if he left her, she would miss these earning years that she can never recover. This guy won't want to share her with men he does not know and will grow jealous over time if he stays involved. He will probably ask insensitive questions about her clients when he and M are intimate just as a way of punishing her.

  3. I admire your honesty. I also think it's funny that you justified things with shape of his junk (although in honesty, I prob woulda as well). I'm not sure if a few days is enough for this guy to change his POV to be accepting of your job. As he feels so into you, I'm sure he'll want you to himself and his mind will waver back to his original standpoint of this whole thing not being OK which could bring feelings of resentment if he continues to see you. I feel that this would be the more natural response and in saying that, there is perhaps a need for someone who is more secure about accepting what you do while they are dating you.

    But then again, I could be entirely wrong with my thoughts. I look forward to the next part.

  4. @ Kenny:

    Yea, you are right :D There is no way I'd tell a guy about the shape of his dick...cuz honestly he was born with it...nothing he can do about it.

    @ brit & Eden:

    Thank you both for commenting ;)

  5. Wow... that's scary. I am not ready to tell anyone what I do just yet. My X wants to get back together and I am dreading the day I feel like I have to tell him. He already thinks I'm 'cheating' on him... lol

    Men can be so possessive sometimes.

  6. Hey this is sarah and friends again.. Look when a guy is dating a girl he expects her to be as dumb as a barrel of monkeys. When a sexually experienced woman has sex with a man. If she is in her 20-40ish.RED FLAGS go right up! Most girls dont like giving oral or kinky sex. My boyfriend is still asking about ANAL sex,,,no way! Ouch..When a Man finds out that he is dating a Woman who is or used to a HOOKER/ESCORT/CALL GIRL..that is a blow to the EGO. Not to mention what his friends,family and co-workers are gonna LOL about! Silence is out of your area. Pay your taxes,,set up a dummy corp and create a back story like a terrorist. Most of thse girls have no real clue to what awaits them. TThe outside world does Not consider escorting a REAL profession. They will always associate it with STREET hookers,drug use. Stay sweet..shhhh!

  7. The problem with telling you're chap that you are/used to be a working girl is two fold. Firstly, and of much less concern to most these days, is safety - transmission of 'social diseases'. The second - and of most concern - is the male ego, rightly or wrongly most men would associate dating a current/ex working girl with taking a knife to a gun fight.

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