Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sugar and Health - Update Nov 1, 2010

J is now a few days into his 2 week vacation with wife and child. Before he left, I let him know that my cell phone had stopped working. He knows that I want to get a new iPhone 4 for my birthday which is coming up real soon! So he asked me to sit tight because the present will be coming my way pretty soon. I hope before my birthday :D

I do wish he stopped playing silly games with me. Telling me that he’s living with his wife for the sake of his child, but as husband and wife they haven’t shared a bed in a long time. Then, when I ask him to trim or shave the pubes around his groin, he finds an excuse not to do it.

This is a classic example of man teaching on his wife. He can’t start shaving his twig and berries because his wife would notice. I understand this bit, but why lie to me? And tell me things like, “I’m not even loyal to my wife, I’m loyal to you.” Don’t make me gag man. It’s one thing to lie but why butter it up?

(I haven’t seen too many guys like this but his pubes cover 2 inches of his cock from the base. I can’t take his entire dick in my mouth because I don’t want a mouth full of hairs! Also, it’s a pretty funny looking thing - I call these pencil dicks. It’s fairly skinny and tappers of to a thin point at the tip.)

He is starting to irritate me like so many other men I grow bored of. However, I now know this is pure business and I will keep playing my role as long as he keeps paying my allowance. There will be more news when he returns from his vacation - he wants to do 2 or 3 overnights.

But for now this is the note I got from him last night: “It’s beautiful down here…Wish I could share it with you…Maybe someday :)”

Uhuh…rub it in while I’m freezing my ass off in this tundra.

On a different note, I’m a little worried about my health. Today, I have an appointment to see my doc. I’m going to get blood work done to check if I have any thyroid antibodies. Don’t know when I’ll get my results yet because the test won’t be done today.


  1. JTOct 13, 2011 09:31 PM
    He might not have been lying about not shaving. I'm in a similar situation -- no sex for many years with my wife. But I still take great pains to keep everything the same at home, so she has no reason to suspect my other activities. And she sometimes walks in on me when I'm in the bathroom and catches me au flagrant, so it's important to keep up appearances down there too. I do trim a little for my lady, but I can't shave, it'd be too risky.