Monday, January 10, 2011

Escort - The Nazi Queen

My year has started off to yet another week of menstruation. Anyone who ever had their period start just 7 days after their last one ended, please raise your hand?


GOD DAMN!!! I fucking cannot believe this shit. I’m glad I worked during the week between my flows.

So funny story :) I’m not sure if my attitude came with my new escort name or it was just a day of PMS. Come to think of it, I’m just changing. I cannot be PMSing all the time.

Night of second onset of PMS (before the bleeding):

I was sitting by my laptop computer, looking at the time. The digits read 8:00 PM in the bottom right corner of the screen. “One more hour and I’m packing it in.” I thought as I yawned. One of the tabs at the bottom of my Windows screen was the Internet browser opened to my email page. It was obvious; someone sent me a new email!

I maximized my email screen and clicked once to open an email from a guy who emailed me back and forth the week before. Last week, he asked me to drive out half way across the city to meet him for an hour appointment. I entered his and my coordinates into Google Map only to find the trip would take 35 minutes. That is, 35 minutes one way and another 35 back. Not worth an hour booking. As I explained this to him, he said, “I’ll try you another time when I’m at home. We live in the same area any way.”

So…why was he asking me to drive out past the airport late that evening if he lived only 5 minute walk from me?

“Oh, I’m dog sitting for a friend,” was this man’s answer. Uh-huh, so you don’t want an escort to know where you live but its okay to screw an escort in your friend’s bed? Hahaha

Fast-forward a week later to last night's email exchange:

8:00 PM - “Are you free this evening?”

Me - “Yea. I am but you’d have to come see me by 8:30 PM :)
Call if you can get down to 90th and Centre Street by then.”

8:03 PM - “No problem…only issue is my cell is screwed…I live on 91st and 1st Street. Very close to you.”

Me - “It’s 9004 Centre Street. Suite 905. Buzzer 3905. When will you get here?”

8:07 PM - “Cool…MSOG correct?” (MSOG means multiple orgasms in a session)

Me - “MSOG Yes
but no kissing, daty, or fingering.”

8:10 PM - “What is daty?”

Me - “Oral on me. Will you be here soon???”

8:12 PM - “shitty.....that's my favorite part.....but I can cum as many times within the hour correct?”

Me - “Yes”

8:13 PM - “Okay…fair enough…are you alone?”

Me - “this is don't want to come see me??? if you don't get here in 15 min. don't bother.”

Can you tell I’m getting pissed off? LMAO…

8:15 PM - “I can be there very quickly”

Me - “I’m waiting…14 minutes left.”

8:18 PM - “leaving in 2 min..going to the station to get money.  Can I request you wear bra and a house coat when u greet me?”

Me - “Yup. 11 minutes left.”

8:19 PM - “Cool. Be right there.”

In 8 minutes he actually buzzed my suite! I honestly didn’t think this ass was going to show but he did. What was funny, I didn’t even put on the outfit he requested. I wore a pair of hot pink shorts, a hot pink top that just covered my breasts, a black bra and matching panties.

I opened the door for him as he walked in. “Hi, sorry I didn’t have a ‘house coat’ so I wore this for you.” I said with a smile. “It’s okay! I’m horny…are you?” He said in excitement as he stepped out of his winter boots.

Ladies and gents…he wasn’t wearing any socks! The poor guy only had on a pair of jeans, a sweater, big boots, and a baseball cap. And it was minus 30 Celsius, tundra!!! Nothing else LMAO. He must have been in a big hurry. :)

After taking care of ‘business’ (the cash) we were on our way to a pretty hot session. I ended up having a good time ;)

He will repeat


  1. It's good you are firm with them that your time is important. There are soooo many people out there who just get a kick out of seeing how much time they can drain from you. Good think you had a fun time in the end. Repeat custie - never a bad thing! :-)

  2. I want to repeat... :(

    Hell, I want a first time....then a repeat...

    The ONE thing I question is...why would you mention sex acts and money over the phone with a stranger?

    If someone mentions money and sexual acts I bug out...I think LE and I am out of there.

    When a girl asks, "What do you want to do?" I answer, "I like to let nature take it's course..." Or "I'm not picky" Or my FAV, "Let's not talk, let's just do..."

    The only thing that does not bother me is ground rules..."No anal, not even a finger..ok?"

    I usually just nod my head.

  3. @ Kenny:

    That dialogue in my entry was all done through email, not phone.

    My current websites gives a list of all sexual services I provide, as well as all of my restrictions.

    Also, the rules in my country are a little different. A phone isn't considered a 'public place' therefore (technically) I can discuss sex for money. However, I don't like to talk it over the phone just because it wastes my pre-paid minutes. 40 cents a minute gets to be a lot of cash when half the callers are just BIG time wasters.

    So my rule now is - read my website, call to book. No questions because you know what you'll be getting :)

    Plus I finally got 2 or 3 great reviews on the review board!

  4. i like how you esplain what all the acronyms meant. It's always a piece of mind to be safe. Can you give tips on how to stay healthy if one start in this biz?? im so afriad if a condom breaks. i was lucky but more aware. thanks, please keep writing.