Friday, April 20, 2012

Escort - Clients Who Pay More

Clients who pay more in tips are not the best clients. A while back I would have said this statement is only 99% true but now it applies 100 percent of the time.

What makes the higher tippers so undesirable over time? I believe it is in how they begin to view themselves - allowing themselves to feel like they are more important than the average client.

I will tell the story of the 1% client; well he was the one remaining client who kept the initial statement of this entry at 99%.

At the beginning, when we first started seeing each other it was very nice. I was his first escort, and he expressed to me a great number of times that he was lucky to have met someone so wonderful and beautiful. One of his fears, before we met, was to set up a session with a 300 pound beast posing as a slender young lady in her advertisements. Of course, he was lucky when he picked me from the first go without doing any research as I turned out to be exactly what my pictures showed.

Right away he started tipping me $100 on top of my fee, each time we saw each other. On the third meeting something odd occurred, in the entry titled Escort - Counterfeit Bills I further explained how a client slipped me a counterfeit $100 bill. This was in fact, the client I am currently writing about.

Summarizing the previous entry, he did settle the issue by giving me a real bill and generously tipping me for the trouble he had caused.

I have him to thank for being very cautious with money these days, I now triple check each bill I get from a client. And after the incident with him, I had always checked his payment extra well. :)

Moving on, we kept seeing each other consistently for over a year. He started to shower me with expensive gifts (only one that actually became useful to me - an iPhone 4S). And other gifts were of expensive clothing/accessories that I would never want to wear (he has poor taste in clothing for young women). I left these still gift wrapped, in case I’ll need to give someone a present one-day.

Then one day, I noticed that his attitude slowly started to change for the worse. He was not the most astute guy to begin with, but it was like he was losing more tact.

I remember it all starting with a tiny pimple. I am human, and well we all at times get blemishes on our skin. One day, when we met, he said, “Oh no, what is that?” As he pointed at the small pimple on my cheek. Most people would not even notice it, and in fact, I have never had clients act so childishly. Trying not to be surprised, I just explained that it was what it was and moved on. But he seemed to focus a little longer on it, expressing how I should not have such blemishes.

We moved on and continued our appointment.

Then there was another incident that occurred 2 or 3 times, in separate appointments. He asked me to lie on my tummy so he could give me a back massage (not a strange request from clients). So I turned over on my front and allowed him to proceed with the task. When he got down to my buttocks he said, “Your butt is very saggy, you need to work out.” I think I actually started laughing because this man was either high on drugs or lost his marbles.

I did not even need to explain myself to him, because I know and most anyone who’s seen my little bum knows how tight it is. I took his comment as a joke and we moved along.

Over a course of a few more sessions, I did realize this “joke” in his mind was no joke at all. He honestly believed it was droopy. LOL (oh boy, I still laugh just thinking about this!)

Things went on, and I continued putting up with his increasingly snobby behaviors. I turned a blind eye to his judgment of the clothing I wore for him. He was either impressed or not very happy. He would tell me on multiple occasions that I should maybe stay in this business for another 2 years and then get out. LOL Like that was his choice to make?

Then one day a very weird question was posed, “Would you continue to see me even after you leave this business? Just me? Even after you get married and have a family?” I told him I would not continue seeing anyone, including him, once I got out of the industry.

Then the final session came when he finally went too far -
We just sat down on the bed and started chatting about nothing in particular, when all of a sudden he said, “What is wrong with your face?”
I was dumb founded. Not quite sure what he was referring to I said, “I honestly don’t know what you mean.”

He said that I looked flushed. But I looked in the mirror and seemed to look just as my usual self. I told him, there was nothing wrong but he just wouldn’t have any of that. He kept insisting to know what was wrong with me. At that moment I turned to face him, because I became more than a little peeved and said in all seriousness, “I am not sure what is going on with you, but this has got to stop! If I tell you everything is fine and I mean it, than you do not continue badgering me with your weird and negative questions.”

He went silent, we both looked at each other in evaluation. He apologized and I sat down trying to get back into a good mood. It took a few seconds but I regained my composure.

The session went on, until we returned to conversation. We were talking about how busy we’ve been and I told him that in the last 3 days I haven’t had time to do my regular daily exercise (that was how busy things were). To which he chimed in, “yes, I notice when you don’t work out.” LMAO

I let that slide but I think my eyes got a little wide when I heard him say it. What was this guy smoking? LOL…

The following day, I wrote him an email. I quite literally said, you need to think before you speak and if you don’t have something positive to say just keep those thoughts to yourself. That I do have feelings, and if he is not satisfied with me there are plenty of escorts out there. It is very simple just to start seeing another escort.

He was very apologetic and called himself a stupid man, begging me to forgive him. And even though I forgave him in my email…I realized I could not see him again.

Did he really hurt my feelings in the end? I can’t really explain this because I know my worth. Then again, I never continued seeing anyone who criticized me so openly. Or likely they did not want to continue seeing me if they felt there were better options.

In any case, I blocked his email (and I know he’s been trying to contact me) because yesterday I saw that he’d called my phone. Which is a big "no-no" that all of my clients know about. I did not pick up.


  1. Wow,interesting story. M, what is the minimum and maximum you would charge a client?

  2. @ Anonymous:

    Thank you for your question :) Well there is no maximum, there is a set fee that an escort charges a client.

    Most escorts charge a fee based on time. For instance 15 minutes might be xxx number of dollars, 30 minutes might be a higher number of dollars. Others charge a minimum of 1 hour or 2 hours for their companionship/services.

    I use the industry average in my local area to set my fee (this becomes the minimum I would charge a client). And I expect every client that wishes to see me to pay me that fee. No exceptions :)

    The maximum fee can be what ever amount the client wishes to pay in addition to my set fee. There is no limit on that haha.


  3. Oh, so you're no longer doing high end escorting? Maybe the pressure on your personal life is not worth the money, right? LOL I like how you dealt with this annoying client. :)

  4. @ Anonymous:

    Yes that's right. I have gone back to focusing more on my life and less on escorting. When I was doing the "high-end" escorting, I found clients to be more needy/clingy. It was emotionally draining.

    Now charging an average fee (which in my opinion is still very high...) I do not need to think of my clients once the appointment is over. It's done and it's done. No concerns about what they are thinking, no need to continue exchanging emails, etc...

    And I just love having this freedom and peace of mind. It's very relaxing for me.

    Not to say that I still don't think, if I didn't think at all about this job, I wouldn't be writing my entries. In the instance of this last entry, I wrote about it to just release these thoughts and to share this experience with other women/men in this industry. I hope some do get the opportunity to read the blog and to find a connection.

    One of my suggestions for the women/men in the adult business is to find every which way to make this work easier for can be very emotionally depleting. As well as physically. Relax...relax...take it easy ;)


  5. I'm new to the escorting world and I have a possible client trying to pay me with a money order. I simply want cash. I told him to cash the money order and pay me in cash but he claims to not have an open bank account. I don't trust. What should I do? Do you think this seems suspicious?

  6. @ Anonymous:

    Hi there :) I am not sure if it's 'suspicious' but I cannot believe that he does not have a bank account. What you should do is go with your gut feeling (the first instinct you had).

    If you do NOT want to have a paper trail than I suggest to only accept cash.

    Good luck!

  7. I never tip. I pay the agreed upon price, usually what is listed on TER or in the ad. I don't talk about the money, I put it in an envelope and drop it on the table on my way in then forget about it.

    I have given gifts, but it is usually something that I want to see them dressed in. If I want to give a useful gift I will ask her what she wants and get that as long as it is reasonable. However, I have veered away from even that.

    From a client prospective, I find that tipping and gifting can make the escort see you as more than a client. While this seems like a great thing it has turned out to be very destructive over time.

    I also am very quick to take my money and walk if up-selling starts or if the girl is not what she presented in her ads or on the phone.

  8. @ Kenny:

    You are very smart in your approach. I hate having to ask a client for the fee. Sooo many of them forget and need a reminder (about 50%).

    As for gifts, I cannot say that it makes me see a client as more than that. Probably because I have never in my life felt like I owe something to someone if they did something nice to me. I just take it as a kind gesture, (give thanks) and move on.

    I could never understand girls that feel obligated when a guy pays for dinner or a movie. Obviously it's a nice way for him to show his appreciation. In no way does it mean that a she owes him sex...

    Some people make me shake my head and laugh :)

    Thanks for commenting ;)

  9. I never understood the "feeling obligated" after receiving a gift, either -- and I'm a guy. In fact, it takes away from the gift if the person receiving it feels obligated to do anything. The whole point of a gift is to offer something for the sake of doing something nice to the other person. That has a lot of value. If you expect something back (besides a "thank you"), it's not a gift -- it's merely an opening offer for a business transaction -- something that is not nearly as valuable as an unconditional gift. If a girl feels obligated, it cheapens the gift I gave -- something I really do not appreciate. Then, if she ever offers something to me, it is not nearly as precious or valuable, either. It's just the completion of a business transaction. Ugh. A gift is meant to be a token of an appreciation of the other person. It's an expression of myself that I wish to give. Please don't rob me of that by treating it as the opening bid in a business deal.

  10. @ Joe:

    I like what you have to say about gift-giving. :) I agree with you 120% hehe :)

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