Thursday, May 10, 2012

Escort - Embarking on a Fun Project

Starting today, I am creating a new folder to save inappropriate, funny, outrageous, and ridiculous messages that I receive from clients (both current and prospective). It is my estimate that in roughly a year I will have a juicy collection of messages for a fun blog entry.

Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about -

Email sent from Joe: "Hi Sweetie - I want to book a session with you and just wondering if u do the STD tests regularly."

What an appropriate first-time email! As if adding "sweetie" makes up for the rest of the sentence. I guess the other word he forgot was "please".


My response: "Hi Darling - Yes everything is up to date and done on a regular basis. As additional information you may want to know about me - I sing in a church choir every Sunday, volunteer at an animal shelter on Mondays and Wednesdays, and teach 8-year-olds a self-defense class on Fridays.

As for the rest of the time, sugar plum, I meet strange men just for fun!

Now, honey bunny, I was just wondering if you do the colonoscopy test on a yearly basis?

Awaiting your response anxiously!



  1. Hey M, I just started reading your blog a couple of days back and you really got me hooked. I have seen quite a number of escorts myself but I have never get the feedback from an escort's perspective. This is refreshing to me and of course I have done some of the many mistakes that you mentioned in your other posts.

    And one of the many mistake is the one above. I didn't ask whether she did any STD tests but I asked whether she's healthy in a very blunt way. She did not sound me off at the beginning but she did after the intercourse knowing that that was my first time with an escort (I told her that was my first before we start being intimate). I apologized and never repeated that ever again. I was 21 and foolish back then, and I think many other men are foolish too until they learn their lesson.

    Anyway keep up your good work with the blog. It makes very interesting reading :)

  2. Nice blog! I really enjoy reading about your adventures!

  3. I just read your post awhile ago on avoiding police, and wow its just a lot of effort to screen. But the upside is that in the US, even though escorting is illegal, there's less competition, and prices are higher because of the large legal risk. M, have you ever realized this advantage?

  4. @ James and Coed Call Girl:

    Thank you both for commenting and reading :)

    @ Anonymous:

    Yes I have thought about this too :) haha Wherever there is a high risk there is always usually a high profit.

    And the screening process really isn't that difficult once you get the hang of it.

    Thank you for the input!

  5. Excellent idea! Can't wait to see what you have after a year. @ImpressA_Hooker on twitter does something similar and it's amazing, and sometimes scary, the stuff people say.