Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sugarbaby - Grandpa Zen

Grandpa Zen found me a day after I joined MillionaireMatch. He contacted me by saying:

“It's unfortunate, I'm not however I wish I were into settling down as you rightfully deserve.”

Not sure by what he meant, I sent him an email back asking what he was looking for.

“I see I sent you a confusing note...I do want to find an exclusive love mate and settle down. However, I imagine settling down with a woman who has completed her family cycle and is ready to adventure the planet, 'give back' the built up love and compassion, and honestly and willingly engage (with me) the declining realities of the 'last third of life'.

What tweaked my response to you was my fantasy that I could avoid and delay all this within the distraction of the vivaciousness of your youthful, petite and sensuous body and perhaps a more mature mind as you alluded to a 'natural European' upbringing.

Wouldn't it be nice if age didn't matter and my family wouldn't shun us if I showed up at the Christmas dinner with a woman 10 years younger than my children?

I suppose we could have a good time or two and maybe even take a trip however you deserve way more!”

I laughed at him, well in a light giggle and suggested that he should be looking for a ‘mutually beneficial arrangement’ with a younger woman. Because you see, in those relationships age does matter :)

We exchanged a few more flirtatious emails and he asked to meet me at a restaurant for dinner. I had two days to get ready, so I went on MillionaireMatch and looked at his profile for the very first time. It revealed that he was 65 years old, decent looking for his age. His description of wanting to build homes in Africa in a pair of straw slippers sent my mind on an imaginary ride.

Walking into the restaurant, searching for Grandpa Zen sitting by one of the burgundy walls at a table for two. The pink bed sheet that wrapped his withered body stood out harshly against the dark background. Atop his head, just like in many pictures of Jesus, lay a white crown of weaved daisies. Before sitting down I thought, how would we ever get along? I don’t even go to church…I shook my head letting the vision pass.

I wanted to write Grandpa Zen and tell him I didn’t think there would be a fit. To cancel our dinner date before things get ugly. Then, I thought, why not try it out? I mean, he’s much older than any sugardad I’ve ever met before. Perhaps the Alzheimer’s is just a sign of generosity? I decided to go forward.

The night before our meeting I received this message:

“I’m sorry as I’m canceling our date tomorrow. It was a whimsical idea however in the short and long run it doesn’t support my progress toward finding an age appropriate life partner.”

A sigh of relief…He deleted his profile…