Saturday, May 14, 2011

Escort - Counterfeit Bills

There comes a time when every escort runs into a con. Have you ever worked 2 or more hours only to find that you were working for free? You would be if you received counterfeit cash! And there is lots of it floating around!

This happened to me for the first time just a few weeks ago. Happy to say that things have been set right and I was paid for services rendered.

He was a guy I seen a couple times before the event. Once again he came over, this time for a 2-hour appointment, and slipped the white envelope into my hands. I did in fact count the money while he was in the shower, a little rushed, I did not look at the bills too closely.

When the gentleman left, I started counting the cash again. This time I was taking my time to add up the amount. You see I love money, the feel of the crisp confetti under my fingertips, its unforgettable scent, and the symbol it carries. And that is when my fingers froze. Something was just not right, the bills felt smooth…

I started moving the note around trying to catch the holographic stripe reflect under the light. Everything looked as normal…the ink on the bill was also raised…

What the bank note did not have was the thin micro fibers that are scattered throughout the paper. The fake money I was holding was not printed on the right paper! That was the only thing that set it apart from a real $100.

The following day, after consulting a friend who confirmed my findings, I wrote an email to my client. In a straightforward manner I explained that the money he paid me with was counterfeit. That I was not certain what would be the best course of action, though I was thinking of taking it to the bank. Where they would ask me for the information of the last person who gave them to me. (This was just an innocent suggestion, but one that would allow him to consider what his next move would be.)

He responded by asking me to hold on to the money and wait until he sees me again. This did not sit well with me. Why should I sit around and wait to see him? When is he going to see me, in a week, two, three weeks? I wrote to him again, this time insisting that we get together as soon as possible. That it was my expectation to pay my bills out of the money I earned during our appointment. And that if we did not set this right I would no longer wish to see him.

He responded pretty quickly. And not only had he replaced my fee, I was rewarded with a generous tip ;)

Therefore I would like to link this post to a few websites that you may find useful. They can be used as a guide in keeping you safe from fake money ;)

United States:



United Kingdom:


  1. thanks for taking the time to inform us. i'm glad you rightfully got your money back and then some! ive only to my knowledge/recollection handled fake money once and it was a £1 coin! the weight was a giveaway (it was lighter than normal) AND noone would accept it so i used it to pay the bus where it wasn't handled! im sure someone handed it in eventually!

  2. ...I am in no way condoning the practice of escorting, but you may want to think about investing in a money counter that detects counterfeit money. You can probably get a decent one for around 200 bucks, but considering its revenue protection, it might be worthwhile.

  3. I'm glad you were able to get your money. Did you client get duped as well and therefore unknowingly passed on the bills to you? Or was he being sneaky? :) I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and appreciate the fact that you actually respond to comments. I'd love to blog regularly, but me and commitment aren't on speaking terms right now.

  4. Hey M, So I read your blog from the begging very interesting and fun read. I noticed that you have put some educational post in your blog but I was wondering if you could post one specifically for girls starting out. Do's and Don'ts, what to watch out for, what to bring on Outcalls, must need things when starting out ect.

    I recently just started with an agency. By recently I mean I had my first call last night I was completely nerve wrecked seemed that everything that could possibly go wrong went exactly that. After forgetting to block my number when calling the hotel to confirm and slipping with my real name on the phone with my agent in front of the client I thought it was going all down hill and figured that maybe I should rethink my career option. In the end the client took his sweet time to tell me he didn't want me to stay. I called my agent and after a 10 min conversation between me, him and her. I left without doing anything with the client but full pay! Even so I Know I'm going to be just as nervous the next time any advice on how to be ready while your starting out would be nice.

    Also My agency seems pretty firm on the fact that there is no full service. I also know that they have to say this. Even after taking my first client that still stands. So should I believe what my agent says or expect sex to be involved? I have no problem with having sex with clients but I would like to understand my situation a little better what is your advice on this?

    Anyone else who has any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and keep on blogging it's helped A LOT.


  5. @ Eden:

    Haha well a coin isn't too bad :) See I realized that passing on $100 bills at a store will not work. They all have those counterfeit detector machines. :) I'm glad it worked out in the end.

    @ jizzme:

    Yea I thought of getting a hand-held device like that but as of all the years I worked I have only ran into fake bills once. Not sure if this device will be worth while. Now that I looked at these websites, I'm just extra careful in looking at the security features of the bank notes.

  6. @ buxom beauty:

    You know I think the guy was being sneaky! haha Because he knew where he got the bills from. So the angle he was trying to go with was, "I wasn't paying attention when I got the fee ready for you." And why does he have fake bills and real bills mixed together? I know it was intentional. So I need to always be on my toes when around this guy.

    However, I still see him because he is one of those - sees me every week without fail for 2 hours. Easy client sexually...and tips me generously! Not to mention giving me gift cards :D It sorta makes up for the fact he tried to slip me...

  7. @ Anon:

    Hi girl, thank you for reading my blog! I am very happy to hear that you find it interesting and in some areas educational.

    I will write a post about the do's and don'ts...haha I will try to remember how it was to start work independently.

    All I can say now is - it is very stressful! I still find it stressful if I go on a outcall (to client's place)...It is so much easier having a client come to your place. But you got to be careful on who you let onto your premises as well. I do not work out of my home, I rent a quiet place that I work out of :)

    I have also slipped with my first name when I was new escort. Don't worry about it, do it once, do it twice and you will stop making the mistake ;) It's not the end of the world! haha I know loads of girls in this business that intentionally tell their clients their real names. I don't get this practice (and personally I never have).

    The best advice I can give is this - decide on why you want to be an escort. It has to be good! It can't be money shouldn't be coercion...

    If you do not find that you like this work you will end up being the 'in and out girl'...In escorting to quickly make fast cash, save your debt off and get out of the business. But you do not want to be hating what you do! That is no way to live...

    Stay safe and sexy ;)

  8. I don't know what I would do if I knew a client intentionally tried to pay me with fake money lol The fact that he's a regular client makes it more weird that he would do that. Didn't he know he would see you again?

    I'm glad he makes up for it other ways :) Would you still see him otherwise?

  9. @ Buxom Beauty:

    If he didn't make up for it in other ways I would not see him again probably. Because there is always a risk that he might try something again. But so far as time, he is respectful of it, always leaves on time.

    He tries to come in earlier than our appointment time (by 15 minutes) calling me on the phone to tell me he is downstairs. But haha I just don't pick up the phone until it's 3 minutes before the scheduled time. I find that many guys try to pull this, and I just don't pick up the phone. Or if I do, I tell them I need more time to get ready. You see, if you let them in early they make a habit of it and then they don't want to leave early...they stay their full time + time you let them in.

  10. @ Anon:

    I just remembered to answer your question about Full Service or Non-Full Service. Here is how I see it and know it...All escort agencies claim that there is no sex involved between client and their employee. This is done to protect themselves from law enforcement. In the USA escorting is legal, but prostitution is illegal.

    But let me tell you this bit might put things into perspective ;) When you go to see a client, where do you meet? (his home or his hotel room or a public area???) Does the client specifically tell you that the two of you are going out? (Example: you are to accompany him to the theater, etc???)

    All of us ladies know that when we've been alone with a man in a private place (example: bedroom) there is only one conclusion of it all and that is fucking....

    95% of the time the client that paid for you to spend time with him in a private place will want sex. They are not paying for us to be chatty (well these are the 5% remaining)...

    What worries me is ... if you do Full Service with your you work out a tip on top of the agency fee? Do you run the risk of the client being a cop? Hmmm...that's what I would think about if I were you.

    Hope this helps girly ;)

  11. Hey M thank you for answering my questions as far as the agency said I keep all my tips that I get from the client. Should I work out a tip from the client or just take what he gives me? I suppose that I should bring some full service tools with me next time. The agency did tell me that the line is genital touching I can touch myself but the client can't and I can't can't touch his junk. I have thought of the whole cop situation The best way I can think to tell if hes a cop or not is to get a little friendly before the money is exchanged. Do you have any advice on watching out for cops or to better sniff them out? last thing I want is to go to jail for something so trivial. I've also started my own blog.. I've never been much of a writer but I figured it might be useful to me and other great if you could check it out :)

  12. hiii I looove your blog. Im sooo sorry this happened to you and Im so glad you got it fixed up. Is there an email addy where one can ask you in a more private questions? my email addy is on my blog profile here. I just have so ooo many questions! I am considering taking myself into a higher level, right now I have been a traveling sugar baby.

  13. @ K:

    I really have no idea about cops and how to sniff them out better. Like you said, I know a girl who also practices the "get friendly fast" with a new guy to see how he would react. The problem I see with this is - it's a cop's word against yours. Even if you felt up his dong...he can say you didn't. What then?

    @ Caribbean Princess:

    Thank you for reading my blog babes ;)

    For reasons of getting loads and loads of e-mails, I do not have an email address for this blog. All questions can be asked on here through the comment section ;)


  14. I had a client come in and try to pay with a money order had the silver stripe and everything. It looked all too real except it was missing the watermark!

    There's always those guys who run scams you gotta watch for.

  15. Is a shame there isn't like a mobile eftpos terminal or something.

  16. Wow that is such a shame that he would try to pull a fast one on you...But now he knows don't mess with a true business women!
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    Hope to see you there

  17. Girl, I know this is pot calling kettle black (especially since I've barely been posting myself) - but I'm missing you on the Blogosphere! I hope everything is going well with you, that you're happy, safe and rolling in $$$. Would be good to know you're cool.


  18. Hi there, its good to hear you got your fee eventually. Happened to me once, he payed me afterwards since he was a regular client of mine, i figured it would be safe...after he left i took a good look at the bills and all of the were indeed counterfeit ... this happened too me when i was just starting escorting for a few months...have learned a lot from it...first to never accept money after the date...and secondly to look closer too the bills right after accepting it.
    thanks for the heads up and links!


  19. I just found your blog today and love it! Personally, I deal with the money issue with those counterfeit pens that turn black on paper (I only got fake money once but I used the trusty pen).
    I am SO curious to know the city in which you work. it sounds busy there and my trusty regulars get more and more demanding the more frequently I see them. I'll tell you, they act like my friends, but no longer tip and try to get extras for free because they feel entitled. I have great reviews, just live in a slow city, but wanting a change.
    Do you need my email address to respond? I'm not familiar with blogging etiquette

  20. awww sad to hear that customer paying counterfeit to the escorts i feel bad for that. So beware next time girls.

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